Pros and Cons of Hiring Taxi App Developers for your Startup from Outside your Country

Ever since the success of the on-demand market, there has been a steady increase in the no. of startups in this domain. While, there can be many factors that define the success of the on-demand startups but, I don’t think that any of these factors will have more influence than the app solution. The app is one that makes a connection with the users and literally every stakeholder. Sensing the importance of this, many startups are working very hard with the developers to provide the best of the best solution. 

While some startups team up with local developers, most of them engage with app developers from abroad. One cannot deny that startup founders go to any extent of spending money to get the best app solution, hiring developers/solution providers from abroad is one such act. 

If you are hiring a team from abroad then there are both pros and cons in it. Let me explain it in detail about this. 

Pros of hiring from abroad

Dedicated development: 

The reputation of the app development firm relies on the quality of the work they do for outside firms which will be reflected in the reviews and ratings on the internet.  So, to give a quality solution, they have to be serious and dedicated to the app development. And, developers from abroad would definitely do it to live up to the reputation. 


This is something which is obvious. The quality of work from local firms deteriorates with decreasing cost. But, solution providers from abroad have less labor cost so they can give a quality solution with not so high cost. Mostly, the cost incurred abroad is less than a quarter of what it costs locally. 

Long term commitment: 

Long term commitment is necessary for a startup with the solution provider because the app solution will be subject to revision n times and updates will be sent at particular rates. The same long term commitment is important for the solution provider and most of the time they work to honor this.

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Cons of hiring from outside


This is something that is a very big cause of concern. Obviously, English has become a universal medium of communication and knowing good English will definitely give you an edge. But it is not necessary that the outsourcing company knows what you speak. So, this creates a communication gap and this affects the long term commitment and knowledge sharing. Even other benefits like low cost, experienced development team, and timely deployment will be overshadowed by the communication barrier. 

This problem can be eliminated if the solution provider/developer is selected first based on language or a team interview. The app development process is long term and starting from the development to deployment, smooth two-way communication is necessary. Even if the solution is readily available, during customization the language should not be a barrier.

Cultural variation:

Cultural variation cannot be completely named as a downside. If your app solution requires an international feel even it is going to be used locally then, the app developed from overseas can be beneficial. On the other side, even if you didn’t specifically ask for anything in the app, the app solution will still have an infusion of overseas culture and it may backfire at times. 

The cultural variation even reflects in the type of coding done. At the end of the day, the app development process is a collaborative process. So, understanding their context may be difficult because of cultural variation.

So, be cautious about this cultural variation because it is overlooked most of the times. 

Time Zone:

If the time gap between you and the software providing team is wide then, it will be quite uncomfortable to have the communication. In this case, anyone of you should compromise and work. It would be good if you can select the app development firm overseas with the narrow time difference. 

After the app deployment, there will be frequent inevitable crashes and minor issues which has to be sorted out then and there and in such cases constant monitoring from the development team is necessary. In this scenario, different time zones act as an obstacle.  

Wrapping up

These are the most common pros and cons of hiring a team abroad. If you face none of these challenges then, the time taken from start to deployment will be narrowed. Also, this list helps you to select the right team from the right location. 

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