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We always want our family circle to be safe and secured at any time. As a responsible homemaker, it is necessary to check all your wiring and electrical equipment are correct or need any changes. Electrical maintenance is considered as one of the important routines to keep your housemates safe from electrical issues.

In this blog, you will get to know about the on-demand electrical installation services, and why you should get started with the electrical installation and maintenance service startup today. Other than that you will also get to know about the on-demand application demand and how SpotnRides service.

Industrial Demand For An Electrical Installation Service At Present And Upcoming Years

There are plenty of companies offering the electrical installation service but still, they are hidden at some corner of the market. On the other hand, many electrical installers are jobless without the visibility of their service. By giving them visibility and service, you’re able to gain more revenue within a short period. 

If you’re not staffed with my words then here I have included the market statistics of the electrical installation service. The industrial survey on the electrical installation and wiring is expected to reach  $193,081 million at the end of 2026. By giving instant doorstep service, this will let you gain more profit than expected results.

  • Electrical maintenance reduces the life risk – Electrical maintenance on the regular period time saves most of the lives easily. In order to know the electrical installations are safe and properly maintained. To get the right results, people have to look for the best electrical installer nearby for the quick check on the special events.
  • Maintenance protects the expensive equipment – To make the electrical equipment or instruments to have long lives, you have to maintain it properly or else it leads to big damage and costs higher than you expect. Maintenance and proper installation are like an investment which saves your life and money for a long time.

To provide an instant doorstep service, you’re in need of an on-demand application. Yes, today we aren’t able to see anyone without a phone that brings the demand for the application-based service. Are you ready to know about our service and your electrical installation service booking app solution? If yes, then keep reading.

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Enrich the electrical installation service with SpotnRides app solution

When it comes to the application based business you have to check the customer’s conveyance and urgency that makes their booking service simple. Moreover, according to the on-demand market survey, 48% are the millennials. This shows the targeted audience and how to cover their attention.

The main reason for the increase in the on-demand application is due to its user-friendly service. In the SpotnRides, the attributes and functions are made simple with just a few taps on their applications. Most people are looking for instant service for their requirements in the US alone 60% of people are looking for quick service.

This can be made happen with SpotnRides installation solutions. We have enriched features like multiple route optimizations which lets the service providers customize their routes with multiple route choices to reach the customer’s place quicker than before. Get benefited with SpotnRides customizable three interfaces as follows

  1. Electrical installer’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Customer’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Centralized admin panel.

These three interfaces will give effective results for the electrical installation service seekers. On the other hand, these interfaces have their own key-features to meet their service expectations and to achieve the rewards. Yes, the customers are allowed to give reward for the service providers when the customers are satisfied with installation service.

How does on-demand electrical installation services work?

  • Application installation – People who are in need of an electrical installation service have to install your application from the app store and set-up with their profile.
  • Service search – Once the customers finish the profile details they have to give access to the GPS location and then click the search button to check the nearby service provider.
  • Request matching – With the perfect algorithm build the customers will be getting the exact nearby electrical installer and their service reviews quickly.
  • Service request – The customers have to check the profiles of the service provider and then once they are satisfied with the service provider’s profile they can send the service request.
  • Installer’s confirmation – Once the customer sends the request to the respective service provider will receive the service push-up notification to accept or reject the request.
  • Installer’s tracking – after accepting the request from the customers. The customers are allowed to check their service provider’s current location and status.
  • Payment’s detected – After the completion of the service the customers have to pay for the service provider either as cash or e-banking.

By now you might have got to know about the application workflow. These workflows are made quick and simple with effective key-features. To know about those features, keep reading the next path of the blog.

How SpotnRides makes the electrical installation service booking application more reliable with the potential key features

  • Book now or later – The book now or later feature enables the customers to book the electrical installation service now or schedule for another date. This feature gives full flexibility to the customers to book the electrical installation service according to their requirements. They are permitted to personalize their booking with date and time. 
  • Real-time service tracking – The customers are able to track their service provider after the booking. With this feature, the customers are allowed to get the exact timing of the service provider arrival and can check their status. This feature gradually enhances the booking experience with your application.
  • Permitting others to follow the service – In service booking application safety is a must so this feature has been developed. The customer can also share their service provider details to their circle. Other people can also take a look at the service provider’s activity through their application easily. 
  • Comfortable payment option – Not everyone is aware of online payment and most of them feel direct cash as a comfortable payment option. To break the barrier of the payment, we have built this feature. The customers can choose the payment option before placing the booking option on their application. 
  • Preferred service provider – Customers may have some preferable service provider due to their previous impression on their installation service. The customers are allowed to book the same service provider as this feature. This adds the additional advantages of your application service by letting customers choose their preferred service provider.
  • Service review and rating – Some might ask why the service review option? But this brings transparency in the application service. The new customers can also check those reviews and ratings of the electrical installation service provider. They are allowed to make the choice before booking the service and helps the admin to enhance the service.
  • Internal chatbox – This is an in-app chat box where the customers are abv to connect with their service provider more reliably. On the other hand, if the customer can get any support from the helpline. They can use this feature option to contact the service provider and the help-line of your application service.

Bottom line 

Make sure that always your home is safe, electrical maintenance is as important as locking your expenses. Developing an application is not an easy task that can be done within a period of time but with the help of a pre-developed application, you can. In SpotnRides, you will be getting one such solution with the essential key-features to gather your potential customer’s attention. 

If you have any other idea or need for any changes in the business model then please let us know by filling the below form or contact us at [email protected]. We will try to solve your queries in a short period of time and catch you as soon as possible. 

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