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The mobile application plays an important role in the peer to peer car-sharing because here the application acts as a medium/platform that connects the car owner with the renter. Here, let me tell you about the importance of our peer to peer car-sharing software application. 

Before going into that section let me tell you how car-sharing differs from the peer to peer car-sharing or they both are the same? To know, the answer to these questions keeps reading the blog at the end of the section you will get a more clear view of those terms.

What Is A Peer To Peer Car Sharing Management App?

Before going into car-sharing, one must know about the exact meaning of the term “car-sharing”. It is nothing but the use of the term in the different regions varies.

In North America, Car-sharing is meant as a vehicle that has been owned by an organization and used by many users randomly. Similarly, the term “ride-sharing” and “car-pooling” means the vehicle owned privately and has been shared for a particular trip.

On the other side in the UK, the word “Car-sharing” refers to privately owned vehicles that have been shared for a particular trip. Here, the organization owned vehicles shared by many users and such phenomena are known as “Car-club”. 

But peer to peer car-sharing is totally different from other car-sharing business models. The peer to peer car sharing business model basically uses the private-owned vehicles and the owners rent their car for a certain period of time and in return they receive cash.

How does peer-to-peer car-sharing differ from car-sharing?

Traditional car-sharing services and peer-to-peer car-sharing are totally different end concepts. Though they both rent their cars for cash, but in different ways. Here, let me tell you the difference between the traditional car-sharing and the peer to peer car-sharing.

  • Peer to peer car-sharing is just like a “Getaround” application where the owner and user who need the car can directly contact each other with the help of an app and make an affordable deal. The cars are rented for a certain period of time.
  • Everyone might have heard about “Zipcar”; it is exactly a car-sharing business model. They rent the car for a short period of time. They act as a membership-based service, these users have to pay a monthly or annual membership fee in add-on to car reservation charges.
  • The Peer-to-peer car-sharing business model gives more convenience to their renter as well as the owner. With an application, you can find a car nearby and book it with a tap from your mobile phone and they don’t have any restrictions like car-sharing.

I hope that by now you might have got a clear understanding of car-sharing and the peer to peer car-sharing. Here, let me say in detail about how your car is going to earn for you? Interesting right? Keep reading to know about it.

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How does this allow you to earn extra bucks?

All you need is a car and peer to peer car-sharing application for renting your cars. As I said before it is a personally owned car-sharing platform where the owner can make his/her car available for a weekly or hourly or daily basis. 

  • The Peer-to-peer car-sharing application links with car owners who want to rent their car when it is not in use. P2P car-sharing allows the owner to earn money by renting their car. It acts as a technical platform, where a mobile app that brings both owners and renters.
  • All you need to do is to fill the address and dates when you want to rent the car. Next, you’re allowed to choose the preferred car, obviously after choosing the car payment must be done to get your car at the doorstep.
  • On the other side, being an owner you should create your car profile, choose your price and offers. Posting clear pictures and then you’re allowed to accept and reject car rental requests from the renters.

For doing your peer to peer car-sharing business all you need is an application to run your P2P car-sharing business in your region. But developing an application from scratch is really tough and needs more money. 

But no worries, here we SpotnRides have a pre-developed peer to peer car rental software solution with us readily. You will get a full package of worthy service in SportnRides keep reading to know about us and the features in your application.

SpotnRides peer to peer car sharing management app

SpotnRides is a modern software solution where you will be benefited from a pre-developed peer to peer car-sharing application. Our software application is fully developed with the latest technology.

That allows you to run your P2P car-sharing business very smoothly without any lack or bugs in your application based business. Our application’s features make you meet your customer’s expectations.

Our team’s main aim is to produce a user-friendly application full of advanced niche features by considering your customer’s point of view. This also generates high revenue profit in your peer to peer car-sharing business.

The major Pros of using our SpotnRides software

  1. The additional source of income for you by sharing your own car,
  2. Reduces the use of fuel, resulting in the improved air quality that saves the environment,
  3. You have the rights to accept and reject the request the users,
  4. By using our application is easy to find the right renters for your car, 
  5. The renters driving history can be checked before handing over the car to them.

The seamless key features that allow you to take your p2p car sharing app solution to next level

  • Scheduled bookings – This feature enables the renters to book their rides whenever they require in advance through this feature. The booked ride will be at your doorstep at the exact time without any delay since it is pre-booked, your booking will be given priority by the owner of the car.
  • Car-sharing history – Both the players are allowed to check their rented history, including car’s details and estimated cost. This shows the full details from your first rental to recent rental history. You’re also allowed to share your car-sharing trip history with others.
  • Category listing – This feature in peer to peer car-sharing allows listing the number of cars ready to take for rental from the service provider. Your renters are allowed to choose the cars according to their needs by checking the car’s rate and review.
  • Real-time tracking – Both players of the peer to peer car-sharing application (service provider and renters) can track each other’s movement in real-time. Once the renter books the car for travel he/she can track the service provider till they reach the renter’s destination.
  • Payment gateway – These features have become compulsory for all the on-demand car booking industries. People used to pay their raid cost maximum through cashless payment only. Both card and cashless payment options are available in your application.
  • In-built chats – This feature will help to grow the relationship between your car-sharing service and the renters. Your customers can chat with support agents or to you through this feature. This shows that you’re giving them good support.

Final say

The business concept of peer to peer car-sharing has appeared as a big solution for people who cannot afford the car. It has also solved the issues for both the car owner and renter. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us today at [email protected] or by filling the below form with your details and we will reach you soon.

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