Give a Refreshing Experience to Your On-Demand Taxi Startup Customers with These Features

People between the age group of 25 and 35 are the maximum users of taxi booking app. These people expect any service to give a wonderful experience to them along with the intended service. So the taxi-hailing services must also give an all around riding experience to attract them. If any taxi startups fail to fulfill such expectations, the user will simply move to alternate service.

Trying to provide a wonderful ride experience will also be a chance to scale up your taxi startup business. The purpose of your taxi is not only to give a ride between two places but a sense of value to users.

How to Scale Up Your Uber-Like Taxi App With These Features?

I have explained some features that can be added to your taxi startup. These features are not necessarily related to the app. Small taxi startups can add these features to gain more young users. Let us now see one by one.

Music system

Music system is available in most cabs of Uber and Lyft. This option can be of much use to young riders because they enjoy music in a car ride. Small taxi startups don’t have much idea about this. They think it is unnecessary for a taxi. Riders who use on-demand taxi to reach office will feel fresh and positive if the day is started with music. 

To attract more users, you can give personalized music. The riders select the music they want while booking the cab in their app. This only requires a small modification in the app solution.

Tipping for drivers

Nowadays riders do not hesitate to pay more for a ride that gives them a wholesome comfort. Also, the smooth ride is possible because of the driver. So you can help the driver with benefits like tips. The customer can be allowed to tip the driver in the app itself while paying for the ride. 

The amount of tip can be standardized or entered manually in the customer app. This is apart from the standard rating and review system. The effects of good rating may or may not give instant benefit to the driver. But the instant tipping can bring an instant change and the driver will work enthusiastically.

Save addresses in advance

Having no hassles from the start of booking till the end of the ride itself is a good experience for the user. One part which you can bring ease for the user is by giving the option to save the address in advance.

Using this feature, the customer can save any no. of address in the app. So that while booking, the current location or destination can be selected with a small tap provided the location is saved.

Quick pay using wallet

Cash payment, card payment, and internet banking is tedious sometimes and will not suit everyone. But when the wallet is used, the payment can be made with a single click. This wallet option is not present in many small taxi startups. 

Time is money for many riders. So this quick pay wallet will be liked by many riders and young users. Wallet can be easily integrated with the app by app solution maker. Integrates payment system is also available in the present app solution which consists of wallet along with others. 

Bid a ride

Often many riders think they are paying an exorbitant fare for a ride. Still, from these overpriced fares, very few percentages are sent to the driver. This model is not sustainable for a long time even if it gives you more money as a taxi admin. 

This problem can be solved using the bidding model. In this model, the user will bid a price for a ride. This will reach to nearby cabs and if the ride is confirmed if any driver accepts the bid. Bidding model gives a win-win situation for the rider and driver.

Also, the driver can also make a counter bid which can be accepted or declined by the rider.

Ride to your friend

Normally in a taxi app, the destination is either entered manually or saved address is used. Now it is possible to get a cab to the rider friend’s location without an address. This is possible when the friend’s no. in the contact list is in sync with the taxi app. 

When a contact is selected, the taxi app will automatically locate the contact’s phone using GPS and mark it as the destination. This feature is cool and works only when the GPRS features is ‘on’ in the contact’s mobile. The usability of this feature is not practical for many taxis and it is in the testing phase.

Bottom line

The ideas I have mentioned above is easy to implement and liked by riders immediately. Existing taxi startups can contact their taxi app maker to do these changes. I also hope these changes can give a better experience to riders. Also, young riders don’t hesitate to spend more on something that is worth it.

Such creative ideas can also be used by any entrepreneurs who are planning to launch a taxi startup. For them, it is better to choose a good solution provider. I suggest SpotnRides which is a quality taxi app. Integrated wallet, address saving, tip the driver, etc are present already in SpotnRides solution. Very few changes can be made at the request of the client. 

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