Digital Disruption in the Travel Industry: Offering Luxurious Experience for Corporate Employee by SpotnRides Charter Bus Management App solution

Corporate event, an interesting activity where the group of employees altogether planned for the trip to escape from the stressful workflows. It also filters the gap between the employees of the organization. Conducting a corporate event outside the region also makes the employee explore the new regions.

  This process requires suitable transportation services rather than taxi or more since the employee demands quality, convenience, and luxurious experience. Charter bus services are the best transportation mode for the corporate event and growing demand.

With all the amenities like AC, Wi-Fi, LCD, Charter bus services have numerous attention from professionals. The reasons why the charter bus service is the best choice among the corporate employees are expensive and out of control trips. Take a look in detail.

In the first case, suppose the planned corporate event trip is out of town for long-duration, taking a train, plane or by driving themselves ended up in more money. Rail and air travel suffers a lot of costs even for a single ticket. In the same way, driving by yourself is also expensive with the needed things like food, gas, tolls. If you plan multiple trips on a single month, the cost is more unexpected.

  In a second case, the time of vehicle arrival and reach to the destination is not in your hands. Hence, this leads to a collapse in the travel plans if any disruption in transport mode.

  To sort out this issue, charter bus travel gets familiarity among the employees. Even the fine-tuning of this travel by using the suitable charter bus dispatch software increases the revenue of the charter bus business considerably. Growing usage of software for every service that we need offers a comfortable experience in booking a bus by sitting in-home or office.

  Due to the familiarity and its potential growth, a number of people attracted and started their own charter bus service startup by charter bus management system. Suppose you are a bus company owner and fond of launching the charter service means, then you must know the impact of bus management software for charter buses called SpotnRides. 

Prior to looking deeply, it is necessary to understand the secrets behind the charter bus services like retention of drivers, the need for the specialized system, etc. 

Charter Bus Services: Ideal Transportation for Luxurious Corporate Tours

Since charter bus service is especially dedicated to the corporate peoples, the structure, amenities, storage spaces are the major requirement to be considered. If the bus company has buses with all such facilities, then they must look onto professional drivers available in the market.

         In accordance with the amendments from the department of transportation, the driver can only cover the 10 hours consecutively with the 8 hours break. Suppose the trip includes the nights, then the number of drivers is increased even for a single trip. Why is this termed as ideal transportation for luxurious corporate tours? Below are the reasons.

  •  Traveling by Itinerary

When booking the new charter bus, a prior plan for the corporate tour is a necessary itinerary. This must include the pickup, drop-off address, time for both processes, additional while the driver needs a stop, rental amount, etc. preparing this in prior to travel helps the drivers to make the scheduling the trip accordingly.

Ok. Now, you are aware of the itinerary. Paper-based preparations for this trip may consume a lot of time. Alternatively, the digitized solution that emerged in the technology replaces this operation in a more convenient manner. Hence, moving on to a suitable software platform is the necessary one.

  •  Bring All Employees on time

Let us assume if you plan the trip by individual transport where the employees drive their own vehicles and this leads to delay. Hence, the outcome of the event gets affected. Rather, hiring the charter bus brings all the employees to arrive at a destination at the same time.

Upon group travel, the places of everyone are different and each one must be picked up at the right time to cope up with the event schedule. Hence, organizing all through the single window is the critical task and this demands the software.

  • Comfortable Transit

Bus amenities are responsible for ensuring the comfort inside the travel. Looking into outside travel such as prior to catching the bus, knowing the exact location of the bus, time of arrival, notification and intercommunication between the drivers and employees are the necessary things for a stress-free ride.

 To assure such feasibility, the technology offers the charter bus management software. Through this, employees and drivers are organized into the common platform where they can perform flawless activities.

The most important issues observed in charter bus services are retaining the professional drivers and providing a comfortable travel experience to the employees. 

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What are the secrets in retaining great driver for Charter Bus Services

Ensuring the stay of professional drivers is a critical thing for the charter bus services. Identifying the secrets behind that issue is the major aspect of this section.

  • Heard driver’s voices

 Since you are an owner, booking schedules, budget preparations, analyzing profit margin are making you busy and leads to forgetting about the queries of the driver. Similarly, valuing the services by sharing the benefits, offering any promotion activities also needed one from the driver’s point of view.

  •  Lack of Transparency in compensation

 As you all know money is an important one to survive. Make compensative bidding and the transparency in the financial activities is the needed things for retaining drivers. In another aspect, stressful trips such that improper scheduling of trips may cause unnecessary delays in riding. Besides, this also directly impact on the total number of trips for the day that degrade the revenue of the day.

