Everyone Must Know About These New Features in the On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Across the globe, there is a pattern of increased use of public transport and cabs for the daily commute. This is mainly because of the high cost of owning a car and traffic problems. So, this demand for taxis is now being harnessed by many entrepreneurs to launch taxi startups like Uber which uses an app to book a taxi from anywhere and at any time.

Most of these taxi startups are bootstrapped and they get a taxi app solution from software providers instead of developing from scratch. These taxi app solutions have the same features as that of the Uber app. But now, due to the changing market scenario and the need to improve the safety of riders, new features are added to the taxi booking app solution. Let me explain to you the latest features one by one. 

Share your ETA and Trip History with your friends for safety purpose

There have been many instances of riders getting harrassed in the taxi and most of them are women riders. To eliminate this problem at least to some extent, a new feature is added to the customer app. The rider can share the estimated time of arrival and real-time location to friends or relatives or family members. This alerts them if the cab deviates from the existing route.

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Sync your meetings using calendar shortcuts

There is “calendar events” feature in the taxi app which is in sync with the mobile calendar. If a person adds any address for a future meeting or anything in the mobile calendar it will appear as a shortcut in the taxi app. So, if the same person books a ride for that meeting, it is not necessary to fill all the details.


If you are sharing a ride with more than one person like a friend or relative and wants to equally split the fare between them, it can be done seamlessly with the Split Fare feature which is newly added to the taxi app. This feature can also be used during ride sharing which is becoming increasingly famous no.

Scheduled rides

It is no longer necessary that a rider must book a ride a few minutes before. Now, a rider can schedule a ride even 30 days in advance. So, a rider doesn’t have to worry about the last minute availability of cabs.

Customer rating

Sometimes, the driver of the cab also face unruly riders and there are many instances of riders behaving rudely to the drivers. So, using the customer rating feature, the driver can rate the rider and if the rating falls below a threshold, the rider can no longer book taxis in the app.

In app chat between driver & rider

In some situations, the rider’s mobile GPS may not work properly and this is a major hurdle for the driver to locate the rider. At this point, an in app chat feature for the driver and rider would be good. The rider can message the location and explain to him the route. This feature makes the rider to book taxi even with the GPS mode off.

SOS panic button

The SOS panic button is an advanced feature which allows the rider to click the panic button in the customer app in case of any emergency. The panic button sends an alert message to nearby emergency centers and family/relatives/friends who are connected with the rider app.

These are some of the latest package of features added to the taxi booking app and our taxi app solution SpotnRides also has the same features at present. If you are going to get a taxi app solution from a solution provider, then you must make sure these apps are present in the solution.

SpotnRides, apart from having these features also has the competence and experienced developer team to add exciting and relevant features to the taxi app based on the client’s request and market requirements. Also, our solution is white labeled so that the client can add any logo with any design to the solution.

We are also keen to partner with you to aid for your taxi startup and for more details regarding our app, drop a message to [email protected].

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