Get Adapted To The On-Demand AC Repair Service Booking With SpotnRides App Solution To Enhance The Business Growth

If your cooling system doesn’t give you the right amount of cooling air as you expected, then it is the right sign to get repaired soon or else you have to invest more amount on getting it repaired later. There are numerous models in the AC but the repairer is the same but getting the right service is a headache job.

If you’re interested to start an on-demand booking service, then you must consider the rising demand service. According to the market survey, the AC and AC repair service are high, it is the right time to kick start your own AC repair booking application. If you haven’t any idea, no problems make use of this blog.

This blog provides you with the full details about the online AC repair service app and how our application helps you to gain revenue soon.

How A Booking App Solution Rectify The Common Issues That Are Been Faced By The People Today?

The global market value for air conditioning was high in the upcoming year. The market survey of the air conditioning shows the revenues growth of $123 to $125 bn at the end of 2018. It is expected to show a growth rate of 6% CAGR at the end of 2025. This shows the demand for the AC as well as the repair service.

Yes, once the growth of the technology is high in the market, then the maintenance rate is also similarly high. If you’re looking to start a seasonal business, then you must take a look at this AC repair service booking application. Without an application, you aren’t able to ruin your business smoothly in 2020.

We all are getting adapted to live a comfortable life by getting everything at our doorstep. Don’t we? Yes. By providing a doorstep service, you’re allowed to meet your customer’s expectations. There are many AC repairs out there, you can add those people in your application and let them connect with the service needed people.

You’re able to get a commission on each booking of the service. To do so, you’re in need of an application that lets you meet your customer’s expectations. In SpotnRides, you will be getting one such solution. Keep reading to know more about our software and service.

Keep your users engaged with SpotnRides on-demand AC repair booking 

User engagement is another way to increase your business growth and customer loyalty. It also helps to brand your service, a good value creation helps you to increase the customer’s engagement. When it comes to the application based service, customer engagement is fully based on the interfaces and key-features. 

The application should be designed and developed in such a way it meets the customer’s expectations and keeps them engaged. As I mentioned above, it can be done by good interfaces and advanced key-features. In SpotnRides, you are getting one such solution at an affordable price with all amenities. 

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We have developed the application with the trend tools in the market, therefore gathering the user’s attention is not a tough job. Our main aim is to keep the customers engaged and this lets you grow your AC repair service soon. The SpotnRides online AC repairs booking app provides three interfaces as follows.

  • Customer’s application (iOS and Android), 
  • AC repairer’s application (iOS and Android),
  • Admin panel.

You will be benefited from the above mentioned three applications in one single package. These three applications have required key-features to make the workflow simple and easy. In SpotnEats, we also provide the top quality service to our clients. This lets them manage and get to know about their application more technically witty our guidance. 

Let me share a detailed view of the three applications in the Online AC service app as follows.

  • Normally, every customer’s application there are multiple features to make their order and task simple. This is one of the major issues every new firm is doing while developing the application. The customers are in need of the required key-features only, by taking that in our mind we have designed the customer’s application with the essential features.
  • The customers have given the priority to manage and track their booked service provider easily in real-time. Before booking the respective service provider, the customers are allowed to check the estimated cost for the service. This lets them be ready with the service charge and the customers are also allowed to review the service once it is done.
  • AC repairer’s application also has an essential feature to meet the customer’s expectations to gain positive feedback. Yes, getting a positive review from the customers is hard in the current on-demand world. Customers are looking for a quick and instant solution for their demands at their doorstep.
  • Therefore the key-features let the service provider reach the customer’s doorstep immediately once the customer booked the service. The service provider has the ability to choose the shortest route from multiple suggestions of routes from the multiple route optimization feature. This lets them reach the customer’s destination immediately. 

The admin can check all the processes that happen in the application from the sign-up to service review process. Everything will be instantly noticed in the admin’s centralized dashboard. Admin can also check the revenue growth of the service weekly or at regular intervals. This helps the admin to bring changes according to business growth.

How SpotnRides key-features enhance the AC repair booking service experience 

  • User’s profile – The customer can register the application with their details namely address, phone number, door no, etc. Or they can simply create the profile with their social media accounts and enable the GPS location on. This lets them make a quick start with the service by accepting the application’s terms and conditions.
  • In-app call/chat – To bring a trustworthy platform this feature has been developed in your application. The customers can make use of it to call the service provider with the in-build call option. There are any queries also be asked to the service provider with the in-build chat option too. This lets you as an admin build a trusted relationship from your users.
  • Book now or later – The customers are allowed to place their service booking now or later. This feature lets them schedule their service bookings according to their needed time. The customers who place the book later can also adjust the date and time according to their repair service. Those dates and times will be automatically registered in the end player’s calendar.
  • Instant updates – Once the customer places the book now option, they will be getting instant updates on their service provider’s location. This lets them know about their service provider’s location and the exact time calculation of their arrival. This reduces the customer’s waiting time.
  • Promotion updates – Most of the AC repair services are high on the seasonal time, and it is a bit dull at the non-seasonal time. But you can promote your service with the promotion codes. So that the customers won’t get miss of the promotion codes, it also helps you to get more bookings.
  • Service history – The customers and service providers both are allowed to check their booked service history with full details. This lets them know about their AC repaired time and maintenance period. On the other hand, it helps the service provider to know about their service growth and let them improve the service even better.
  • Multiple payment options – The customers are given more flexibility to pay for their service either to the cash or online. We aren’t able to know about the customer’s situation most of the time they prefer online and sometimes they want to pay cash. Therefore we have developed this feature that lets customers pay the service according to their needs. 

Bottom line

The process of AC is to eradicate heat and keep your place moisture when there is an issue in it. You’re able to survey in the not summer. People are nowadays expecting the doorstep service, by providing a platform to let the repair and customers to connect. Lets you gain your business revenue as a commission-based easily without any implementation.

In SpotnRides, you’re getting one such service, If you’re not satisfied with the above features and need little modifications in your business plans, then please let us know by filling the below form with the details or reach us at [email protected]. So that we can catch you soon with the right app solution.

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