Kick Start Doula And Birth Coaching Service With SpotnRides App Solution To Enhance The Business Revenue

We always plan everything that should happen properly during the pregnancy time. Either it is the name of the child or the hospital where you want to give birth to your child. So we keep on planning a lot of things and forget to take care of us in the last month. That increases the tension and scary thoughts about labor pain.

Have you ever filmed the labor pain or think about it? You might be at the end period of delivery. Here is one more thing every mother should be considering hiring a doula service. Since the growing number of mothers are looking to get rid of medicine and practice giving natural birth than making it complicated.

One such service was given by the doula they will be your extra insurance to give the best birth experience you want. By getting adapted into one such service will let you feel free from the inside. Here is why you should consider a doula service and hire the best one. This blog is all about doula and birth coaching services.

If you’re a young entrepreneur looking to start an on-demand business application then you must take a look at the doula and birth coaching service. The survey shows the yearly 0.7% of the doula service increases in the industry due to demands for it. And it is projected to show a growth of 2.8% in the upcoming years. 

What Brings The Demand For The Doula And Birth Coaching App Solution?

There is a saying that a positive mindset brings a positive birth so this brought the doula service more demand in many developed countries. People are looking for the doula and birth coaching service to try their best to make themselves comfortable. By getting adapted to the doula service they will be getting a positive mindset at the end of the delivery time.

The main goal of the doula is to give more comfort to the mothers at the end of the pregnancy stage. This reduces the scary thoughts and mindset of giving birth. A doula also provides non-medical pain management techniques to the mothers to get rid of the pain soon. The service includes massage, music, mantras, and aromatherapy.

  • What trained doula you should hire as a service provider in your app? There is no such thing so-called certificated for doing doula service but still many have. The largest and best way to learn that service will be from the DONA. They are providing the best workshops for the people who want to be a doula.

This gradually results in the health and safety results for both the mom and the child. So this doula and birth coaching has become one of the on-demand services in recent years that connect the best trainers to give the best solution for the users. By getting into an application allows the user to get to know about the service provider’s service before booking.

This brings transparency in your business, whether branding or to earn revenue without an application helps you can’t able to gain it. The user can book the service provider according to their needed time and the estimated cost will be calculated and displayed before booking. This allows the users to get ready with their charge for the service.

One such solution is available in the SpotnRides readily with niche key features that reduce your mandatory power and improve efficiency. Keep reading to know more

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SpotnRides doula and birth coaching app solution to brand your business

SpotnRides software is one of the top-rated on-demand application development solutions in the marketplace. We provide you with a unique application design that allows your customers to reach their needs within a few seconds. Our experienced developers have developed your application with an advanced algorithm.

So that there won’t be any lack in between the booking process of doula and birth coaching service. In this application package, you will get our complete guidance according to your doubts. We have years of experience in developing an on-demand application so we know how to gather your customer’s attention and to fill their needs.

What you will be getting in the SpotnRides app for doula and birth coaching services? We will be providing you a package of three interfaces that have been developed in both the platforms. So that you can have both the sides revenue gain without loss. Here, let me list out those three interfaces as follows

  1. Doula service provider’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Mother’s application (iOS and Android), 
  3. Centralized admin web panel.

The above mentioned three interfaces work together to bring the brand visibility in your region. The centralized admin panel helps you as an admin to monitor all the activities that take place in your application. You’re allowed to add or remove the service p[rovider according to their service.

By now you might be very curious to know about your personal doula booking application workflow

  • Step-1 Mom is at her end-stage of delivery wants doula service then she has to download your application and register with your application to continue doula service. Once they register they are allowed to check the nearby doula and birth coaching trainer. Once she is satisfied with the trainer’s profile she can send them the request.
  • Step-2 Once the request is sent to the respective service provider. It will automatically notify the service provider. We have given the option to the service provider whether they can accept or reject the request according to their available time. Once the doula service provider accepts the request. It will notify the mom instantly so that she can track the service provider’s arrival.
  • Step-3 The mom who is in need of the doula and birth coaching service can also schedule the service provider according to her needed time. This process can be done by just a tap, it will immediately ask the date and time of the service booking. Once the mom enters her needed time it will be stored in the calendar of both the players so that there won’t be overbooking.
  • Step-4 Once the doula service is finished the service fare will be billed for both the players. Mom can pay her service through many options either online or direct cash. The payment process has been made simple with our application. She can post the service feedback on the service provider’s profile so that the service provider can improve their doula and birth coaching service even more.

Benefits of SpotnRides doula and birth coaching application service

Location-based service (LBS) Mothers who are looking for a birth coaching service are able to check the nearby service provider who is ready to help her with. The location-based service offered by our software solution allowed the mothers to book their doula service quickly and It enhances the service.

Keeping service on track   Both the service providers and mothers can track their service duration and history of the previous booking with a few touch on the doula service application. This application also helps the service provider to keep track of their service so that they won’t be rejecting the request of the service.  

Quick multiple payment options – Our software application breaks the barrier of traditional payment options. With the help of our application, the mothers can easily pay their service charge digitally with an in-built payment gateway. She can also prefer other online methods that are applicable to her from the list. 

Business brand recognition – Though there is a high demand for the doula and birth coaching service. It is tough to brand yourself among other service providers. With the help of our application, you easily gain the attention of the mothers. This allows you to brand your service in the marketplace.

SpotnRides complete package of tools that makes the doula booking service easier to gain the customer’s loyalty

  • Service log-in – To make the service faster we have included social media integration so that the mothers can quickly log-in and continue with your service. This gradually reduces the sign-up process and increases the customer’s experience. 
  • Real-time service tracking – This real-time service tracking feature lets the mothers track their doula’s location and their service. This plays a major role for both the players. The user is allowed to track their service provider in actual time. 
  • Centralized admin dashboard – You as an admin is able to track and monitor all your service providers and the user with their full details. You have given permission to add or remove the service providers from your platform according to their coaching.
  • Multi-language option – To enhance the service for all kinds of users our software breaks the barrier of the language in your app. Now your mothers can choose their preferred language from the list. This allows them to start their service with their local language.
  • Doula service review – To make the transparency in your application we have developed this feature so that the users can post their feedback. It can be verified by you as an admin this helps you to get to know about your service providers easily.
  • Instant coaching – To make the booking simple as a sign-up process we have integrated this instant booking option for the users. This will show the exact nearby service provider and the users can just tap on the book now an option to book the service provider.
  • Scheduled coaching – To give more flexibility to the users we have integrated this feature. It helps the users to schedule their service providers according to their needed time. This also makes users more productive.

Bottom line

Doulas are the kind people who are ready to help the mothers during their pregnancy time. In the modern world, this has become one of the kinds where the needs of the doula service have brought to the application service. In SpotnRides you will be getting the best doula and birth coaching service application that lets you maximize your revenue and brand your business in the marketplace. Reaching us has made simple by filling the below form or contact us at [email protected] with your business requirements.

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