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In this digitally upgraded era, a normal user can do almost everything with his smartphone from ordering food to booking a taxi. What amazed the people is the speed in which everything happens. For example, you book a taxi and within minutes a taxi pulls up near you. This on-demand economy is growing by leaps and bounds and the beauty is that small and aspiring entrepreneurs are making wonders in this economy if everything is done correctly.

The first thing that must come to your mind when thinking about a taxi startup is the on-demand taxi app solution. A typical taxi booking app consists of three interfaces, the customer app, driver app, and admin web panel. To make everything easy and save time, readily made booking programs are available with leading developers. You just need to connect with them and customise the solution for your required desire.

You may ask, will such apps have all the basic features users would like to see in a taxi app? Not all app providers have a pre-built app with all the necessary features. Selecting the right firm for getting the ideal solution is important. I strongly recommend you to take a look at SpotnRides. They are one of the handfuls of companies that ace in on-demand taxi booking app like Uber.

A second most important question asked by many entrepreneurs like you is that whether the app can be customised for local language and currency. Again for this question, not every builder has the technology stack to do it except a few like SpotnRides.

Why we Develop Multilingual Enabled Taxi Booking Apps at SpotnRides?

  • Regional language apps help the taxi startup to make a connection with the local users. Also, smartphone apps are now being used irrespective of literacy level. The taxi startup can gain more semi-urban users.
  • A multilingual app facilitates the growth and scaling of the business anytime. In some regions where there is a huge influx of foreigners, a multilingual app will be handy.
  • Finally, apps in multiple languages including local language help to analyse the usage based on language. The admin panel has sophisticated analytics tools to give valuable reports.

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How at SpotnRides we develop multiple language apps and bring utmost perfection?

Earlier we had the taxi app solution only for the English language and then we made enormous efforts to bring multilingual feature to the app.

Let me buttress the claim with plausible facts.

  • We tested the app first to ensure every other thing is working good. Then our team ensured that there is enough program space to support multiple language functions.
  • Next, we encoded strings in UTF-8 mode so as to prevent bugs in the software.
  • We were wary of not use concatenation or single strings in multiple contexts. This avoids issues of gender and grammatical agreement.
  • Then our team provided global support in the software to provide international access to the users. Date and time depend on the time zones, so it was made flexible.
  • Apart from these basic steps, symbols, logos, graphics, images and icons were modified.

There are some challenges we as a team had to overcome to make the integration of local language seamless. The same process goes for the integration of local currency. The currency factor comes only when selecting the taxi and during final payment. 

A one on one discussion is done with the client to draft a workflow on the languages and currency to be added. At SpotnRides we recently made a provision for riders to change the currency format. So that other country users will also get benefitted.

All these were possible only because we have a well organized and skilled developing team. Some firms find it difficult to make the app work even in a single language.

Constant touch with our existing taxi app clients and engagement with founders of top taxi companies gave us deep insights about the market and made us pull of cumbersome processes ahead of others.

Final say

I believe that you are more than satisfied with seeing how we take extra effort and care even for a simple process of enabling the taxi app in multiple languages and currencies.  Imagine the kind of work we do to bring the final product.

Enough of thinking much, quickly partner with SpotnRides to get some exciting features which you would have seen even in top taxi apps. There can never be a better time than now to build the solution for your yet to start a taxi company.

New safety features for riders and drivers are added recently, app testing methods were overhauled to give best results, custom logos can be added, attractive post-sale assistance packages, etc are available for new entrepreneurs.

For more details on adding currency, local language, and other insights about our taxi app, drop a message to [email protected]. We are looking forward to you.

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