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Most of the entrepreneurs used to suffer after launching their business due to poor planning. Yes, if the business plan is not crafted right, then the entrepreneurs are not able to gain the expected revenue. Sometimes this could end up with poor service to the customers.

According to the business industry in the UK, there were 5.9 million private businesses starting in 2019. Nearly 99% are small to medium-sized businesses, starting the business is easy in the modern world, but getting it right is tough without the right business plan. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will be knowing the hardness of the business plan.

You can bring a solution to the new firms and young entrepreneurs by developing an app for a business plan consultor booking service. The revenue growth of this business model is high since people are looking to start the business with the right solution. So that the demand for the business plan consultor booking service startup is high. 

How An Expert Business Consulting Helps Writing Your Business Plan?

As we all know, a business plan is the foundation of your investments in a particular model. Once your foundation has been planned well according to the market value, then it will be easy for you to double the growth. However, but the entrepreneurs are business with their top priority namely developing products and marketing those products

So they take the least value for the business plan, there are many consultancies ready to help you with your business plans. All you need is the right consultancy service to develop the right business plan to triple the revenue of your business. This process helps you to check the overview of the whole business plan.

What do you really need for a business plan writer or business plan strategy? Most entrepreneurs get confused about this. There is no such differentiation while constructing a business plan. A right business plan has both accurate futures predictions of revenue growth and strategies to achieve it.

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One should know before hiring the business consultant 

Most of the entrepreneurs think that the business plans are for the startups but unfortunately, it’s not. To gain revenue or triple it than previous years then you’re in need of a business plan. Even if you’re not having the current idea about the present market value and strategies to make your visibility. 

It is not a problem in the digital era, there are many organizations ready to help you with your business plans. Nowadays, many freelancers are showing their interest to help entrepreneurs at an affordable price. But, finding the right solution is tough when there are many choices. Your mobile application is going to clear those issues easily with just a tap.

Normally, the business planner should have accurate knowledge in the priority, strategy focus, manageable changes, accountability, cash management, and metrics. In an application, the entrepreneurs are allowed to check the service provider’s previous work and comments on them. This lets the other entrepreneurs think before placing the bookings.

This is one of the advanced ways to know about the business plan consultor’s work involvement and experience. Other than that, an application should let the entrepreneurs track their progress and book the consultor according to their needed time. This gives the flexibility to the entrepreneurs to place the appointment of the consultor at their doorstep.

Get the right app solution for your business at SpotnRides

When you’re looking for an application with all niche features at an affordable price then you must consider the readymade solution. Yes, readymade application solutions are pre-developed ones with the needed features and business plans. This helps you to start your business quickly in your region.

In SpotnRides, you will be getting one such solution, we provide you the application with all needed features to run your business easier. We have developed the application in such a way to make the user’s work easier and efficient. This lets you enhance your business plan consultor booking service startup.

We provide you with three interfaces namely Entrepreneur’s application (iOS and Android), Business plan consultor’s application (iOS and Android), and Admin’s centralized web panel. These three interfaces act together to give an enhanced service for your users. Here, let me share with you in-detailed about these interfaces.

  • Entrepreneur’s application – In this interface, the entrepreneurs are allowed to sign-up with their details and they can search the nearby consultors. This process gives the entrepreneurs a variety of choices for choosing the business plan consultors. The user can also track the booked consultor and booking history. The user can share their experience with an app feedback section or on their social media page.
  • Business plan consultant’s application – Not everyone can’t be the business consultors so the consultors have to upload their details with the documents. Once the admin approves the consultors document they are allowed to get the bookings from the entrepreneurs. The consultants were also allowed to get the service payment through cash or online according to their preference. 

All this process can be monitored and tracked by the admin easily with the centralized dashboard. This brings transparency in your application based service, you as an admin can check all the player’s details. This can be accessed from anywhere at the preferred time. Since it is a cloud-based solution, your users will get instant updates on the bookings.

In SpotnRide’s business plan consultor booking app solution we provide complete service for our clients. So that you have no worries about the technical issues or doubts. We are available 24*7 for our clients, therefore, you can raise your doubts at any time. We have developed your application with needed features to enhance the service even better.

How SpotnRides metrics brand your service as one kind 

  • Service real-time tracking – This feature tool makes the service more reliable. Yes, the entrepreneur can track their booked business plan consultors easier. This feature gives the accurate estimated time of the consultant’s arrival. Therefore there is no need for waiting at the doorstep.
  • Appoint later or book now – To give more flexibility to the entrepreneurs, we have designed this niche key-feature. That let the entrepreneurs place the bookings now or later according to their preferred time. This gives more efficiency for the entrepreneurs to plan their business planner at the right time.
  • Various payment options –  The entrepreneurs can also choose their payment option with this feature tool. This feature option gives two different methods either the entrepreneur can pay through online or hands-on cash once the consultant arrives at the entrepreneur’s location.
  • In-build chatbox – Before placing the bookings the entrepreneurs can also get the service queries with the business plan consultants easily with the help of this feature. This feature lets the entrepreneurs clear their queries before placing the bookings. Consultors can also get clear their doubts about the entrepreneur’s business plans.

Bottom line

The survey status is expected to show smaller to medium business growth in the upcoming years. The demand is high for the business plan consultants because without the perfect business plan an entrepreneur can’t be able to gain the profit. In SpotnRides we offer you an entrepreneur the app solution with all advanced features at a variable price.

Since we have years of experience in application development, we are well aware of the business model. Our application is more customizable so re-modeling the app won’t take much time. All you need to do is to fill the form below or contact us at [email protected], therefore we can reach you soon.

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