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From the earth start we use to transport or trade through the water this increases the trades and connections with the other landmarks. Though there is growth in technology and our lifestyle might be changed, people still love to explore natural beauty through boating. Most of the people will appoint a driver to drive the boat and some of them will ride the boats on their own. An on-demand water taxi is suitable for both cases. 

It’s a big boon in the coastal areas. People are linking their profiles with the on-demand water taxi and earning more profits. The working process is similar to that of a taxi booking but in the water taxi app, the users are able to check the weather and routes before the confirmation. I’m sure that this blog will be more useful for entrepreneurs and new firms.

Why is water Taxi App Startup a Great Idea for New Firms?

It’s again transferring the industries, people love to travel through the boats. But then hiring the boats, people are looking for a water taxi where they can travel through the boat in a short distance. This business model is not only a boon in tourist places, but it is also a big profit in the coastal areas too. 

There are boats available in all coastal areas but some might book their boats by reaching the coast. It won’t generate more revenue, because people are looking for instant booking for their siling. So it’s better to invest your money in an application for your own business.

SpotnRides Luxury Water taxi booking

Building an app will cost you a lot more than the savings that you had to start your business. It’s better to choose a pre-built application. You no need to worry about creating an app to start your water taxi service. Here let me give you a solution, choose the pre-build app. You can join your hands with us SpotnRides, where we have an experienced team to develop your app. 

We have a pre-build app, so if you want it can add the features or edit as per your needs. Want to know more about your water taxi app then keep reading the blog. I know that by knowing you will be more curious to know about your app. Without any further delay let’s get started.

Elements in your app

Alike normal taxi app your water taxi app also has three interfaces 

  1. Driver application (iOS and Android),
  2. Passenger application (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

It’s important to know what options are in your panel since you’re the admin and the one who is going to manage both of your users.

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Classified Dashboard – Where you as the admin can manage your users and the boat owners. You’re allowed to verify all the processed and unprocessed boat hiring requests. And able to monitor all the boats that are connected with your app along with the ones that are allocated to the users. The user’s data is monitored and stored in this section. All the multi-payment gateways, payment details, commission costs are maintained and saved for making the transparent transaction systems. Manage Fares/Location-Based charges. In simple words, you are able to manage and track everything on your dashboard. The main feature in this water taxi booking that makes the users comfortable is weather forecasting. Keep reading to know.

SpotnRides Modern Weather forecasting 

The weather forecasting feature in your application allows the user to predict the atmosphere before they book their boat to sail. There are smart quick notifications based on the current weather along with the hyper-local forecast in visualization with the stunning map. There are two benefited models in your water taxi app. They are 

The two types of water taxi business

Commission – where you can connect all the boats with your app and earn commissions for each booking.

In-personal – if you’re an owner who provides your boats to sail, can earn more revenue by taking your business to the next level.

There is no big difference in both the above mentioned models, they both generate the same revenue.

Final say

If you’re in this industry for a long time, then it’s the right time for you to take it to the next level by digitizing your business with the latest trends. If you’re looking for a unique application for your water taxi business, then why are still waiting for contact us now by filling the below form.

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