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Bringing the colorful and remembrance to any event attendee is in the hands of entertainers or performers. Those entertainers available in the market looking for options to show their skills to the world and get more appointments from the event planner side or event attendee side. 

Finding the perfect performer related to events category, creating the schedules of them according to the appointments, focusing on the convenience in request management are top-essential activities for the event planners. In real-time, there are major issues while carrying all these activities by manual operation. 

Event entertainment services are the power-packed platform with the group of event entertainers and they are highly beneficial for the event organizers to make the event as successful. Several independent companies or agencies exist in the market and look for the online platform to meet digital trends. 

As we all already know that uber for x brings notable revolutions in the service booking industry, applying the same business model is an easy way to start an event entertainment service. 

SpotnRides creates a unique event entertainer app with all the essential things and the revenue-generating ways. This blog provides the details of how event entertainment services have a unique pace with the arrival of digitized platforms. 

Additionally, this blog also presents the impact of SpotnRides event performer apps on this digital transformation. Let’s dive into the discussion. 

Event Entertainment Services: Moving Forward with Digital Takeover

Home or corporate industries or any places, events occurring frequently is the common one. To make the event an entertaining one, several performers like comedy artists, various stage performers like sand artists, latte artists, etc exist in the market and look for options to show their skills and get recognition quickly among the customers. 

Due to the drastic changes in the service booking industry, customers expect the chance to book any entertainers from any place irrespective of the location and language limitations. The major event entertainment services are categorized into many as follows: birthday event, anniversary event, theme parties, school events, college, and industry conferences, etc. 

The number of event attendees is more and they expect the uniqueness in entertainers and their activities in real-time. Plan for schedules related to the event dates and tracking them and booking the right event entertainer all are easily performed with the use of the event entertainer booking app. 

To start event entertainment services, there are a number of factors to be focussed on to meet the digitization. They are listed as follows. 

Immense Experience

Right from the booking to tracking them in real-time, the major demands from the event attendee are high. Creating an immense experience in booking and track of them via on-demand platforms is assured. 

Budget-Friendly Booking

Since the event entertainers available in the market are more and the events also high, booking of the reliable event entertainer by analyzing the price value among the services highly needs the digital platform. 

With the deep comparison among the various event entertainers, the smart decision on selection of the event entertainer or performer limited to budget constraints is achievable. 

Smart Event Entertainer Requests Handling

Instant search of the event entertainers by the filtering options is achievable. Creating smartness in managing the appointments, maintaining a database of the event entertainers and the payment interface inclusion all happen by a selection of on-demand platforms. 

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How SpotnRides Lightning Gig Event Entertainer’s Life in New Way?

Due to the pandemic effect, the number of bookings is less for the event entertainers. Now the relaxations are getting on and event planners look for skilled entertainers. The event entertainer app from SpotnRides acts as the perfect interface between the event attendee and the event entertainers. This will also enlighten the event entertainment services with the following interfaces. 

Event Planner- The attendee or the event planner who is responsible to conduct the event use this interface to search the event performers available in the market. 

Event Entertainers- The skillful people related to the skills in stage performance and many art-related entertainment fields directly attached to this interface, show the service offerings and look for the appointments easily. 

Event Entertainment Service Admin- The owner of the event entertainment agency uses this interface to manage the appointments from the event attendee, completed appointments, and the payment collection, etc. in the single platform. 

Gig event entertainers available in the market use this awesome business model to register themselves as one of the stakeholders and provide the services in an easy way. The options of SpotnRides that allow the gig players to get the appointment are highlighted as follows. 

Multi-Entertainment List

The first and foremost thing from the SpotnRides app for hiring event entertainers is the list formation. This option allows the event entertainers to list what are all the entertainments they have offered according to the specialization with the detailed information. 

The own profile making with the location options allow the event planner to search the nearby availability of the event entertainers easily. With the inclusion of service price value directly in the app, SpotnRides allows the event planner to select an optimal player fit to budget limitations easily. 

Booking Requests Handling is Advanced 

As event entertainers, they receive huge appointments from various sides and the management of requests without any custom platform brings the burden to the event entertainer or the admin.

Replacing the manual booking with the advanced digitized platform say event entertainer app, the service agency owner manages the schedules at a convenient time. Prior to booking, the matches between the event planner dates and the event entertainer availability are found perfectly. This avoids the collapse in appointments. 

Smart Way to Interact Entertainers,

One of the special mentions from the SpotnRides event performer app is the inclusion of messaging concepts. An in-app messaging option allows the event planners to directly interact with the entertainers and convey the real-time needs in an advanced manner. 

Value for Gig Talents

Even though the event entertainers have enough skills, the lack of familiar assurance platforms may prevent them from huge access. But, the features included in the event entertainer app make the gig players getting the jobs and hence the revenue too easily. Also, showing off inner talents and recognition of them all are achieved smartly. 

What are all Feasible Options of Event Entertainer App to Meet Diverse Demands

While planning for the event, the demands raised in various dimensions. For the on-demand industry, they are getting further increased due to the smart platform utilization. The major demands listed are as follows. 

Skill-based Grouping

The direct uploading options in the SpotnRides event entertainer app allow the event entertainers to send their digital proofs showing the event specialization and certificates in the field directly. With the direct option, the owner of the event agency can check the event entertainer profile and permit them for onboarding. 

Flexible Schedule-based Booking

During peak schedules due to functional days and the weekends, the booking of the perfect event entertainer is highly affected by improper schedules. To alleviate such issues, SpotnRides provide schedule-based booking options where the event entertainers can manage the schedules easily without any collapses. 

Know the Top Performer Easily

Searching by random options like friend’s recommendation, the call-based booking may lead to issues in getting the top performer with the flexible payments. But, the inclusion of rating options allows the service provider or the customers to easily know the top performer in the market with the price value. With this option, the identification of top performers is easy, and get more appointments in the market.

Digital Revenue-Driven Ways of SpotnRides to Make Event Entertainment as Profitable

The event entertainer app solution from SpotnRides not only fit to carry the workflow in a smooth way. It also proves its effectiveness in revenue generation options listed as follows. 

Fee collection for Membership

Assigning fee to the event entertainers as well as customers to participate in the app-based event booking models ensure long-term retention. The direct inclusion of smart payment interfaces allows them to pay the membership fee seamlessly. 

On-page Advertisement Fee

To bring the event entertainer’s viability is high, the option called an advertisement within the app model is the necessary one. SpotnRides provides the feasible option to the event entertainers to host their advertisements and get more appointments easily. The fee collection for hosting of the advertisement by the service providers brings further revenue. 

Commission to Successful Booking

After the successful completion of event entertainment by the feasible entertainers, the commission for each booking is directly deduced from the customer’s payment. Also, the transparency and the accuracy of the commission collection are high-quality proved metrics in real-time. 

Wrapping Up

Creating an online marketplace for event performers is the trendy business idea for entrepreneurs to aggregate a wide range of event entertainers and manage their schedules according to the event requirements. 

SpotnRides plays the tech-assistance role for this process and brings wonders in managing the event entertainers smartly. Do you have a wish to launch event entertainment services? Share your ideas with us at [email protected]

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