 The planned route is the critical factor where the complicated routes or unknown routes cause the delay in travel and also leads to a large distance. Covering large distances leads to more fuel costs and time that adversely affected the cost of investment for the charter bus service providers.

  • Lack of Review of Dispatch 

Understanding the performance of your charter bus service business mainly depends on the analysis of review and rating comments from them. After the completion of travel history, getting reviews about the trips and the driver’s behavior is necessary for the update of your business practices.

Here, one of the interesting aspects is that getting more positive reviews directly contributes to the expansion of franchise over the region and makes a consistent revenue growth.

With this analysis, you take away the point that suitable software is the major need for the charter bus service provider. SpotnRides Charter bus management software solution allows you to find the solutions for those issues and retain the drivers and customer base effortlessly. 

How SpotnRides Charter Bus Management App Solution Enlightening Secrets

An individualized system for every activity in a business is a complex one. For instance, you are receiving the quotations from the drivers based on the telephonic conversations, preparing invoices in a paper-based flow and convoluting all into the single lead to more time consumption and error.

Replacing this system by the SpotnRides charter bus management software, you can manage all activities in a single interface. The software holds three interfaces like driver, traveler, and admin. Whenever the traveling request from the corporate event organizer or employee arises, the interfaces get stimulated by their working and perform the synchronous operation.

  As soon as the itinerary is ready in a digital form, the travelers searched the nearby charter bus service providers, selecting the suitable one based on affordability. Drivers get a notification and verify the pickup/drop off location, time, duration of the trip, intermediate stops, etc. Then, they started the trip. Being an admin, you also have the interface to monitor all the activities by sitting anywhere and anytime. Besides, it also provides the following solutions to retain the drivers. 

  • Make you in driver’s concern

With the dedicated option for each player, they planned their activities flawlessly. The digital platform provides the exact syncing with the players and it also supports feasible communication among the players. The in-app messaging option makes the driver or traveler communicate freely with the service provider freely.

  •  Transparency in compensation

 The traditional way of budgeting or partnership causes human error and misbehavior in some financial cases. Here, dealing with high professionals and hence the transparency in the financial activity is a major need. SpotnRides inherits with the interfaces trips management, a number of trips covered, cost per the km bring the solutions for driver side problems.

 Engaging the top drivers based on the traveler reviews by the suitable promo-codes helps you to make the happy drivers for your business and retain them.

  •  Valuing Business 

With the feedback section in the software, the behavior analysis of the driver is easily tracked by you and this allows making a fine decision on whether to add or remove the driver to assure the professional services. Besides, the rating directly promotes your business on the social platform by the integration of social media interface directly leads to the huge familiarity of the business across the world. 

How SpotnRides Charter Bus Management App Solution offering Luxurious Travel Experience

SpotnRides charter bus management software is an integrated platform that combines all the business functions in one place that saves time and money.  Instead of spending time on document processing and email activities, the software allows you to concentrate on promotional activities. The following features are the added metrics for you to provide a comfortable and luxurious service to the customers.

  • Intuitive Controllable

The unique designed software from our team offers a seamless browsing experience for your corporate customers. They can easily search the charter bus services within a single tap and plan the trip easily. 

After completing the trip, the software allows third-party integration payment apps in multi-currency format and thereby the payment can be easy and accurate oThe admin interface in this software allows you to handle the fare management, trip, and driver analysis easily.

  • Real-time analytics

Managing and tracking the entire fleet of buses and coaches in accordance with customer demands are the major issue in the charter bus business. With SpotnRides, the real-time tracking of all these processes is easy.

The GPS based tracking feature helps the corporate professionals to identify the exact location of the bus. Besides, the driver also gets benefited in identifying the feasible route to reach the destination quickly. This considerably reduces the cost of transportation and long-distance trips.

  • Platform compatibility

Though the platform has unique features, utilization in any situation is the major requirement. The compatibility of SpotnRides charter bus management software (running in desktop and mobile), the essential activities scheduling the trip, assigning the task to the drivers, managing the bookings all are easy even in the mobile phone itself.

Covering all aspects of charter bus services, the SpotnRides solution allows you to offer a luxurious experience to the customers. 

Final say

Finally, the journey comes to an end at this stage. But, it will give you start for you to start your own charter bus service business. Knowing all the needs of the corporate employees and fulfilling them with the software are the basic things for running on demand business. This blog can extend your viewpoint to the driver’s point of view and how to retain them for consistent operation.

Utilizing the technical tactics of the SpotnRides charter bus management app solution, you can easily grab the market and become familiar with the luxury travel industry. Still more queries, no hesitate, feel free to contact our technical team at [email protected]

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