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If we are tired of cleaning our house or the things, then we have to deal with the maid or the cleaners. Now, there are many possible ways to book the maid or a cleaner from our destination by looking at their service feedback and their service charge. This increases the demand for the cleaners in every stage.

An application-based service also made the service booking, and automating the scheduling of the service made the booking easy and enhanced the cleaner booking experience easily. If you are a young entrepreneur who is looking for a booking based startup, then this blog is for you. 

There are many types of cleaning services that exist in the market from house to car. Mostly,  every cleaner has hands-on experience in cleaning certain things either vehicles or vessels. But for awning cleaning, the cleaners are not needed for the experience or training. In this blog, you will be gaining the knowledge of owning a cleaning service startup.

Impact Of Awning Cleaning Service Today In The Industry

Awning cleaning service is a new idea for the entrepreneurs to take a look at it before starting a cleaning booking startup. Since there is no special skill or knowledge is required in the awning cleaning service, many of the people are looking forward to it. This also lets the students earn extra pocket money.

If you’re not satisfied with the above statement then please take a look at the following market survey on the awning cleaning service. The global market survey on the awning was 3.01 bn USD at the end of 2018. The industry is also expected to show a growth of 7.4% CAGR in the forecasting period.

The people who are living the outdoor space are looking for a retractable awning and awning cleaning service in the US. The demand for the retractable awning is high and this gradually brings the demand for the awning cleaning service too. The demand in the awning market survey brings the entrepreneurs like you to consider about the awning cleaner booking service.

When it comes to the cleaner service many people are ready to take one such service in their free period or when they think of earning extra dollars on their regular income. If you’re satisfied with the awning cleaning service, then you must think of an app solution for your service. 

This lets the customers check the nearby cleaners or the people or workers who are free and want to earn money can also book with your application as an awning cleaner. When you’re thinking of developing an application for your awning cleaning business, then take a look at our application service. 

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Get a complete package of awning cleaning booking app solution in SpotnRides 

In SpotnRides, we guide you to grow your business ideas into a workable application-based solution, therefore, you’re able to earn the planned revenue easily. SpotnRides app for awning cleaning service is a readymade app solution that lets you launch your service quickly than developing the application from scratch.

We have an experienced team of developers who are ready to work with your business app together with all the necessary key features. This process lets you know about your application technically as well as the ability to understand your application working process. Since the app is a readymade solution, it can be re-developed according to your business needs.

SpotnRides awning cleaning booking app solution is developed on both the platforms namely iOS and Android. This lets you seek the attention of both the end-people to gain additional revenue. The user interfaces are fully flexible like that of the application, this lets you redesign it according to your taste. 

We have rich catalogs of UI widgets therefore you can choose the needed widgets for your application interfaces. We provide you the awning cleaning booking app solution with three interfaces and these three interfaces combined work to provide the enhanced user experience while booking the awning cleaning service. 

  1. Awning cleaner’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Customer’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

These three application interfaces are already designed with the latest UI designing tools. If you’re in need of any changes in that. It can also be done and delivered to you at the right time without any delay. By now, you might be curious about the workflow of your mobile application, here I have listed the workflow in steps as follows.

  • Step-1 (Service activation) Customers who are in need of an awning cleaning service have to register your application service with their details. They are also allowed to quick log-in to start the service with the help of their social media account. Once they have log-in, they can check the nearby cleaners who are ready to take the customer’s request. 
  • Step-2 (Service acceptance) Once the customer checks the nearby cleaner and sends the request. It will immediately intimate the cleaner and the cleaner can check the customer’s request with the destination details. The cleaners are given the flexibility to accept the service request or reject it according to their preference.
  • Step-3 (Nativagting the destination) The details of the cleaner’s acceptance will instantly update in the customer’s application. The cleaners are able to track the customer’s location once they accept the service. To reach the customer’s destination faster, they have the option to chose the shortest part from multiple route options.
  • Step-4 (Service charge) This is considered as the final process of the application service. The customers have to pay for the service once after the service is finished successfully. The payment process has been made simple with our app solution. They can pay either online or cash on delivery.

You as an admin can over check all these processes from your centralized dashboard. It will give instant push notification on every process that happens in your application. You’re also allowed to check the customer’s feedback. This lets you modify the business service to enhances the experience even better than before. 

How SpotnRides app solution gives an enhanced booking experience with the metrics 

  • Awning service registration – Setting up the account with the mobile number or by social media accounts. Helps the customers to share their bookings and service charge with their circle easily. This also helps them to get the OPT for service verification and to avoid fake service registration. 
  • Service payment method – The service provider (awning cleaners) will be getting their payments only after the service is successfully accomplished. The customers are allowed to pay their service charges either through debit or credit cards. If the customers are not comforted to use their cards they can also pay the service online or as cash. 
  • Multi-currency and language – In SpotnRides app for awning cleaning service, the cleaners and the customers can choose their preferred languages and currency. This can be done manually once they login to the application after verifying the terms and conditions of your application service. 
  • Service navigation – The cleaners are able to check their booked service as well as the upcoming service. This lets them check their dates and service bookings easily. The cleaners are also able to track the service with the multiple route optimization feature to reach the customer’s destination shortly. 
  • Cleaner’s status – In the SpotnRides app solution, the customers are able to track their service providers (cleaners) once they accept the service request. The customers are able to check the estimated time of the cleaners as well as their destination in real-time. This reduces the waiting time of the customers. 
  • Immediate push notification – The cleaners will be getting the real-time pop-up notification on the upcoming service request with the customer’s destination. The customers will also get the immediate notification on the service providers to request acceptance and service updates on the offers and discounts. 
  • Service earning report – The cleaners are able to track their service earnings on the regular basics. The weekly report provides them the total amount of cost they earned on the week with the service rating. This helps the cleaners to check and increase their service bookings and improve their service even better. 

Bottom line

Awning cleaning service is a low investment and high gaining startup service by getting adapted with an app solution. Lets you grow the business better and brings you visibility in your region. In the SpotnRides app for awning cleaning service, you are able to get the full application service with all the needed amenities. 

This lets you grow your business by increasing the bookings to triple the revenue. Connect with us today and share your ideas by filling the below form with your details or reach us at [email protected]

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