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Hiring a perfect Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the essential one for the startup launchers who have no technical background in order to streamline the activities in advanced ways and attain good profits in the competitive industrial market. A perfect CTO has both the technical as well as economic skills to manage business operations in a technical way. 

Right from the strategy implementation, building the team till monitoring their effort on development, the role of CTO is the most important one. Since all the businesses demand the application or software, the startup owners only look for the software developer without considering any desired skills. But, the perfect CTOs can be fit for both techies as well as business operational stages. 

Skill validation, experience, and technical qualifications are the major parameters look-up prior to selecting the Virtual CTO Services. Nowadays, the on-demand CTO services for small business is the familiar platform where the various CTOs onboarding and fulfilling the service requests from the customers. 

On the basis of this aspect, the CTO as a service for startups is getting familiar and this is useful for the accumulation of the number of CTOs available in the market in a single portal and make them provide valuable suggestions to the startup professionals. SME business owners hire a virtual CTO as a service to acquire technical guidance in a perfect instant. 

This blog presents you with an in-depth analysis of how you can organize the CTOs via the SpotnRides CTO app and get instant familiarity among the startup professionals in the market. This app will bring you the essential possibilities for the new startup owners to get the right CTOS for their growth. Prior to moving on to the app development, it is necessary to know the essentialities of the CTOs and the instants where the role of the CTOs becomes important. 

Chief Technology Officer(CTO)- Essential for Modern Startups

Aware of CTO types and understanding their responsibilities in modern startups are the essential metrics to develop the application. The major type of CTOs available in real-time is operational lead and technical lead. The tasks that are carried out by them are shortly described as follows. 

With these types, the variances of the CTOs available in the market are in-office CTOs, freelance CTOs, and the CTOs from outsourcing companies. Those startup owners have the need for CTOs to completely look at their profiles and select any one of them based on their needs. The influence of the CTOs in the startup lies in the following special activities. 

  • Offer a clear roadmap for business growth and develop the best-fit architecture for the business process. 
  • With the deep knowledge in technologies, the technical guidance for the selection of proper technologies has been given. 
  • Develop the strategies to make the business reach goals as per cost and the structure. 
  • Optimize the workflow of the business process according to trends. 
  • Fill-up the technical gaps in the business and make the business owners solve the tech-related issues. 

By the grouping of the various CTOs after the detailed validation of their credentials, both the technical as well as operational skills are monitored. Not all the instants where the CTOs are in need. There are some instances where the role of the CTO is unimaginable.

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Top Instants Where the Role of CTOs Most Important

Finding the perfect CTOs according to the demands is a serious issue for the business clients. They completely look for the potential metrics of the CTOs prior to making an appointment with them. Some of the instances where the CTOs role becomes very important are listed as follows. 

Need for Tech-Expertise

Though the business practices are followed correctly, the expected reach is questionable without techie-platforms. Besides, the team available in current business operation management is in need of professionals who have a solid background in techie-industry. 

Must-Follow Digital Transformation Trends

Running the business with outdated technology directly affects the services back in the market. Always coping up with the trends is the essential one and this awareness is only spread by the perfect CTOs available in the market. Hence, the CTO as a service for a startup is the major requirement to find the right path for digital transformation. 

Push Startups in Forwarding Direction

The major shift from the idea to business highly depends on how the operations are organized in the right direction. As the new startup owners, they highly depend on CTOs to lead the operational team and the office members towards the expected goal. 

With these instants, the startup professionals must be focused on the following tips to feel comfortable in acquiring the perfect CTOs. 

Clearly Examine the CTOs Experience- This is one of the high-priority tasks where the startup owners completely look for their experience to validate the following:

  • Successful previous task completion
  • Contribution to the achievements
  • Critical issues handled in previous startups

Align With Company’s Vision- The second important one is to check how they form the workflows to align the activities with the company vision clearly. 

Build Huge Network- After the arrival of the social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, the selected CTOs must have a network with various business peoples. 

Make Communication Effective- As a CTOs, they must have a clear cut communication platform in order to get the details and send them replies back timely for retaining the business clients for the long-term.

