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Modern technology made our day to day life simpler than before. It has taken to the end of the extension for example nowadays we can easily bring the doctor to your destination directly or booking an appointment to checkup by an application. Here, comes the on-demand application where everything is easily applicable to this business model.

One such high revenue gained business is acupuncture. Still, there are people who prefer old traditional acupuncture. The market value of the acupuncture is expected to gain 24551 million at the end of 2023. This blog is about acupuncture and how to take your acupuncture business to the next level with an app.

How To Be Extremely Successful In Your Acupuncture Business Today?

Acupuncture is nothing but another form of medicine that has been followed by the old Chinese method. The process of medicine is simple by inserting the needles into the body for a few minutes. To become an acupuncturist one has to practice and train well to start his own clinic in 2020.

The main concept of acupuncture is to find the right part to give the punch to make the medicine work. This is not simple, it’s tougher than the normal medicine. The specialist should be well-aware about the strategic points on your body. Since it is a traditional method, people are rarely making use of it in the modern world. 

This can be overcome by equipping the right technology, nowadays no business can run or get revenue without a help of an application. Here, one such solution to be equipped for your acupuncture business too. But before getting into the application solution you should develop your application in such a way to gain the customer’s trust.

The little strategies take a look for a profitable business

Nowadays the average mobile application users are Gen Z people who are hipper busy in their work life. They use to place their orders through an app and that makes their task simple by delivering everything right to their doorstep. One such thing is food and taxi, but both have a different business model. 

Here, the online booking software will help you to make an appointment with your acupuncture specialist and he will be right at your doorstep to give you the best treatment. Rather than the Gen Z people, this model is more applicable for the baby boomers who are unable to get out without a caretaker. 

They should be the main targeted customers in this acupuncturist booking business model. Where you’re application should be built in such a way that it brings them more trust. It’s an important task while developing an application, bringing trust among your customers will help them establish your business and worthiness.

  • In-app permissions – It is one of the gentle ways to treat your customers more genuine and as a highness. By providing in-app permission will let you gain a good user experience that gives them a trustworthy atmosphere of using your application. In the acupuncture booking app you can ask the users to allow access to the user’s location.
  • Avoid overloading ads – Since your target is baby boomers, they will be highly scared of getting into wrong links or sites. So by avoiding overloading advertisements will let them engage with your application more frequently than before. Though mobile ads play a major role in the business, they shall be little avoided to gain a user-friendly experience.
  • Control oversharing – Many brands lack at this point where they will not be asking the permission of the users to share their experience in social media. Without their knowledge it will be posted. It can be controlled by letting them decide the decision to post or to share their experience with your application in social media.
  • Variety of registration options – If you’re in an idea to establish your brand to the users long term then you can give them to register with email id. But nowadays special media integration plays a major role in the log-in and sign-up process. By providing them a variety of options, the users make their own decision.

To develop or build trust among users is a bit tough job in an application-based service. But equipping a well-developed application helps you to gain the user’s trust easily and quickly by following the above-mentioned tactics. One such service-based application is readily available in the SpotnRides. 

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SpotnRides online booking software for acupuncture 

SpotnRides act as a one-stop solution for all the challenges that have been faced by the entrepreneurs in the on-demand industry. A software-based application that has been pre-developed with the current trend in the technology is readily available at an affordable price. 

By choosing SpotnRides, you will be benefited from the whole package of an appointment booking system for acupuncture. What are things you will be getting in this full-package of online acupuncture scheduling software? You will be benefited from three interfaces of application that has been developed in both the platforms as listed below

  1. Acupuncture specialist app (iOS and Android),
  2. Patient app (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

Along with the full package you will also get the before and after launch service of your application for a certain period of time. This lets you get well-trained by using your application in real-time. Rather than the support and full package at an affordable price, you will also get full 24*7 support from our technical team. 

Here, take a look at this to know how your appointment booking software for acupuncture application works

  • As the first step to continue with your service the users have to download it from the respective stores and sign-up their id with the variety of sign-up options. We have developed your application in order to gain your customer’s trust. Once they signed in they are allowed to continue with your service.
  • So once they log in the customer will be asked permission to access their location to get the accurate nearby acupuncture specialist. By giving the GPS permission, the customers are allowed to track their bookings and specialists. They can check the nearby acupuncture specialists and place their bookings according to their preferable time.
  • Customers are allowed to schedule their bookings according to the specialist dates and then they have to pay their fees for the consultancy. The charge for the service can be paid according to their preference either by COD or online. The same process is applicable to the acupuncture specialist too but their profile will be verified by the admin.

How SpotnRides advanced key-features helps you to manage and track your patient’s records easily 

  • Multiple registrations option – As I mentioned above, to gain the trust among your customer this feature has been developed. This helps the user to register their account easily using multiple options like emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. Since social media integration is equipped it won’t take too long to sign-up to begin the service. 
  • Check-up tracking and monitoring – The real-time tracking and monitoring feature helps the customer to manage their bookings and track their previous checkup. This feature plays a major role in acupuncture service, where it is also useful for both the players (specialists and patients). The patients are also allowed to track their specialists. 
  • Admin’s Centralized dashboard – You as an admin is allowed to track and monitor all the processes that take place in your application. Either it is log-in or booking of the specialist. In your centralized dashboard, all the specialists and the patient’s full details will be displayed. You are allowed to add or remove the service provider.
  • Multiple payment and language options – We designed your application in such a way to breaks the barrier of the language and payment option in your app. Now your patients can choose their preferred language and payment options from the listed. This gives them full flexibility to engage with your application.
  • Acupuncture specialist service review – The customer is allowed to share their experience at the end of the service this takes place once the payment process is over. This brings transparency in your service by letting the other patients to know about the specialist service. This allows you to know the best service provider and you can reward them by valid promotions. 
  • Scheduled Checkup – This feature gives the customers fully eligible to book or to schedule their checkup according to their preferable time. By knowing the specialist’s free time the customers can book their service. This brings productivity and helps them to remember their checkup on a regular basis.  

Bottom line

By running an on-demand acupuncture booking application lets you gain high revenue in a short period of time. To gain a high revenue you’re in need of a well-developed application, one such thing is readily available here with us at an affordable price. Still, why are you waiting? contact us today at [email protected] or by filling the below form and we will reach you soon.

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