Non-Technical Factors you Should Look Before Developing App for your On-Demand Taxi Startup

Extreme automation is happening in every field and taxi booking is no different. Uber first released an app to book a taxi from anywhere and anytime. Uber also introduced third-party taxi attaching. So literally anyone with a taxi booking app setup can launch their own startup without any capital for other assets. 

If you are one of them like this, keen to enter the on-demand taxi segment, then you must have started to develop the app solution. I’ll recommend you a much better way to build the app solution later. For now, we will see some non-technical factors you should look into while or before developing the taxi app solution.

The taxi booking app market is overcrowded with a lot of small startups; to differ from others it is more than a need to make subtle changes. There are some non-technical factors which I will discuss shortly which have enough space to play with.

What are Some Non-Technical Factors You Should Look Before Taxi App Development?

A glance at your competitors

First things first, take a look at your competitors and find out how they view the taxi app market. It is better to look into successful well-operating peers. Also, find where you are relative to your peers. This will give an idea of where you should start.

Competitor neglect is a serious issue that will drive your business to a dead end.

Licensing and documents

In order to get more drivers on board, some taxi startups will overlook the basic idea of quality drivers and cars. Have a stringent mechanism to filter drivers and pick the right one; a significant change can be observed when quality drivers are used. 

Licensing and documents related to insurance, driving permit, and inspection from govt. depts. must be carefully overseen keeping in mind the future safety of riders.    

It is better to have an automated mechanism to check driver licensing and even show it to riders while booking increases the credibility more.

Type of cars used

Just because it is a taxi you cannot allow all types of cars to register with your service. Have a mandatory regulation in place for cars like for example, only cars manufactured after a specific year is accepted, cars must successfully pass pollution standards, etc. You can even go overboard and certify cars based on comfort and luxury.

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Driver satisfaction

Off late I am seeing many on-demand taxi startups not paying attention to the drivers and driver app. This has led to a high level of log out from the driver side. Give the same preference to drivers like how you give to riders.

Make sure the driver app is good in navigation, browsing, usability, and look & feel. Like how you have a quick response customer care option in the rider app, have the same in the driver app to address immediate queries.

No compromise on the app development

Technical error in the app can break the startup function which cannot be rebuilt. Like I said before, join with an experienced app development firm for your startup. Some experienced firms leave no room for error. One such firm is SpotnRides. 

SpotnRides is specialized in on-demand taxi app development and we offer pre-built MVP solutions. You need not worry about the app solution and instead focus on other non-technical factors.

Have the USP right in front

I hope you have already sorted the apt USP for your startup, if not please do it. We have a dedicated blog for estimating the right USP for on-demand startups. Now, your USP should have a direct connection with the users; In the app solution, try to project it in a way the users are able to get it effortlessly.

For a highly competitive market like the taxi startup, generating a USP and making it reach the users is of paramount importance. USP can be in the form of features or experience.

You can also discuss with the app development partner to place the USP.

Reworking on the UX/UI design

Uber app solution is mostly taken as a reference by app development firms to build apps. I recommend you to rework at least on the UI/UX design to give a different feel to the users.

Reworking on it is easy and the only thing it requires is a professional designer with expertise in advanced tools.

The same app development firm you are working with can definitely handle this task. The app design should have your firm’s signature in it and this is the first step towards branding.

Final words!

These non-technical factors are important and have the potential to change the game. To accomplish this you shall partner with SpotnRides. Like I said before, SpotnRides is a better-placed firm in the on-demand app development market. 

Send an mail to [email protected] to get more details about SpotnRides. We are looking to join with you to launch a taxi app with a global feel.

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