How to Build Taxi App Solution Flexible and Suitable for Technological Changes with the Help of SpotnRides?

Most of the taxi app startups approach taxi app development firms to get a readymade solution. Little do they know that most of these solutions are rigid and unviable for further modification. 

Change is constant in the taxi startup market and that too the technical part is more prone to it. The present taxi apps are a result of multi levels of evolution and tech adoption. In the future too it will face a lot of inevitable change.  

Hence, it is imperative to have a flexible taxi app solution in the first place. SpotnRides is one of the few products in the market with a very high flexibility factor. Let me explain how we maintain the flexibility of the solution. It may help you to have a broad outlook of the working at SpotnRides.   

How SpotnRides Maintain the Flexibility of the Taxi App Solution?

Technical complexity

The complexity of the app depends on the functionalities present in it. Obviously, more functionalities leads to increased complexity. But the irony is that as a taxi startup app you need new and intricate features. Hence the complexity of the app rises automatically. But the type of development used can make this complexity more easy to work.

SpotnRides uses the latest programming languages and frameworks for the purpose of simplicity and low cost. Laravel is one framework we use for web development and it got good response from our clients. 

Our team at SpotnRides are highly skilled and have the knack to build simple yet powerful algorithms. Best example is our driver assigning algorithm in SpotnRides which was updated multiple times.

Maintenance cost

Adding new features or undergoing a technological change require you to have the resources to maintain the change. This cost is default and can never be done away with. So, we don’t always do a complete change in the core app part for any feature addition, instead we just do custom development. This custom change will not affect the core function of the solution.

Hence, repeated change in the app solution and constant addition is possible.

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Developing a proof of concept

SpotnRides apart from delivering on-demand solutions, also provides customization services. We brainstorm with clients and develop a proof of concept after arriving at a solution. Proof of concept is done to check its technical viability and relevance to its users.


The new feature added to the app solution may get more data usage in the future because of increased usage from customers. This will affect the data handling capacity of the solution. Also there is a significant technical cost of supporting new change.

To move away from this issue, we at SpotnRides anticipate the scalability of the app and plan accordingly to face all possibilities.


Obviously, if any new change is made to the app solution testing must be done to ensure everything works smoothly. But the problem is to find the type of tests suitable for the solution.

The new addition or technological change will impact the larger part of the system and the core functions of the app. So we needed to find the set of tests to be done that can easily assess the exact impact on the app core part.

SpotnRides have good experience in ascertaining such things in quick time and hence the testing part will be effective.

Post deployment support

Post deployment support mostly revolves around the customers who are the target users of the app. User pain points, user experience, usability, and design are constantly assessed by getting feedback and it is used to make the necessary changes.

SpotnRides usually think from the perspective of a customer to find any overlooked factor while developing and testing.   

Why SpotnRides for customization?

SpotnRides ensures that the changes made in the taxi booking app solution benefits all stakeholders and also viable in the long run. Our team would map out the relationship between the new and exciting features in the design phase itself since it helps us to focus solely on the new functionality and sort out irregularities.

We strongly believe in lean app development and minimalism. Another advantage of our procedure is the less cost involved. 

Wrapping up!

I hope you are convinced with our work in simplifying the customization process of the taxi solution. In case if you are yet to launch your taxi startup, do join with us to get the complete SpotnRides taxi app product and we do all the customization for a single cost.

50+ features for our on-demand taxi app is present with us and we seamlessly add it to the solution by following the above-explained procedures.

Feel free to connect us at [email protected]. We are open to share all the details and answer the queries.         

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