iOS or Android. Which App Solution Is Better for On-Demand Taxi Business?

Starting an on-demand taxi business is the right decision to start as your new venture. Now you need to determine the budget involved in this startup before launching. It is a fact that more than 70% of the cost for the taxi startup is spent on the app solution. The app solutions are predominantly made for the iOS and Android platforms and the cost of the app solution is divided between the two. The cost is not necessarily the same for the two platforms and also all taxi startups don’t require app solution for both platforms at the same time. 

So, there is a possibility of reducing the app development cost and focus more on the core business by choosing the apt platform for taxi app solution which depends on a lot of factors.

The cost of app development also depends on the type of development whether it is from scratch or using a prebuilt app solution. But this topic is for another day and now let me tell some factors you should consider when choosing the platform for app solution.


Obviously, the no. of Android users are a lot compared to the iOS users. Not to mention that Android has a market share of 81% globally. Apple iOS is the second most used platform. Now let me break the user base based on the demographics.

North America, Canada, and Australia have more iOS users than Android users. If you are launching your taxi startup in any of these countries then, app solution for iOS and Android platforms are indispensable.

In all the Asian countries, Android users outnumber iOS users with a comfortable margin. In these places, taxi app for iOS won’t make any difference.

Similarly, you can also do research in your region to find the mobile platform users and focus more on what is predominant.


Scalability and complexity of the app solution have a big influence on the cost of development. This applies to both Android and iOS. Different versions of Android and iOS require varied solution and this requires more time and resources which automatically increases the cost. 


Java and Objective C are no longer used for app development since there are modern and sophisticated languages like Kotlin and Swift. 

Fortunately, Kotlin which is for Android is completely compatible with Java and so code swapping can be done without any issues. Since Java has evolved a lot and has numerous libraries. So, these libraries can be seamlessly exported to Kotlin. 

Swift, which is used for iOS is not completely compatible with objective C and because of this certain issues will come while building and customization. The cost is also a bit higher because of this.

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Programming language

Although the latest languages are used for coding, sometimes new version of these languages are not in line with the previous version. This problem is more obvious in Swift which makes it very problematic for developers to move to another version.


Android development can be done in any devices with any operating system. This is not the case with iOS. You definitely need a Mac to develop an iOS application. 

Publishing cost and complexity

  • Cost

In the Apple store, you have to pay $99 every year and $25 for the Android app store as a one time fee. In Android, you can publish any no. of apps for a single fee.

  • Time for approval

Apple store has a separate QA team to look into the apps and check if all the rules and guidelines are followed. So, in the case of iOS, it takes a longer time. 

In the Android app store, the approval is given in hours.

It is concluded that the cost and time taken for the Android taxi app development is relatively lower than the iOS app. Nevertheless, the time and effort for iOS apps are surely worth it and the only thing you have to do is to choose what to have and what not to.

Target market and demographics are more important than any other factor to be considered for app development.

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