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Protecting an environment from the unexpected leakage of petrochemicals is a serious concern in recent days. Even though the chemicals stored in the Above-ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) safely, the absence of periodical checking may cause a serious issue. The equipment faults, leakage in tanks, and corrosion lead to the environmental impact and workplace injuries.

Identifying the issues in ASTs in prior through tank inspection services is the major thing to protect the environment from contamination and injuries. How far the leaks are identifying quickly is the big relief for the public and private storage sectors. 

The qualified professional who takes such responsibility is commonly referred to as tank inspectors who may visit directly to the AST place, inspect them, and handover the reports. The problems lie in the inspection services are inefficient report management, inspection trip multiple times, unaware of the location of AST, the trip delay, and the absence of suitable tool organization of tank inspectors under one window and tracking them.

With the proper digital solution called tank inspection app, the above-listed issues are completely prevented. Mostly, the inspection services are reflected in any one of the following tasks.

Inspection on Surroundings of Tanks- The complete visual inspection of the tank interior and exterior where the signs of the cracking, appearances, and the weakness of the tank are predicted to prevent the leakage.

Proper Function of Fittings- This is the process of checking the valves, fittings, gaskets, and the flexible connections attached to the tanks to ensure the proper function without any gas leakage.

Check restrictions in vent line-Transfer of gas or chemicals into the plant via vent line. If there is any obstruction on such lines, then it causes the issue in the break of gas. Hence, the complete visual inspection on the vent line is also needed.

Prevention of Corrosion- The periodical inspection of the elements attached to tanks such as ladders, stabilizers, and the stands to prevent corrosion.

Besides the above listed common services, the roof inspection, shell inspection, evaluation of nozzles, and calibration are also the added tasks to the inspection services. Since the storage containers filled with the chemical compounds, the fluctuation in an environment like air pressure, climates caused serious issues. Hence, the demand for tank inspectors is more.

To meet such demand, the tank inspection service startup including the number of task inspectors to carry the task inspections are in highly synchronized form. Focus on demands and the issues, the SpotnRides develops the new solution called task inspection app solution includes the necessary real-time features to meet such things.

This blog describes the necessity of a trusted pool of task inspectors, field problems, and the related intelligence platforms to solve unique options of the SpotnRides solution to make the whole tank inspection services as top-one. Let’s dive into the blog.

Trusted Pool Of Tank Inspectors-Key Players To Prevent Disasters

Assurance of the trustworthiness of the task inspectors lies in how they perform the experience of the task in the field of inspection services. Mostly, they are regarded as the key players to prevent disasters due to leakage of chemicals. Generally, the trusted one should meet the following metrics.

  • Superior in Inspection Services

Irrespective of the type of the services needed for any location, they are the superior in the following tasks: handling inspection commands in proper order, synchronizing their plans according to the inspection orders, ability to prepare the reports instantly for further plans.

Report maintenance is the major one and also it is an accurate one. Traditionally, the paper-based reports are the basic tools for the correction. But, the trend is shifted towards digital form in order to assure accuracy. Hence, the digital form of reports and the respective storage in the cloud base are helpful things for the remedial actions.

  • Fulfill the Diverse Service Commands

Mostly, the services are ranging from top to bottom, interior to exterior, and roof to ground. With the necessary experience and enough records, they are open up for handling a wide range of requests in an ordered manner.

The tank inspection services are not only needed after the construction of ASTs, but they also hold a direct impact on the validation of sites prior to the construction of the tank. The requirements, specifications of tanks, advanced tools for secure construction are also an important thing for the task inspectors.

  • Remembering Periodical Inspection

Single inspection is not a sufficient one for such big tanks containing severe gas components, petro-chemical compounds and this raises the multiple inspections. Hence, the inspection trip is done in a periodical manner. But, the new arrival of inspection task requests makes them forget if they used the paper-based operations.

Alternatively, the automatically digital form of the inspection trip reminders provided the big relief to the tank inspectors. This way of automatic reminders about the tank inspection helps both the tank inspectors and the industrialists to feel-free on periodical inspections and quality assurance.

  • Environmental Protection

Prevention of leakage by the qualified tank inspectors assures the guarantee of environmental protection. The accurate reports prepared by the professionals and handed over to the plant owners are the responsible things for immediate actions.

These actions provide the necessary support to protect the environment form the contaminations. To make the future corrective measures, periodical inspection, and the preparation of the report are commonly needed. While they enter the field, several issues are faced and they expect the solutions in real-time.

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How Intelligence Things Solved the Field Problems for Tank Inspectors?

Since the entire world focus on the implementation of petrochemical plants, the construction of ASTs is also growing one. This causes the tank inspection services are highly needed and preferred by the various inspectors involved in the market. While they are visiting the field for inspection, the common field problems are faced as follows.

  • Collapse in schedules
  • Lack of establishing close connections
  • Trip delay
  • Top-Inspector validation

The intelligent platforms that are selected to include the task inspection app to overcome the above field problems are listed as follows.

  • Location Awareness

Awareness regarding the distance between the current location of the task inspectors and the tank location is the important one for the tank inspectors. The intelligence solution such as allowing the integration of GPS within the app brings the exact measures of the distance between the locations.