With these basic metrics, SpotnRides develops on-demand CTO services for small businesses and makes the new startup launchers hire a consulting CTO on-demand in order to attain good fame in the market quickly. 

SpotnRides Builds A Perfect Consulting CTO on-demand App as Per Needs

To make the startup professionals get instant consultation from the reputed CTOs, SpotnRides specially developed the consulting CTO on-demand app with the top three interfaces as follows. 

Startup/SME Business Owners- The professionals who wish to launch the new startups according to the market trends. 

CTO- The experienced CTOs are onboarding in this interface to receive the booking requests from the startup owners, either make the visits or provide the remote consultation depending on the client’s requirements. 

Admin-The monitoring of each service appointment, CTO’s availability, and their tasks assignment is carried out by the owners of the CTO as a service for startups. 

The workflow of the custom dashboards within the app is depicted as follows. 

  • Initially, the SME business owners can register their profile with the business name, location, and other credentials like official email ID, social media accounts, and contact numbers. 
  • Those who wish to upgrade tier business with the technology-basis can instantly search the nearby CTOs through the app itself. 
  • Once the list of the CTOs is viewed, they can select one among them based on the needs and rating. Then, the booking requests can be sent to the consulting CTOs on-demand.
  • When the new requests are received, the corresponding CTOs know the location and make the direct visit for discussion.
  • After thorough discussions with the startup professionals, the CTOs build the team within the allotted schedules. 
  • After finishing it up, the reports regarding the tasks are generated digitally and send to the business clients and the admin. 
  • The service charge for the consulting CTO on-demand has been paid smartly
  • Rating of the CTO services is provided by the business clients. 

With this workflow, getting the perfect guidance from the best consulting CTO on-demand is assured. The customization and the pre-built nature of the SpotnRides consulting CTO on-demand app allow you to launch the service quickly and build the partnership with various startup owners in real-time. 

Five Specific Features to Bring CTO Services into Limelight

Online presence is the major requirement for the CTOs and bringing your CTO services into the limelight is also important for more bookings. SpotnRides balances both the requirements via five superior features as follows. 

Digital Skills Portrait Window

The CTO interface within the app has the option for the CTOs to upload their skills, experience details digitally. Being the owner of the consulting CTO on-demand services, you can directly check these details and onboard them for carrying appointments. This assures the transparency of CTOs services. 

Fit into Scheduling Metrics

The CTOs must follow the schedules declared by the business clients. Similarly, the SME business owners set the duration for the task completion, tracking of their arrival, and completion time easily via dedicated options in the consulting CTO on-demand app. 

The build-up of Strong Social Network

The build-up of the network of CTOs or the SME business owners available in the market can be easier than previous. By allowing each of them to register via social platforms, the network can be easily built. 

The newly arrived players can immediately access this network, identify the desired CTOs as per the needs, and book them easily. Also, social platforms are helpful for SME business owners to share their experience with CTOs that enable new bookings. 

Top-Rated CTOs

Quick identification of top-rated CTOs is now possible with the SpotnRides consulting CTOs on-demand. After every service completion, the SME business owners hosted their feedback and ratings. 

From this process, the CTOs who have more positive feedback and the high-ratings can be easily found and book them by the new launchers easily. Incorporating this feature within the app increases the familiarity quickly. 

All-Stage Control

The dedicated dashboard arrangement for the owner of the consulting CTO on-demand services allows you to completely monitor all the activities from new booking requests to the ratings. The reports regarding each CTO task completion, history of appointments, and fulfillment all are completely managed with the dedicated panel arrangement easily. 

Let’s Talk

On-demand CTO services for small businesses are the most-needed platform to upgrade and expand their customer base in the current scenario. But, the major limitation is to find out the reputed CTOs in the market. 

SpotnRides consulting CTO on-demand app allows the SME business owners to find the perfect CTOs as per the business needs. If you are in the plan to launch the CTO as a service for startups, send your queries to [email protected] and turn to be the partners for new startup launchers. 

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