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Launching a startup is very simple and effortless nowadays given the number of resources we have at our disposal. Not to mention that very few startups are sustaining over a year. But, among the startups that are running successfully, most of them are startups offering niche services. Hence we can infer that launching startups providing niche service have a clear edge over others.

In the last ten years on-demand app-based service startups are increasingly launched because of the low capital required and easy closure in the event of a loss. Taxi booking app service is one of the popular on-demand models that have very good prospects. In this blog, I will explain about a niche taxi app service where you can book airport taxis, chauffeurs, and private car service. 

Blacklane is the market leader in this sector and they have chauffeur booking as their prominent service. Blacklane more or less has a monopoly in this and hence launching a startup like Blacklane and climbing the success ladder will be easier than other business models.

Why Blacklane Clone for your Startup Idea?

Blacklane expanded from one country to 55 countries across the world in less than 6 years’ time. The demand for a premium taxi booking and chauffeur service is the reason for this growth. Still, in many developing countries there is a growing need for premium services. So it is high time that you prefer Blacklane like on-demand service for your startup.

Services you can offer from your Blacklane like an on-demand startup:

Chauffeur booking: Chauffeurs are professional drivers whose driving can give a premium feel to riders. If anyone has a car but wants a smooth driving, then they shall book chauffeurs.

Taxi booking: This is just like any other on-demand taxi booking. Riders use the app to book taxis nearby anytime.

Airport shuttle: This premium airport transfer can benefit passengers from different countries. A perfect app for airport shuttle is highly desired by many tourists from across the world.

Private car service: With a private car service a person can move anywhere in a car with a chauffeur driving the car. 

These are the prominent services you can give in your new Blacklane like a startup. All these services can be brought under a single app for the customers. You can offer many more services that depend on the scope of your thinking and the expertise of the app solution developer.

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What makes this startup idea differ from other normal taxi booking apps?   

There are a few points that make this startup idea different from other taxi apps. You must know this before developing the app solution for this idea. Discuss these things with a professional app development company to create a more personalized app.

Professional drivers and limousine service: Only professional chauffeurs can register in the app using relevant documents. For corporate and business travel, chauffeurs are preferred over others. Having such professional drivers can instantly build trust with customers and create a niche user base immediately. 

Limousine services are not generally offered by other taxi apps and demand for it is definitely there even in tier 2 & 3 cities.

No compromise in quality of service and app performance: The app solution made for this startup is of very high quality because the service it offers is premium. The app performance and usability should be maintained with the utmost standards. Foolproof design coupled with great user experience is the USP for this app. Make sure you follow this stringently while solution development. 

Reducing the pain points suffered by people: The normal on-demand taxi service is good but still people have complaints about it. There is no clear info about waiting time, airport shuttle, etc. The features in this app have reduced the pain points of regular taxi app users. The customer app has a 60 minute free wait time option which the user can opt during booking. The profile of chauffeur is well detailed so that it is easy for users to pick one.

No surge pricing is an added advantage. The driver app required multiple screening before a driver can register with the app.

A separate section for business solution is there for MNCs and orgs to book personalized services.

Where to get an app solution like Blacklane with no compromises?

From SpotnRides, you can get a Blacklane like a taxi booking app with all the features that satisfy customer pain points. SpotnRides has already delivered custom taxi booking apps like Uber and multi-services apps like Grab to many startups.

It will not be difficult for us to deliver something like the Blacklane app for your startup. The Blacklane like app is readily available with us and our team has refined the base app to be more responsive without any glitches.

We can develop personalized solutions for both iOS and Android phones using a top-notch framework. Based on your input we will decide on the app design and work to give a premium appeal to the app.

Special attention is given to features like:

  • Selecting waiting time while booking
  • Multiple screening in the driver app
  • Limousine booking   

Final say!

To be competitive in the field like Blacklane you need a fine app solution for it that makes the users feel comfortable. An app like that can be developed by SpotnRides and there is more to speak about its functions and features. Kindly send a message to [email protected] for more details.

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