How to Make your Taxi Booking App Trendy Using SpotnRides?

If you are already running a taxi booking app startup like Uber or looking to begin one shortly, then this blog is for you. Being Uber like in many ways will not help longer. You need to be different in many ways so as to make a place for you. The reason why I am saying is that many small taxi startups that had Uber like taxi booking apps are closing down due to the competitive market. 

Still, the taxi market will go uphill no matter what; the combined share of on-demand taxis among taxi markets will be 70%+; over 25 billion trips are expected to be completed every day by 2020. Unfortunately, the contribution to these staggering stats will come from the existing market leaders like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Ola.

In order to be a part of the exponentially growing taxi booking market you need to be in line with the latest happening. Let us start with the app solution since any change in it can have a massive output.

What is the Need to Revamp your On-Demand Taxi App?

Like I said before you need to keep up your taxi startup with the present trend and show yourself better. And this starts with revamping the app solution. SpotnRides is our in-house made taxi booking solution for startup and we also specialize in customizing the taxi app to any extent. Our experience in the taxi app development has made us the right person to give suggestions about revamping the app.

Our suggestions are not exhaustive and it is also based on the scope of your innovation and creativity. Our team at SpotnRides is also well equipped to turn your ideas into reality. The points I mention below are easy to adopt and not big change has to be made.

Professional testing

Two types of testing is done on the app to ensure any weak links so that it can be rectified. Multiple testing alone is not important, a professional level testing is what we need the most. Professional testing helps in identifying performance gaps and fixing in the early stage itself. 

If you have already entered the taxi booking startup market, make a list of latest trends in terms of design, performance, interface etc and match with the gaps you found in the app while testing.

Trending features

One shall never build a better app without considering the features in it. SpotnRides has a host of optional features that are region-based and tech-based. You can pick anything and we will incorporate it smoothly in the app. Our team is also continuously working to build advanced features and sometimes recommend it to our clients.

How to get ideas for a trendy feature for your taxi app? Before that I want to say that the type of feature to be used must be divided into two categories:

  • Customer-centric
  • Business-centric  

Customer-centric features:

This type of feature must possess the following qualities.

  • Stable and reliable workflow
  • Have a high-level data protection
  • Covers key expectations of users which differs from place to place.
  • Eye-catching UI/UX designs.


  • Low-cost maintenance and easy update
  • High customer retention
  • Hassle-free installation

It is highly recommended that you choose features that are interwoven with business and customer-centric. So that it will be a win-win for you and your customers. 

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Well designed UI

Instead of explaining the importance of a better UI in the app I want to give some valid suggestions for a better UI.

Version 2 gradients: In the last 2 years we saw a change in the design of many top apps and it was obvious. Vibrant colors were used in mobile apps to give a subtle but warm feeling to the users. Gradients give a sense of satisfaction for app users and there are some gradients that instill positivity to users.

Custom theme: Have the option to change the theme of the app because users from different demographics have diverse tastes. This may seem simple but has a direct impact on user retention.

Password-less app usage: Already many devices have done away with the passwords mainly because it gives poor UI and it is easy to breach. Make your taxi booking app passwordless since people may get frustrated while entering it in the middle of traffic. Keep in mind options like fingerprint entry, etc.

Free APIs

APIs of some top entertainment apps are available for free and you can get them to use it in your taxi app for both the riders and drivers. APIs are great in user engagement and they give some relief from the mundane life. You will sense that some users use your apps just for the APIs.

SpotnRides app customization

Whatever suggestions I explained above can be seamlessly applied to your taxi booking app with the help of SpotnRides. SpotnRides team has expert coders, designers, and testers to give a complete taxi app.

Some of our existing users are already coming back to us for complete overhauling. If you are yet to start a taxi startup, then launch a sophisticated fully loaded app for the first time using SpotnRides solution and our expertise.

Wrapping up!

Get more details about our working style and our product by tapping a message to [email protected]. We have exciting deals and offers for new clients. Also, get a quick live demo of our taxi booking app. Looking forward to partner with you!

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