How an Inappropriate Tech Stack of the App Solution Is Detrimental to Your On-Demand Taxi Startup?

The on-demand taxi startups are revolutionizing life around the world. Aspiring business people are looking to make full use of this by launching similar startups in their region. The first thing they start with is app development. 

The app establishes a connect with the users and it can’t be compromised. The type of technology stack influences the quality of the app and an inappropriate one may do irreversible damage to the app.

Here I have explained what to do and what not to do while choosing the tech stack. Before going into it, let us look at some basics.

What is a Tech Stack?

The various tools and frameworks which is made up of programming languages are the technology stack of the apps. These apps are used as both mobile apps and web apps. Mobile apps and web apps require a different set of tools. Platforms like iOS and Android, on the other hand, are made with different programming languages.

Technology stack is a broad term which is used to power the back-end and front-end. Front-end is what you see in the app screen and as web panel. Changes made in the back-end is reflected in the front-end. 


The back-end is typically in the server side which is not explicitly visible and it powers the front-end. Back-end houses the operating system, database, server, and app system. For example, a typical back-end of an app is made of MongoDB, Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js. There are many stacks available.


The front-end comprises everything that is shown on screen such as design on mobile application, and web application.

Why you need an apt technology stack?

See, for example, your app is made with a server with is efficient but spirals down to the ground when handling high traffic. This slow downs the app and sometimes lead to crashes. Such a situation will affect the reliability of the app and users will move to competitors.  

With the right tech stack, bugs and issues can be quickly sorted without much time and the overall performance of the app will be promising and exciting to use. On-demand apps are subject to various updates and revisions after it is made live. So the technology stack should be flexible and open to modification. More importantly, it should seamlessly react to any changes.

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Downsides of having an inappropriate stack

Misfit tech stack may prove detrimental to your startup in the long run. There is a common misconception that latest tech stack is appropriate, but it is not. Latest tech stack faces a lot of updates which means there will be frequent changes to be made in the codebase. For apps which forms the core of startups, this kind of frequent change is not recommended.

Time and resource will not be properly used and a lot of wastages can happen.

How to choose the right tech stack?

Now let us see how the selection of tech stack for your startup should be made. Whatever type of startup may launch but, in the start, you should focus on developing a perfect app as a minimum viable product. After that, according to the on-demand service type it can be customized. The base should be strong first.

Any language or framework that gives a working solution in the shortest possible time is good. For the web app, I recommend WordPress which does not require much technical knowledge.


Before selecting the stack for making an MVP, you must know the exact needs. Try to address some questions like, Does your on-demand taxi app face large traffic? What is the server requirement? How should be front-end? And many more.

A typical on-demand app must prioritise user experience and UI design. The scalability of the app is based on the type of usage estimated by you. Angular and React are recommended stack for on-demand apps.

Full idea about the needs helps in quickly finalising the tech stack.

Resources at your disposal

Developers and designers are the one who are going to work on the technology stack and getting developers require money. Uncommon tech stacks are hard to be worked because of the difficulty in finding the developers. Even if they are found, the price for it will be high.

So, pick a stack that has a dynamic developer community and also one which has a good future scope.

Development and maintenance

The cost of development is different for various tech stacks and it is totally based on the demand for the developer. For example, Python, Ruby, and Swift developers cost more than Java, and Kotlin.

The cost doesn’t stop with the development and it continues till customization and maintenance. Customization cost totally depends on the type of features and addons.

Maintenance is mandatory and this cost can be minimized by using packages from experienced solution providers. Updation of the solution is part of the on-demand startup and open source technologies can be utilized for it to save money.

Third party integration

The tech stack you choose must allow third party integration. Otherwise, you have to rework on the framework and programming language. Some third party integrations are GPS maps, payment system, etc. These are integrated in both mobile and web app.

Testing & security

Normally, the on-demand app goes through beta testing and prototyping. Based on tech stack, the type of issue may differ which directly affects the time for testing.

Do security checks on both the front-end and back-end. Security checks will let you know the reliability of the app.


At the end of the day, it is you who has to pick the right tech stack by analyzing your needs and wants of your startup.

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