The exact measure acts as the big support to tank inspectors to take the decision on routes to minimize the trip delay.

  • Scheduled Inspection Requests

Since the size of the plants is in the increasing form, the number of inspection requests are more that may collapse the activities if they manage the inspection orders in the paper form. Alternatively, the digitization in command processing, immediate reports creation, and visiting in tanks location on the prescribed schedules avoid the collapse and fulfill the demands quickly.

  • Easy Validation of Top-Players

The potential customers are the top industrialists and hence they expect the qualified professionals for the inspection. Nowadays, either the products or the service people access is based on the validation metrics like ratings, feedback, etc.

A thorough analysis of such things, qualified professionals are elected and booked for inspection services. Besides, the document upload process is simplified directly via online solution, and hence the aggregation after validation is the easy process for the service provider.

  • Getting Closer to Industrialists

In the modern scenario, the evolution of social platforms is an unpredictable one and it receives huge attention from the customer side. By getting connected to the industrialists via social platforms, the task inspection services are strengthened and fulfill a wide range of demands with the simple app workflow.

The one who wishes to start the task inspection service startup via a task inspection app may look for a suitable player to include all the above-said intelligence metrics in the app. SpotnRides is an experienced player in the field of inspection services app development now develops the solution to remodel the workflow in an easy form.

What are all the Supporting Options to Make the Inspection Tasks as Qualitative?

High-quality services are the bigger expectation from the industry side. SpotnRides finds the possibilities to achieve high-quality task inspection services through advanced options. The customized task inspection app solution includes the top three interfaces and the associated tasks are listed as follows.

Task Inspectors-The expertise in field inspection especially in an industrial plant, tank inspection with enough qualifications can participate as one of the stakeholders receives the inspection requests and process them in a digital way.

Plant Owners- The owners of the industrial plant who are in the demand for the analysis of tanks that are in long years register them as the customers to search the available task inspectors and book them directly via the application.

Tank Inspection service Owners- The business owners share this interface to manage the app workflow from inspection booking to payment collection. By accessing the dashboards corresponding to all the stakeholders, the monitoring task is an easy one.

The supporting options of the SpotnRides task inspection service app solution to make the tank inspection service as qualitative one are listed as follows.

  • Location-Aware Metrics

The metrics corresponding to location awareness are the essential ones in an on-demand scenario. Tracking, smart distance measurement is the two major options for both the industrialists and the tank inspectors. The industrialists can easily track the status of the current location of the tank inspectors and the time for arrival.

In parallel, the GPS enabled in the application allows the tank inspectors to predict the optimal or minimal distance for the inspection trip and hence the time to reach the plant location is minimum that leads to more inspection order handling.

  • Better Inspect in Proper Scheduling

The industrialists or the plant owners have the options called schedule setting in SpotnRides solution that helps them to set the time limits for the scheduled inspection services. This brings the quality inspection in assigned schedules without any collapses.

  • Social Support

With the integration of the social platforms in the application, the build of connections among the industrialists and the tank inspectors are even closer than earlier. Besides the access of task inspectors is also an easy one by the global customers.

The industrialists are also allowed to share their own experience with the tank inspection service booking by this integration. From this, the familiar for the services is easily assured.

  • Valuing Top-Inspectors

Top qualifiers highly need the appreciation to continue their services. With options like ratings or reviews, the top players are easily identified from the SpotnRides solution. Greeting them with the economical benefits is also the added metric for the tank inspector app solution.

How SpotnRides Tank Inspection App Solution Make the Services fit into Modern Scenario?

In addition to the common metrics to support the seamless activities, SpotnRides also has the following options to make the tank inspection service startup fit into the modern scenario.

  • Digital Report Management

After the inspection is over, the reports regarding the corrective measures to take are directly transferred to the service provider and the industrialists. Once after completing all the inspection tasks, the report formation is made simple. Besides simplicity, the SpotnRides solution assures transparency in services.

  • Preferred Inspectors

The one who satisfies the client completely in all the stages of the inspection, they are repetitively wanted one. Hence, the customers are in the idea of recursive booking of qualified peoples. SpotnRides solution holds such an advanced option called preferred inspector booking where the tank inspectors perform the tasks in a repeated form.

  • In-App Communication Feasibilities

As soon as the inspection report is collected, they will start repairing or upgrade of tanks. While updating, there is a possibility of queries. The query handling through the in-app chat in the SpotnRides solution allows the tank inspectors to convey the instant corrective responses related to the industrialist requests.

Final Say

Tank maintenance is a serious concern in petrochemical industrial platforms. Identifying the possibilities of how far completed within a short period is the necessary one. Tank inspection apps with all such demanded features help the industrialist and tank inspectors are getting connected closer than before.

Easy validation of the trust credentials for the tank inspectors, accurate report maintenance, and the trip delay minimization are the predominant metrics of the SpotnRides tank inspection app solution. If you wish to bring the advancements in real-time plant care, then you switch over to the SpotnRides solution from [email protected] and scale your revenue potential.

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