Start an Airport Taxi Shuttle Service Using an App Based On-Demand Model to Cater Air Travelers

When is the last time you boarded a taxi right after you come from the airport? Using an airplane nowadays has become more of a need than a luxury. Many governments are keen to increase the no. of airports in their country and expand existing airports to handle bigger planes. So the no. of people using the airports in coming days will increase drastically. Eventually, there will be a huge demand for taxi booking app service to and from the airport.

So far, the passengers coming out of the airport have to book a taxi in the kiosk and most of the time there will be a long-standing queue in the kiosk. This sucks a lot of time and energy for the passengers.

Why we need an airport taxi booking app?

We can rectify this problem by incorporating an app-based taxi booking service. Using that, the passenger can book a taxi right after descending from the airplane. The customer need not wait in the taxi kiosk.

Existing taxi companies can start an airport shuttle service by joining hands with the government and airport management. Even they can join hands with air service providers so that the passengers can book a taxi while booking flight tickets itself.

Unlike other taxi booking services, the airport taxi shuttle service should have a taxi dispatch system along with the taxi booking facility.

With the airport taxi booking app, the riders can use for two purposes:

  1. To the airport: Starting location will be different but the destination will always be the airport.
  2. From the airport: Here it’s just the opposite. The starting is always the airport.

Below I have mentioned some reasons why an existing airport taxi company should embrace app-based booking.

Increased booking: With the taxi app, the rider can book a taxi with ease. This makes many other people move towards app-based booking. Thus the taxi company can see more bookings.

Quality service is offered: The rider can choose the type of vehicle he wants, it can be an SUV or sedan or hatchback. Also, the rider books based on driver review and rating. This allows the service provider to give quality service.

Peace of mind for the travelers: The traveler may be busy with his phone calls or tensed. Now, the rider cannot spend much time for booking a taxi. Instead with just a tap on the phone, he can book a cab.

If you need both the taxi booking app and dispatch system for your airport shuttle service, try SpotnRides. SpotnRides has Uber like taxi booking system and taxi dispatch solution under it. Our company’s flagship product is SpotnRides and it is dedicated to taxi industry based solutions.

Our taxi booking app clone script is safe and 100% protected. Our solution comprises of:

  1. Rider app
  2. Driver app
  3. Admin panel
  4. Dispatcher panel
  5. Billing panel

Our solution is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. Some of the features offered in our SpotnRides taxi app are:

Advanced reports

Using our advanced data analytics tools available in the admin panel, the admin can get valuable reports which can be used to improve the working efficiency.

Real-time tracking

The driver, customer and the dispatcher can track the cab in real-time.

Book now or schedule later

The customer can always book a ride instantly or book a cab for later.


A traveler coming from another country can use the app since it can support multiple languages. Also, the rider can pay using his own currency. This feature is available only for airport taxi shuttle service.

You can ask that is it necessary to use own car for this service? Not necessary. You can ask interested people to attach the cabs in your company. For each ride, you can take some commission and pay the remaining to the drivers.

This is an exciting startup and you can climb the ladder of success instantly. Don’t wait, immediately contact SpotnRides by dropping an email to [email protected]. Our business team is there to help you. We incorporate the latest technologies like nodeJS, Laravel, Golang, Firebase in our work, so that the output solution is more presentable and advanced than what is asked.

If you are looking for a quick response team to clarify your doubts instantly about your new business venture, please connect with our expert team at Whatsapp or write a quick email to [email protected].


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