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If you are a fitness trainer who wants to make more money as a personal trainer or an entrepreneur who is keen to explore the on-demand startup with an innovative idea, then this blog is for you.

Is There Any Demand for Uber for Personal Trainers App?

Demand for Personal Trainers

At present, people across the world mainly working professionals have become increasingly concerned about their health. Many are going to any extent by spending money to keep their health fit. Intense physical exercise must also be a part of getting fit. 

The problem is that people are interested to spend time on exercise but have little idea about the safety and end results. Here comes the need for a personal fitness trainer. Personal fitness trainers are professionals who can give personal attention to health and safety concerns.

Top personal trainers earn up to $70,000 annually. The need for them is growing by 10% each year. The increasing population of baby boomers, people with obesity have made the growth of personal trainers inevitable. 4,00,000 personal trainer jobs will be available by 2025 in the US alone. So, the demand for personal trainers is very much real.

Why an app for booking personal trainers?

The demand for trainers is there and professional trainers are also present, but the connection between them is not made effectively. This problem can be easily sorted using a Uber like app personal trainers. 

Professional trainers can list their service in the Uber like app for booking personal trainers. The customers, in turn, can easily search and book on the mobile app. Users don’t need to waste time on a phone call to get a trainer, negotiate rates, and explain the address. Everything is made easy with the app.

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How entrepreneurs can enter into the on-demand market?

The on-demand personal trainer booking solution consists of the customer app, trainer app, and the admin web panel. 

Now for entrepreneurs as I said earlier, they can run the on-demand personal trainers booking startup and their only investment is for the app solution. They can persuade personal trainers to get on-board the app. For every booking, the entrepreneur gets a commission. 

I also hope that gym owners can use this app and offer personal fitness training and other services like personalized wellness advice, etc.

The personal trainers will also get good visibility like never before. Finally, the app-based model for trainer booking gives more opportunity for trainers and entrepreneurs. 

Let me give you some unique features of the app. 

Cancel appointment: The user can cancel the appointment any time in the app itself. The cancellation fee of the appointment is decided by the admin.

Live status of the trainer: The user can track the live location of the trainer in the customer app till he arrives at the house.

Accept/reject appointment: The trainer can accept the appointment if he is available or rejects if he is busy. This can be done on the trainer app.

Customer review: Even the trainer can rate the customer based on attitude and behavior. If the rating falls below a certain value, the customer is stopped from using the service.

Live status of the service: The trainer can send live status to the admin if necessary.

Dashboard with analytics: Everything from commission rates, trainer rates, members listed on the app, total bookings, history of bookings, etc can be seen on the dashboard by the admin. Analytics tools are also present in the dashboard to develop any report.

Some on-demand fitness trainer startups

Disrupt Fitness

This startup functions from the US and have an in-house fitness facility and employ personal trainers. They also help individual trainers to manage their personal training business.


Tonal is an intelligent fitness training startup with personal trainers. They employ extensive analytics to allow users to select the best trainer for them. So far they have raised $90 million. Other services offered by them are consumer electronics and personal wellness advice.

Wrapping up

Personal trainers have the scope of earning up to $180/hour. Imagine the commission you can get as an entrepreneur who runs an on-demand startup in this domain. Now coming to the app solution part. The app solution is a crucial part of this startup business. Having a great solution can do wonders to your business starting from acquiring more users to expanding to other areas.

For such a quality app solution I recommend SpotnRides. SpotnRides is an app solution developed especially for on-demand personal trainer booking startups. We can also add features that are present in apps like Tonal and Disrupt Fitness. 

To know more about the features and functions of our solution, drop a message to [email protected]. You can also request a live demo of the app. We would be happy to partner with you and be a part of your startup.

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