How to Build your Own Taxi Marketplace Platform and How SpotnRides Can Help?

There has never been a better time than now to launch a taxi marketplace. Commencing a successful on-demand taxi startup relies more on having a top-notch app solution. While there are many ways to do it and we have explained it before, still there is more to say about it because entrepreneurs who choose to enter this field make the first mistake in choosing the ways to build their app solution. The decision you make here is valued more than anything else.

Here in this blog, I have added some new details to make you more clear. 

How to Build a Taxi Marketplace with a Taxi App Solution?

Building with taxi marketplace SaaS tool

If you are someone who wants to quickly launch your business, then this type is best suited for you. Having said that, it is also easier to validate your business quickly and rectify any mistakes, add any targeted features in the early stage itself. 

An added benefit of having the SaaS-based app solution is that the provider will host the solution for monthly/yearly subscription. The cost of SaaS taxi app is less than $10,000. Technical knowledge to use it is not necessary which is a boon for non-core entrepreneurs. The software is revamped and updated at constant intervals, so there is no problem of keeping up with the latest advances.

The SaaS-based taxi software model have some limitations like it cannot be customized beyond a point. Not all the features you have in your mind can be incorporated into the app. Still, $10,000 is huge money for bootstrapping taxi startups. 

Custom-built taxi app solution

Want to have a taxi app that has all the features and designs you have in your mind? Then a custom-built app can do that. This requires you to hire a developer or an app development firm. 

In custom built app solution you can do a lot of innovations in features, performance, services, and many more. There are no restrictions on modifying the app and there is a lot of scope to stand out from other taxi startups. Expanding the business to other markets will be seamless and new on-demand services other than the taxi can be added.

Serious drawback of this type is that the quality and performance comes at very high cost of over $50,000. Since there is no third-party hosting, focus on the core taxi business will get affected.

Time for building and deploying will be a big factor here and it takes anywhere between 5 to 8 months.

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Self-making from scratch

Are you technically strong? Then, self-making the app solution from scratch will not be difficult. At low cost you can develop the solution to whatever shape you like to have. If you are an avid coder, then it will be a piece of cake to bring things that you wish to have with so much ease. There is no need to depend on others and the full source code will be with you which is unique.

Going by this method sounds good only if you have impeccable expertise in programming. The taxi app solution is made up of the driver app, rider app, and the admin web panel. So see the amount of labour you have to put inside to make each of the apps flawless.

Multi-platform app solution like the on-demand taxi app requires everything from opening the app till payment to be smooth and I doubt the self-making method can do it. Not to mention the time it takes to complete. The last type I explained takes more than 5 months and imagine how this would take.

Keeping up to date with the latest software and tech advances is necessary for on-demand app and developers from diverse field is necessary.

Now you can ask me, then what is the appropriate method to get an app solution for the taxi startup? The answer is to try pre-built on-demand taxi solutions. Limitations like cost, time, lack of expertise, ability to apply tech advancements at the right time, etc can be eliminated if you go by the below method.

Getting a pre-built taxi app solution from SpotnRides

Each of the above-mentioned ways to have a taxi app can be explored, provided the limitations are not a concern to you. But, if you are concerned about it, then purchasing a readymade taxi app solution will be the best decision.

Whatever ways it may be, attaining a minimum viable taxi app solution must be the goal of all and pre-built taxi apps assure this. There are some experienced developers who have Uber like taxi booking apps and SpotnRides is one among them.

The total cost of getting a pre-built app after all customizations is just one-tenth of what it takes to develop from scratch. Within days you can deploy and launch the startup. Cool, isn’t it? I hope this is the best of all ways.

At SpotnRides, we make the app solution go through multiple iterations and testing, till the final output is the same as what you have wished for.

Experts from diverse app development fields are working in our firm and our existing client startup’s success is a testimony to the level of perfection we have.   

Still not satisfied and having a lot of questions in your mind? Look nowhere, connect us at [email protected]. Let us have a live demo of our product and partner together to launch a blockbuster taxi startup.

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