Include These in your Taxi Startup App to Make it a Perfect Solution for Users

Hundreds of small taxi booking app startups have come across the world with developing nations as their main targets. It is so easy to build a taxi startup like Uber because of the technology available at our disposal. Having said that, it is not easy to become like Uber or Lyft. Just because of imitating Uber and Lyft doesn’t make you like them. I want to say this for existing taxi startups and aspiring startup entrepreneurs so that they try a different approach. 

In this blog, I will explain some functions that will add value and make your app a perfect solution. The reason why I am starting with the app solution is that it is where a lot of potential exists. Also, we are an on-demand app development company with a focus on taxi app development. Our product SpotnRides has patrons in more than 10+ countries. Since we are in constant touch with industry leaders and the latest trends, we have a good understanding of a perfect solution.

What Make SpotnRides as a Perfect Taxi App Solution?

What changes does a perfect solution demand?

You need not extensively tweak the app to make a perfect solution; few functions can be added to the app to make it a wholesome app. Many functions are offered as niche services in some taxi startups but we suggest you have all in one app to acquire diverse users.


Ridesharing is a cool concept that is closely associated with protecting the environment. As the name suggests, a taxi ride is shared among multiple people mostly friends, relatives and avoid separate traveling. Ridesharing is also known as carpooling and this concept is slowly spreading across the corporate world.

Add this service to your taxi service to be environmentally concerned. Next level of ride-sharing is long-distance ride-sharing where car owners traveling long distances shall offer seats to others by listing in the taxi app; blabla car is a long-distance ride-sharing startup in Asia.

Private taxi service 

Private taxi service is very much similar to the existing model but here it doesn’t work on-demand. Customers looking to travel long distances shall book a taxi and ride in it. A fixed-rate is made for each route. 

Corporates and tourists are said to be the greatest users of private taxis.

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Adding these services to your taxi startup

It is always better to have a standard before adding any value to your startup. So, to combine long-distance ride-sharing, private taxi, and carpooling to the app solution, consult an experienced app developer like SpotnRides. SpotnRides team of developers and designers have the skill to seamlessly combine these services with no compromise in standards.  

SpotnRides shall build features inspired by startup apps like BlaBla car, Zoomcar, etc and make your startup look sophisticated with a global feel.

So far we talked about perfecting the app solution from the perspective of the business model. Now we will explain some experimentation using the revenue model. These changes in the app will be more useful to you compared to the users.

In-app purchases

You can offer some premium services for free to the riders. Not all riders are the same and few of them are ready to shell out some more money to get luxury services. Identify the areas to offer premium service and monetize it. Although this idea has some limitations, there are few potential possibilities.

Third-party API

Third-party APIs already finds its place in the taxi booking app in the area of navigation and payments. These APIs come under the non-entertainment category, why don’t you add some entertainment app APIs. For example, you shall add the API of other on-demand service apps like food delivery, dine-in ordering, etc into the taxi app. Riders can access these services while moving in the taxi.  

Already a few apps have installed third-party app services to give a new level of user experience to its users. The type of API to add totally depends on the scope of your thinking.

Gamification of the app

Gamification of the app is done to up the level of user engagement. Particularly it doesn’t add anything in terms of value but keeps the user engaged. Try to bring gamification to both the drivers and riders. Often drivers are overlooked by the taxi startups when it comes to improving the startup service.

Some of the examples for gamification in the taxi app are achievement badges, performance charts, scoreboards, in-game currency, etc. Would not the people like when they get loyalty points added to their accounts after completing a ride for a specific distance? There is so much you can experiment in the gamification area.

Wrapping up!

I hope these points are very clear and give a sense of understanding about making a perfect solution for your taxi startup. For people who are yet to come up with the startup shall take note of these exciting ideas.

The taxi booking startup model is evolving and new advances are making changes to the taxi apps; you need to be in line with the changes happening and make necessary action. I strongly recommend you to combine with SpotnRides to build a perfect taxi app with all ingredients. Connect us at [email protected] and our business executive will contact you instantly. 

Let us join to give an apt solution for the users!

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