Know Your Customer’s Expectations Before Building Mobile App for Your Taxi Business

New entrepreneurs who are going to launch a taxi startup will first approach a taxi app solution provider and surely he knows how an app-based taxi startup will be and what to expect in a standard taxi booking app. For solution providers who have the readymade taxi app must know these expectations on the taxi app.  

Only that taxi app which satisfies the expectations can be a minimum viable product. Customization and other stuff come next. Now let us see about the client’s expectations in a taxi booking app solution.

Convenient taxi booking Requesting and tracking

A mobile app for taxi booking is developed to make the taxi hailing process easy not only for the customer but also for the driver and the admin. Further, app booking, tracking, and paying should be hasslefree and foolproof. The user interface must be seamless and the users should not feel inconvenient in anywhere in the middle. As a taxi developer, this should be the first priority.     

Variable and flexible payment options

The final payment is the point where the trust factor is built for the user. If the payment is unreliable and goes amiss, then the trust factor will be affected which will make the users search for alternatives. Also, having everything in the app without a proper payment system won’t bring any change in the users. 

Users need a flexible payment system and it should also be safe and secure. Urban area users rely more on digital payments like e-wallet, cards, UPI, etc. semi-urban users mostly use cash for payment. Keeping this in mind, you should incorporate a unified payment gateway in the taxi app.

Proper pickup location selecting option

Unlike taxi dispatch system where you have to say the pick up location on a call, in the on-demand taxi system the GPS map on the user app is used to pinpoint the location. Any problem on the GPS map will damage the usability and user experience of the app. Normally, APIs are used for the GPS maps. 

Make sure you use Google Maps which have an API in the taxi app to easily locate and navigate places.

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Multiple language option

Multiple language options should be mandatory in the taxi app and it must be accessible by both the taxi driver and the rider. Everything from backend, web panel to each icon should change as per the selected language by the user.

Distance calculator and automatic cost calculator           

Though this option is mandatory in all the taxi app, the key is to precisely display the estimated distance and fare for the ride on the customer and driver app. Estimated fare for the ride even before the ride allows the customer makes a decision on the type of payment or whether or not to take the ride. 

Estimated distance for the ride helps the driver to know the approximate time of travel. These two variables have to be precise in order to improve reliability. So, you have to use the best methods to arrive at the precise value of these variables.

Multiple vehicle model and riding option

Based on the no. of occupants, the taxi model will differ and the rider should be able to select the taxi type during the booking itself. Various taxi model options like SUV, sedan, hatchback, MPV, etc must be shown in the app along with a picture of it in the customer app. This option increases the conversion rate and customer retention.

Apart from having various taxi models, you should also incorporate the option to select different riding options like carpooling, luxury ride, and many more.

White labeling 

The taxi app solution must be white labeled and the complete source code must be provided to the client. White labeled solution allows the client to keep whatever logo and icons to the taxi booking app.

Providing complete source code to the clients enables him to change or customize anything on the app independently anytime.

Smart customer feedback system

Customer feedback after each ride is necessary for the improvement of the service. It is a tiresome process to get it manually. Smart feedback system like chatbots and automated review and ratings will save a lot of time. The feedback should be able to be viewed from the admin dashboard.

Easy Accessing User Dashboard

The admin dashboard is where all the transactions, ride details, analytics reports, commission details, taxi management, etc are undertaken. So, the admin web panel must be easy to use, the interface should be well made, financial tools are simple and easily accessible by the admin.

I hope, these are all the fundamental expectations from a taxi startup founder for the taxi app solution. It is well and good to know this before developing or customizing the taxi app. Also, this list is not exhaustive and it differs from startup to startup. 

We as the provider of pre built taxi booking app solution – SpotnRides, do every bit to fulfill the expectations of our clients and to be honest, deliver more than what is expected.

Be it design or code quality or the features of the solution, we take extra care to make our solution compatible with any type of taxi startups.

If you have not yet started on the app solution, please partner with us for our SpotnRides taxi booking solution. We are confident that SpotnRides will match your requirement. For more details on the features and development, mail us to [email protected]. We are looking forward to be a part of your startup.

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