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Most of the people get fed up easily with their regular daily life routine, either it is working employees or studying students. They are in need of regular boost up with good motivation and speak in a regular period of time. This will not only boost up their thoughts to work but also makes them think beyond to get succeed in their life.

Finding the public speaker and hiring the top freelancer from 1000+ is quite a tough job right? With the help of an application, it can be made simple and reliable. Yes, an on-demand service booking application made it simple with just a few taps on the screen. This blog is all about the online Freelancer public speaker services and Public Speaking Freelancer startup app.

How does an app solution speed up the finding of top freelance public speakers?

Today peaking pays a larger amount of value than before. Yes, nowadays in the busy schedule we aren’t able to build ourselves to keep our mind stable or motivated. But, there are many speakers who are ready to motivate you and your people. This brings a huge impact on the corporate industry. 

A market survey shows that there are more than 40,000 professional speakers who are ready to help people with their source of knowledge. Freelance public speakers are the right choice because they keep updating themselves constantly. They not only place their legs on speaking on the stage they also do online courses for outsiders and webinars. 

They also podcast their service for the business and corporates events to leverage their message easily to their clients. A professional speaker will be leading the entire people with their speech. But finding them is a little tricky job. If you’re interested in starting an on-demand service booking application, then you must think about Public Speaking Freelancer online service.

  • Why you have to think about a mobile app for Public Speaking Freelancer, according to the market forecast 4.1% of CAGR is expected to increase annually till 2025. 
  • An annual income for a professional speaker is $106,000 and for the higher level, it is $217,872 per year. Since the world is moving forward with on-demand apps.

By developing one such app solution to connect the freelance public speaker with the seekers will increase your revenue and brand your service in the market soon. To know more about the freelancer public speaker app solution, please keep reading.

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SpotnRides full-fledged app solution enhances the better booking experience 

Today pre-developed application redesigning has become a trend among the entrepreneur and in the on-demand industry. Yes, Developing an application from scratch and building it with the latest tools to enhance the features is a tough job that drags the time gradually. A pre-developed application is considered as the right solution.

SpotnRides pre-developed application has been preferred as the first choice for the young entrepreneurs who are looking to start an on-demand business. With the help of the SpotnRides app solution, the entrepreneurs like you are given the flexibility to customize the application according to your needs to enhance the service.

Even if you have no idea about the application and features, not an issue. We already have enough experience in developing the personalized booking app solution and include a set of key features that makes your booking service easier and simpler. Since our application is a ready-made app solution by checking its workflow, you will be getting an idea about how your service and its workflow. 

  1. Freelance public speaker’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Customer’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

In freelancer’s applications, they can fix the time and schedule their dates of concepts therefore they won’t get overbooking issues. This also improves the efficiency of the speaker’s application by letting the customer’s to check the speaker’s schedule and their service charge. Speakers can also fix their service core subjects.

This lets the customer’s to filter the service provider easily. If the service provider is mentioned as a motivational speaker then his profile will be listed under the motivational speaker’s section. This reduces the searching time and gives better results for the customers quickly. 

For a quick workflow of your Freelancer public speaker app solution as follows 

How does SpotnRide’s mobile app for Public Speaking Freelancer actually work?

  • Service installation – The customers who are in need of a speaker to enhance their business or to bring motivation among their employees or students. Have to install and register with your app service to set their profile.
  • Freelancer’s service search – Once the customers complete their profile, they are allowed to give access to their location and search for the nearby freelancers who are available to take the task. The customer can check and give service requests to the respective freelancer.
  • Requesting the freelancer – With the right in-build algorithm the customers are able to get the right results for their search results. The service request can be accepted or rejected by the freelancer according to their schedule.
  • Acceptance of the customer’s request – Once the freelancer accepts the service request from the customer it will immediately notify the customer. Then the end-players are able to communicate and trace their location.
  • Freelancer’s status tracing – After accepting the service request from the customers, the customers are allowed to trace their requested freelancer’s current location and reach estimated time.
  • Service charge detected – Once the freelancer’s work is completed successfully the customer has to pay for their service. This process can be done either as cash or cashless payment according to the customer’s preference.

SpotnRides mobile app solution revenue-boosting key-features 

In the SpotnRides app solution, the key features help to make your customer’s place the booking seamlessly with just a tap on their application dashboard. Redesigning your application with the latest tools brings more focus on improving the customer’s experience and transparency in service booking.

Here, we have listed a few key features that make the booking more reliable and enhance business revenue. 

  • Get benefited with advanced filters – In SpotnRides the customers are able to filter the freelance public speaker according to their experience, their specific field of speaking, and previous speaking rating and review. This lets the customers get the right speaker according to their needs within a few minutes. This reduces the searching time and improves efficiency.
  • Accessibility of VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) – To make the voice call more portable and flexible we have integrated the VOIP in your freelance public speaker app solution. This lets the customers save time and cost by calling over the service provider with an in-app internet protocol.
  • Tracing the Speaker’s status – Customers who booked the service provider can trace their real-time status with this feature. It helps the customers to know about the respective service provider’s status and their travel estimation time. The service providers can also share their status with the customers and the third person (friend’s circle).
  • Real-time service support – To make the service more effective for the customers and freelance public speakers, this feature has been developed. It helps the end players to get support from the application support team to clear their doubts. They can click this feature and project their issues on the service.
  • Scan your cards for payment – This feature must be seen in many application-based services but in SpotnRides we provide this feature with multiple choices for your customers. Yes, the customers can pay their service charges either by scanning their cards or directly as cash or online. This feature gives full flexibility to the customers.

These features let the customers or organization check their booked freelancers easily with their in-app tracking system itself. We have also made the customer’s application to check the booked service provider’s status and filter the service provider according to their experience within the app. 

Bottom line 

There are plenty of ways to succeed but in 2020 getting success in business without an application is quite tough. Yes, people are now moving forward with the on-demand application and getting adapted with one such solution will lead your business to the next level easily. In SpotnRides, you will be getting one such solution at an affordable price.

We are always looking forward to knowing about your business demands therefore we are able to provide the best solution according to your demands. Please fill the below form and let us know about it.

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