How To Select The Best Cloud For A Customised Health Care Booking App Development?

Variation of lifestyle activities and the imbalanced workflows trigger the healthcare services are the most needed things for the people in recent days. But, the uncertainty of the doctors in hospitals and long-waiting queues enable the booking of doctors directly at the doorstep. This brings new possibilities to the on-demand healthcare services in the market. 

Look upon its workflow, it is very simple. Patients can simply register with the application via email, phone numbers, and social media profiles initially. Then, they started to look for doctors available in the healthcare industry and book the appointment based on their availability. The digital platform like mobile application brings the revolutions in the on-demand healthcare industry. 

After the introduction of Uber platforms, the booking of services via taxi booking app script platforms is the demanding one and this turns many app development players into play in the market. Among them, the one who used the tech-stack in a perfect manner will get the essential familiarity easily in the market.

While looking into tech-stack, cloud selection is an important process where patient information is stored and maintained in a feasible way. Prior to the app development process, the study of cloud computing for healthcare services is the essential one. 

Since the available clouds are more, the selection of best-fit cloud services for on-demand healthcare apps is an important stage for seamless operation. This blog contains the necessary answers to the queries regarding cloud selection. 

Doctor On Demand-All-Time Service Accessible Platform In 2021

With the inclusion of a real-time feature set and the metrics to fulfil the scheduling needs, custom healthcare software development allows the patients to access the healthcare services easily at all-time. 

Generally, the healthcare app contains the three modules like admin, medical aid person (doctor, nurses, physiotherapist, etc), and patient. With the concept of doctor on demand, the patient can book healthcare professionals from anywhere or anytime. With the following necessary metrics, the on-demand healthcare booking app brings accessibility as an easy one. 

Template Creation- The news related to the medicines, medicine tools need to be updated regularly. The consistency in providing this type of information makes the patient be aware of the recent upgrades in the healthcare industry.

Easy Appointment Booking: The doctor’s availability is initially checked and book the available doctors on the respective schedules easily. If the patients used the customised app platform, then they can fix the appointment and get the necessary healthcare services directly at the doorstep. 

Track Patient History: Right from the initial medication till the current state, monitoring of the patient’s status and report maintenance are the essential things. Keeping the record up-to-date is the essential one to provide the medication services successfully. 

When we look upon the above features, all the processes are performed on the data and it needs to be stored in a secure place. Cloud storage will be a viable option for the Electronic Health Record  (EHR) maintenance and it is an efficient option for healthcare booking app development. 

The cloud services for on-demand healthcare apps are more and hence the selection of the best suit needs a detailed analysis of their feature set and the operational support. 

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Cloud’s Availability: Pick the Right One to Improve Patient Experience

The majority of hospitals look for a suitable cloud to make the workflow a reliable one. The cloud platforms available in the market are listed as follows.

Clear Data- One of the efficient and exclusive platforms for the healthcare industry. With the combination of the tech-stack and the robust management services, the clear data meets the needs regarding security, accessibility, and compliance. 

IBM cloud- With the focus on providing support to specific healthcare services for many small vendors, IBM allows healthcare organisations to select the best-suit option from the scalable and secure cloud options. 

Salesforce- With this, healthcare organisations can make a one-to-one relationship with the patients in an easy way. Patient data collection, coordination of booking activities in a synchronous way makes the healthcare services value-based care for each patient. The special dashboards available in the Salesforce cloud contain the track record of patients.

Connecting a patient with the specialists through the Salesforce cloud handles the multi-dimensional player at a time. The communication or partnership establishment streams available are email, chat, and in-app call. Storage and maintenance of the data make the app platform the right choice for the patients. 

Dell Software Cloud- With the focus on improving interoperability, storage, the Dell software cloud platform assists the healthcare service providers to build their own private cloud or integrate the existing infrastructure with Dell’s solutions.

AWS: This increases the abilities of healthcare professionals to reduce the time and effort. By providing the access to the healthcare records of the patients by the healthcare service providers, data security is ensured. The establishment of long-term contracts and support through the growing technological innovations make AWS a prominent cloud structure for healthcare services. 

Though the number of clouds available, the selection may be processed as per the common metrics like security, personalization, interoperability, and the access of powered analytics. But, the huge changes observed in the patient’s expectations and the tremendous growth of healthcare services introduces the new metrics for selection. The cloud selected for the operation must fulfil all the criteria points for prominent healthcare services. 

Criteria to Select the Best-Fit Cloud for On-demand Healthcare Services

The influence of cloud computing on healthcare services is high. As per the recent research statistics, the overall growth value of cloud computing in healthcare services is observed as 25.54 billion USD from 2020-2024. The pandemic situations also lift the value again and this turns the healthcare activities to be carried on digital platforms. 

The data generation about the patients is getting increased due to this pandemic and even in the future also. Remote accessibility of the patient records irrespective of the geographical restrictions is highly needed for the healthcare professionals to provide the necessary treatment instantly. 

Strengthening Collaboration- Collaboration among the patients, doctors, and the disease-related department officials are the essential thing. The data transfer among them boosts the treatment performance highly. Before selecting the cloud, check whether it suits for collaboration. 

Affordable Data Storage- Generally, the cost spent on the physical servers to store and maintenance of the data is more. The data dimensionality is a huge one and it can be dealt with the various electronic medical records, patient portals, healthcare mobile applications, etc. The selected cloud should have the capability to handle this huge dimensionality.

Security- The important concern while the cloud selection will be high-security. The data maintenance via cloud servers improves data security. The cloud selection not only provides easy accessibility, it also must be capable of automating data backups that lead to healthcare officials don’t lose any data. 

When coming into cloud selection, the healthcare officials focused on the metrics listed in this section. The solution does not end here. The app development team also focuses on the use of best suit cloud platforms to store the patient records and maintain them in a feasible way. 

How SpotnRides fit into Selection Metrics of Cloud for Healthcare Booking Services?

The report in 2019 on the healthcare industry stated that 47% of the consumers feel that the healthcare systems mainly show the importance of industrial needs rather than accurate healthcare services. 

With the inclusion of SpotnRides custom healthcare software development, patient-oriented services are enabled in the market. SpotnRides provides a unique way to develop the software on the basis of the cloud that fits the needs of healthcare officials. The solution offered considers the following metrics to make healthcare services as prominent in the healthcare industry. 

Patient’s Relationship Building Options: Instant communication or clarification on health-related queries is the essential thing. The communication platform via cloud-based data access in SpotnRides makes the patient do in-app chat with the healthcare service providers. Upon analysis, 70 % of the people feel comfortable with SMS/text chat, and the remaining feel better on live chat. 

Easy EHR Maintenance: Main challenging issue observed in the healthcare industry is EHR maintenance. While accessing the EHR records and maintaining them, easy ways are the major needs for the healthcare professionals to provide instant solutions. With the use of the robust custom healthcare software, the data organisation, and the information retrieval from both sides like healthcare service providers and the patients are easier than before.

Mobile Integration: The custom software solution from SpotnRides on the base of the best-fit cloud integrates the patient data across various platforms and mobile devices. Since the web-like experience in mobile devices is highly needed one from the end user’s side, the collaboration can be an efficient one. SpotnRides solution exactly fits into this recommendation. 

How to Unlock Possibilities for Customised Healthcare Solution?

To make a deeper connection with the patients, healthcare officials are in need to get a customised solution. The custom healthcare software development team from SpotnRides exists in the market to understand the needs of seamless EHR maintenance and assure the security in the same. Discover more possibilities by sending queries to [email protected].  

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