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Kuwait is a city of business opportunities. Any new business model picks up easily without much effort. Now there is an opportunity to solve a problem using the on-demand Uber model. Per capita consumption of resources is very high in gulf cities. Now we are in an era where it is necessary to indulge in collaborative consumption. Climate change also makes it vital to share resources. Here we can use the aid of on-demand technology for collaborative consumption.

The on-demand model also known as the sharing economy has good potential in cities like Kuwait. A city where the carbon footprint is considerably high, on-demand sharing model for transport and delivery will be of much use.

Why On-Demand Services Booming in Kuwait?

Why on-demand in Kuwait?

There is no scarcity of services in Kuwait and so there is no reason to not adopt the on-demand model. Per capita income in Gulf countries stands at $55,000 which is higher than the global average. Hence, on-demand services will be a hit among the people in Gulf cities.

Getting funds to launch a tech startup or transform existing business service to the on-demand model is relatively easy in Kuwait. 

Let us now see some of the services that can work well in Kuwait. This we are listing after a lot of research in consumer behavior, purchasing power, service industry, in Kuwait.

Courier and parcel delivery

Roads in Kuwait needs a special mention because of the speed in which couriers are delivered to customers. There is a well-connected network in Kuwait for parcel delivery and so there is no issue with the supply chain. 

This sector can be further expanded and costs can be cut using the Uber for courier model. The traditional courier firms engage delivery persons and separate fleets for delivery. This model is now outdated. 

In the Uber for courier, third party delivery agents are engaged to receive and deliver parcels. Same day delivery is possible here with minimal cost. No big assets are required for operating Uber for courier startup.

Semi-skilled labor can get employment opportunities in Uber for courier business. You can earn a commission for every order. 

On-demand transportation

Now is the right time to enter the Kuwait market using the on-demand taxi startup because the government recently lifted the ban on women from driving cars. The no. of cars per person is high in Kuwait and so the traffic time is substantially high. 

On-demand taxi like Uber will ease the traveling time for commuters. Traditional taxi firms can be transformed into digitally powered fleet management systems. Individual entrepreneurs can launch an on-demand taxi as a marketplace model.  

Already Careem and Carpool Arabia are doing good in the on-demand space. There is more scope for long-distance ride-sharing. This is again an online marketplace where car owners share their upcoming trips.

Roadside assistance app 

Roadside assistance are a common sight in Kuwait and other gulf cities. This industry itself is making a revenue of a million dollars. At the same time, it also demands a technological change that makes access efficient. 

This can better be brought under the on-demand model. Any vehicle owners at any point of time and place can book roadside assistance from the app. 

Like others, it can be operated both as a marketplace and a standalone app.

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Construction app

The present state of Kuwait is because of its construction industry which gave a drastic facelift to it and placed Kuwait among the most important cities in the world. Still, it has a long way to go. More than a quarter workforce in Kuwait is employed in the construction and its related industry.

An Uber for construction app can change the way it worked so far and can give a complete fillip to it. Construction workers, semi-skilled people, professionals, engineers, architects, and equipment can be accessed through the app.

Construction companies can save time and valuable money using this app. You can launch this app as a startup and help companies connect with the service providers and vendors.

On-demand Hospitality

No one can deny the scale of the tourism sector in Kuwait. Being close to the sea with a lot of luxury hotels and attractive tourist destinations, the need for affordable and quality room is inevitable. Residents of Kuwait can be a part of the tourism sector by sharing extra space by listing on the Uber for room rent app.

Airbnb works by the same concept except that they are not well connected in the Gulf cities. So we strongly recommend Uber for the hospitality startup idea. You just need to launch the app solution and get a commission for every room listed and booked.  

On-demand doctor booking

Why spend time on traveling when you can book a doctor from the app and request his visit directly to home? This idea can revolutionize the healthcare of the state mainly in rural areas.

There is a special app made for this like Uber. Users just need to download the app; search medical professionals; request a visit, and pay online. As simple as that.

Household services 

Laundry, car wash, house cleaning, lawn care, and many more services are usually outsourced in Kuwait. In this sector, many service providers are not able to efficiently connect with customers. So they end up losing time and money. 

App-based searching and booking can go a long way in helping the service providers in the household sector.

The working concept is similar to that of the Uber model.

Other potential on-demand/ sharing services

  • Online food ordering and delivery
  • Online tow truck booking from mobile app
  • Tutor booking
  • Construction equipment and workforce booking on app

SpotnRides on-demand app-based solution

On-demand app solution consists of a separate interface for each stakeholder. If you are ready with the app solution part for your on-demand startup, you are half done. Fortunately, we at SpotnRides offer you pre-built on-demand solutions. Bottom-up approach is followed to develop apps from scratch. Hence, there is minimal flaw in its code quality and performance.

Quick to deploy solutions for a slew of services are available with us apart from taxi booking, courier delivery, etc. You just need to discuss the business and revenue model for your startups and we customize and give the most apt solution to you.

Reason to choose SpotnRides

Open source code: after purchase, complete source code is provided to you without any encryption. You are free to carry out any customizations with or without our help.

Language and currency of your choice: Any type of language can be incorporated into the app solution of your desire. The same goes for currency.

24/7 support and maintenance: From the development process until the end after app deployment, we give continuous support without any obligations.

Affordable script and customization: We give a competitive price for the script in the market. Leaving customization, we offer a lot of incentives for our clients like free support, language and currency change, festive discounts, and many more.

Wrapping up!

The booming on-demand market in Kuwait has a lot of space for innovative on-demand/sharing startups. Find a niche segment and come to us to get a comprehensive app solution for it. 

To know more about SpotnRides and its working, get us on [email protected]. We are looking forward to talking to you.

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