Kickstart Your Venture with On-Demand Car Wash App Business to Connect Users with Car Wash Technicians

Car wash and car care may seem a simple work but many vehicle owners are finding it frustrating because of the time and energy it takes to do it. Nowadays, people are looking to spend some peaceful time on the weekends and the car wash is ruining it.

With the mobile car wash and smartphones available everywhere, there is no reason to ruminate about car care at least now. How car care can be related to more smartphone usage and mobile car wash? It is possible with on-demand app for car wash. Before briefing about it, let me say a few words about on-demand.

The on-demand model a.k.a app-based service is known only for the last 10 years. Aspiring entrepreneurs look at the on-demand market as a boon to their entrepreneurial pursuit. It gives immense opportunities and relies more on innovation and creativity than mere capital investment. The on-demand economy is expected to reach $335 billion by 2025.

What is On-Demand Car Wash App?

Now coming to the on-demand car wash. The on-demand car wash is an exciting opportunity still untapped by potential entrepreneurs. The working model of this is similar to the Uber app. 

Using the on-demand car wash app, a user can search and schedule a car wash from the comfort of his time. 

For entrepreneurs and car washing companies

This on-demand car wash can be launched as a startup by entrepreneurs where interested car wash companies and technicians can be made to list their service in the app. Every time a user schedules a car wash service, a particular commission is transferred to the admin of the app. This happens in a marketplace model.

Car wash companies can also start their own on-demand booking app startup to get more margin.

Car wash companies and individuals will get more visibility when their service is listed in the app. It is also estimated that any service will get more sales and revenue when listed online.

Apart from app development and bringing more service providers on-board the app, there is not much cost involved in launching this as a startup.

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How does this app work?

  • User registers the details and login into the customer app.
  • Search and select a suitable car wash from the list.
  • Book and schedule the time for a car wash by giving address.
  • The service provider will get the request in his app and use GPS navigation to locate the customer place.
  • After the service, the payment can be made using cash or cashless modes.
  • The admin gets a percentage as commission.

Top features of this app

Online chat: The user can chat with the customer care for any queries or chat directly with the service provider.

Vehicle history tracking: The service provider can track the history of the car to get an idea about the type of wash, precautions, and items that should be forbidden from usage.

Online payment: With integrated payment integration, payments can be done online effortlessly.

Upload car picture: After the service, the car wash provider can take a snap of the car and post it online.

Managing technicians and services: The admin can manage the technicians and services from the admin dashboard.

Registration of service providers: When a service provider registers, the admin can verify it and accept or decline it.

Existing on-demand car care startups


This is an online marketplace which connects users with car wash technicians.  Apart from car wash many other services like oil change, repair, and detailing can be accessed. This startup currently operates in four US states. Only professional technicians will be able to register their name. It raised $30 million in five rounds of funding.

Cito car wash

This startup provides three kinds of wash services. For referrals, this app gives 10% off. Plenty of add-on services like Armor All, Armor All On Dashboard, Leather Conditioner, Wax, Clay Bar Treatment, Shampoo Carpets, Shampoo Seats, etc. This startup currently operates from the US. 

SpotnRides on-demand car wash app

I hope you have a brief idea about the on-demand car care business. Now coming to the app solution part. The app solution is available as a minimum viable product with all necessary features as SpotnRides. 

Entrepreneurs and car wash technicians who are interested in launching this startup can use the readymade SpotnRides app to reduce cost and effort. Don’t worry about the app solution, it can be tweaked in every possible way to suit your idea. You need not have any technical background to launch this app. The makers of SpotnRides will assist you from start to deployment and maintenance.

Our expert team in designing and development can give a new essence to the app in terms of performance and UI/UX. 

You can also ask any doubts and queries regarding SpotnRides anytime to [email protected]. We are keen to partner with you for an exciting startup idea.

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