How SpotnRides will be the Futuristic Taxi App Solution and How It Will Handle Future Disruption in the Taxi Industry?

The on-demand taxi booking model is in itself an offshoot of a great disruption in the tech space. Despite everything, the on-demand taxi startups faced a lot of disruptions which were defended by introducing niche features. Hence, disruption is a part of operating the on-demand business. Not to mention that many startups failed to cope up with disruptions.

So, any kind of technological change or new market trend must not be taken for granted.

SpotnRides is one of the very few software makers who gracefully handled tech disruptions in the market and help small and medium taxi startups. Before going into it let me explain how we make our taxi app futuristic.

How SpotnRides Makes Futuristic Taxi App Solution?

SpotnRides is an experienced provider of on-demand taxi app solution and our development is customer-centric. We exhibit our skills in features and UI design; we followed the same for our futuristic SpotnRides app aimed at 2020.

Vivid color and effects

We decided to use bright and vivid colors since it has more effect on the users. Bright colors with vibrant design give an enhanced look and feel to the user interface. The navigation and other buttons are also changed according to it. We learned from our clients that the app color and design must resonate with the app logo for branding purposes. So, we engaged designers who are skilled in advanced tools to revamp the UI/UX.

Video ads

Placing video ads is not a difficult task in the customer taxi app but if it appears whenever the app is opened, the user feels annoyed. So we made a separate tab in the front page so that the user shall click to see new videos. The new video ads are mostly about new features and discounts.

A notification is sent when a new video is made. It is up to the customer to view it. At SpotnRides the videos are shown in full screen to give an immersive experience.

Micro level interaction

Micro level interaction is otherwise called gamification and it can be seen in very few top taxi booking apps. This helps the customers to have a more engaged and enjoyable interaction with the app

I will use the example of facebook messenger app; when the user presses and holds the like button, it enlarges with a sound and pops up as a big thumbs up. 

In the same way, we shall use interactive animations and confetti when the user completes a ride saying “ thanks for using the service”. This is just an example and we have more ideas for this functionality.

SpotnRides is also known for innovative features using current trends and tech advances. You can contact us to know about it. Brainstorming sessions are conducted while developing and customization to get new ideas in design and functionalities.

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How do SpotnRides handle future disruptions?

Innovation and collaboration

Disruption is constant and cannot be done away with; SpotnRides very well handles such trends and has succeeded so far using innovation. Generally, we collaborate with clients to brainstorm and come with the relevant trends to adopt in the solution. Not to mention that features like location sharing, SOS button, ride-sharing along the route, etc were a result of our innovation in the past.

Implementing new innovations require resources with up to date knowledge in app development; SpotnRides is always ready with such resources.

Not all qualify as disruptions

Specific time is there to release new innovations and features in the taxi app solution; there is a danger of it getting unnoticed by the users. This often happens during the time of mistaken disruptions. We are in constant touch with existing clients and get their view regarding any so-called new trend in the taxi app arrives. 

Only after ascertaining its impact we take out the next step. 

Observing competitors

If any of your competitors in the taxi booking market globally or regionally is suddenly refraining from using the actual norm used so far, you need to become more alert. 

Although it will be a bit late, you can at least find the behavior of competitors and groom for the change before it is too late.

Wrapping up!

SpotnRides have a relentless pursuit of building a futuristic app that endures any digital disruption and gives you space to focus on the core business. 

Let us combine to launch a successful and future safe taxi startup in 2020. We are eagerly waiting to get a word from you!  

Feel free to mail us any queries and doubts regarding SpotnRides to [email protected]. Our business team is available 24/7 to answer all your queries.

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