How SpotnRides Easy Taxi Clone App Solution Practically Doubles Your Revenue Growth With The Latest Rich-Features For A Flawless Workflow?

Nowadays mobile applications are playing a vital role in our day to day life. I’m 100% sure that more than half of the people will have a taxi booking application on their smartphone. This shows the needs of the taxi booking service and their offers, the taxi business is a world of unlimited opportunities for the new firms. 

There are many success stories and enough taxi business statistics to gain high profit. In 2020, there are many leading top giants in the taxi business world, some of the significant highlights of their business model differ from the other top tires easily. It is estimated that the world covers over 47 million trips each day. 

The survey was conducted and found that most people prefer a taxi service than other transportations due to the convenience they provide to their users. In past decades taxi business was a total mess, but it has changed the whole transportation system to convenience to seek the people’s attraction towards their service.

The easiest way to earn high revenue in a short period of time. Then I suggest you kick start your own taxi business with an application-based solution for higher revenue growth. Here, this blog is for you. At the end of this blog, you will get a clear view of your taxi business revenue growth. 

What Enables The Easy Taxi Clone App To Get The Taxi At Our Desired Place?

Speaking of the taxi application business, Easy Taxi is one of the top giants among the taxi industry.  Easy Taxi is nothing but an E-hailing application, that allows the users to book a taxi and track their ride in real-time. The app can be used in any platform and the company has gained nearly 17 million users and more than 400,000 drivers. 

In simple words, Easy Taxi is the application that connects taxi drivers and passengers, allowing them to experience a fast, convenient, and safe ride, with just a tap of a button. Easy Taxi application provides the best service to their clients and they have launched their service in more than 30 countries and 450+ cities within a short period of time.

Here, let me list some of the Pros that are been gained the Easy Taxi app customers as follows

  • One major benefit of using Easy Taxi apps is, it gradually speeds-up the tracking time to find the right taxi service that is readily available to pick you. The bookings are also made simple with a tap, the best part is the Easy Taxi reduces your waiting time.
  • With the in-built GPS, the driver will automatically reach to your doorstep without any call verification for the routes or location identifications. For a quick reach of your destination, you are allowed to choose the route from the multiple suggestions.
  • Alike passengers, drivers are also benefited by using the Easy Taxi app, It reduces the driver wait time too. So that the driver no need to roam for searching the pickup. The drivers will get instant bookings quickly. 
  • Rather than the pickup, it also gave full flexibility to both the players by online translation for the ride cost. So that there is no need to worry about the changes, it also reduces the thefts considerably. The driver can take the service at his preferred time by log in and out. The ride cost will be directly sent to the driver.

More than the benefits they have also taken their taxi business to the next level with call support service. It helps to enhance the customer’s experience easily without any lack of the support system. 

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A quality oriented business model of Easy Taxi application

The main revenue growth by the Easy Taxi application is because of its business model it gives equal importance to both the clients and the drivers. Where the other taxi app business model gives the major benefits to their customers than drivers. 

In the Easy taxi, the respective location of the driver can be easily tracked by the clients and as well as the driver. As I mentioned before it gives equal support to both the end players, this also enables the payment method directly to the drivers according to the ride. The quick selection of vehicles can be done by the customers from the listed nearby available vehicle.

The Easy Taxi application working model is also different if the customers want to book a ride then they have to place a call first. The customer has to state his or her name, and phone number. Then, the supporter will try to look for taxi availability. After an undetermined period of time, the company will call to inform whether the taxi is available or not.

Easy taxi application is more flexible for the driver so that there is no need for the drivers to search for a pickup. With the help of the Easy Taxi, the driver will get instant pickups and drops. Here, in SpotnRides you will get the exact clone script of the Easy Taxi without any compensation in the quality.

SpotnRides Easy taxi clone that rules the market like never before

SpotnRides is a software-based application that gives you a complete solution for your taxi business. With the help of our application, you can quickly launch your taxi business in your region. Since it is a pre-developed application with the needed features, it won’t take much time to re-designed it according to your requirements.

How does our Easy Taxi clone script that rules the entire taxi business market? We not only provide you the exact clone script of the Easy Taxi application. We will restructure it according to your needs or business model that suits your economy. The best thing is our application is more flexible so that it can be re-modulate at any time according to your needs.

Rather than the Easy Taxi clone app and the features that you will get from us? We will be providing you the entire package of the application with the before and after service launch for a certain period of time. Here, let me tell you the key features that are readily available in your application. Keep reading to know about it.

Exciting features in SpotnRides Easy Taxi clone app that will delight you

Our Easy Taxi clone app is a turnkey solution that has everything a successful business needs. We offer you a driver app, a rider app (for both Android and iOS), and a web panel apart from a marketing website!

  • Pre-planned ride – customers can book their rides for a later time and the notifications will be sent automatically to the drivers. This allows the riders to make their plan for the ride at peak time. 
  • Pop-up Notification – Integrating this feature the customers can receive instant alerts about the driver’s location, trip fares, and other relevant information. This helps them to stay in touch with your application.
  • Promo codes – The customers can use special promo codes during their rides and share them with their friends too. This feature can help you bring vitality to your taxi application easily and this is one of the tricks to attract the customers.
  • ETA Estimated time of arrival – With the help of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), the customer can know the exact time the driver will come to pick up from their location and it will also show the travel estimation time too.
  • Ride history – The customer can view their ride history and can keep a track of all the rides they have taken previously with your application. This gives a full detailed view of their travel history.

Bottom line 

I recommend you, young entrepreneurs, to choose our service for the best Easy Taxi clone script. With our impeccable business and revenue model, you can easily generate high profits in your business. Still, why are you waiting? Contact us soon at [email protected] or by filling the below form and we will reach you soon.

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