How to Operate a Taxi Business in This Pandemic and Provide a Safe Ride

Most of us have been operating from home during these trying times. However, there are a few fields that enable workers to go to their workplace. Furthermore, many people do not own personal cars. This is where taxis and services like Uber come in. However, the fear of COVID-19, or coronavirus, has made us wary of taking cabs. Uber intends to address this issue with its own package of protection steps.

Uber GSS teams have been at the forefront of converting such novel concepts into business use cases in a timely manner by leveraging creative technologies. And Uber clone technological support is providing data-backed insights to this mask detection feature. This function has been aided by data sets and ML-based systems developed by the team.

Here in this blog, we are going to see the initiatives that have to be taken in the taxi service and all the cutting-edge technology that taxi services have been to provide a secure cab ride even during a pandemic.

Initiatives to Be Taken in the Face of the Coronavirus:

  • Taxi Services like Uber are promoting safety initiatives to passengers aimed at mitigating risk to drivers and themselves by posters inside the car and their website. 
  • Taxi Services are requested to add plastic screens or plexiglass shields as a physical barrier between the driver and the back seat passenger. 
  • Drivers and passengers are expected to wear masks or face coverings in all indoor public places.
  • Both drivers and customers should be initiated to Clean their hands before and after putting on personal protective equipment.
  • To preserve physical space, request that passengers sit in the back seat.
  • When there are four or more passengers, use a larger vehicle with more seats, such as a minivan, or use several vehicles so that no one sits next to the driver. Passengers can only drive in the same car as people with whom they work.
  • Consider limiting shared trips in ground vehicles so that travelers do not drive with strangers.
  • Boost fresh air intake/circulation by using the vehicle’s climate control system and windows.

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Secured Transportation in This Pandemic by Uber:

  • To keep ahead of the relentless challenges in today’s setting, it is important to continuously innovate. Uber’s technological initiatives are redefining the operating processes in the mobility services market in order to provide the highest level of hygiene and protection for our customers and driver-partners. It also pioneered technological initiatives in the areas of driver fitness, wellbeing, and mask detection. 
  • For example, Uber clone has implemented a mandatory selfie authentication policy that requires every driver-partner to wear a mask during drives. We’ve also used technology to ensure that our on-the-ground protection efforts are fully implemented.
  • Drivers’ temperatures are checked on a regular basis, and fumigation is required every 48 hours. If a driver fails to follow these, he receives an app alert and a 24-hour window to complete the procedures before being off-roaded. With the integration with the Uber Clone app. This was done to provide the team with real-time data and to improve safety measures. 
  • Uber has ongoing training modules on new safety procedures and ensures that all driver-partners are qualified and strictly follow hygiene and safety protocols. In both of these steps, It has pioneered market practice and changed how vehicle safety and hygiene requirements are viewed throughout the mobility industry.

Additional Water Taxi Steps to Ensure a Safe Ride:

  • Until boarding, make sure passengers in lines are at least two meters/six feet apart. If applicable, there should be field markings suggesting spacing.
  • Vessel operators can post-screening signs informing passengers that they cannot board if they have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Passengers experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should be guided to an evaluation center for testing as soon as possible, and they should self-isolate at home before their results are available.
  • Passengers from various households can sit two meters/six feet apart on shared journeys. If this is not feasible, limit the number of shared trips. Seating should be labeled so that it is two meters/six feet apart. 

If a person wants to take a taxi/rideshare, they should follow the guidelines outlined above in terms of physical distance, wearing a mask or face covering, and opening windows.

Wrapping Up:

Hope you have got the ideas to engage in your Taxi service in this pandemic period. These solutions might help you in providing quality services to both customers and drivers. 

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