Demand for Architect Is Growing Fast, So Launch an On-Demand Architect Searching and Hiring App Startup with SpotnRides

Gone are the days where homes, offices, and other constructions are built without designers and architects. Now, people have evolved a lot in terms of perfection, sustainability consciousness, and design sense, that they are looking for buildings with good aesthetics, perfect design, optimized cooling and heating, serene ambiance, apt natural light, minimal waste discharge and finally at an affordable cost. 

What is the Current Demand for Architects?

All the above-said works can be done by an architect. Architecture is a broad term and it comprises of urban planning, CAD modeling, interior design, landscaping, estimation, planning, and mechanical, electrical, & plumbing. Each of these works are specializations in architecture. 

Even many existing home and building owners are looking for architects to revamp in line with the latest models and make it sustainable. So, there is never before seen demand for architects.

Access to architects

Just like any other specialized services, architecture is also facing the problem of having a not so good connection with the users. Skilled and experienced architects are also unable to connect with potential projects that can push their limits in terms of innovation and creativity.

Uber like app for architect sourcing

This problem can be solved with an innovative idea of a mobile app similar to Uber model. Uber taxi solved a problem by efficiently connecting riders with taxis. In the same way, it is possible to have an app-based crowdsourcing platform to connect users with skilled and apt architects. 

Individuals or contractors who are looking for an architect with specific needs can use the app to find and hire from a list of different architects. No matter what is the scope of the need, users can use the app to find architectural talents.

Talented architects too will get more no. of projects than before and also the opportunity to work in challenging projects.

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How it is like to run this as a startup?

The Uber like on-demand architect sourcing app can be launched as an internet startup.  Fortunately, you need not want to be an architect to run this startup. Having an entrepreneurial mindset and enthusiasm to venture into the new on-demand market is enough to run this exciting startup.

The revenue model in this business idea is the same as that of other on-demand business. You will get a commission for every booking from either the listed architects or the users who are sourcing.

App working in brief

For individual clients

Individual clients can use the app to post their projects with all the necessary details like project type, need, type of skills required, milestones, etc. By saying project type, what I mean is the type of architect specialization required like interior design, modeling, estimation, planning, and building revamp.

Once it is posted, the individual will get proposals from different architects at different rates. The individual now can select and hire an apt professional based on skill, completion time, milestones, and rate.

After booking a specialist, the user will have full control over it. The customer app can be used to manage the project. In-app chat, documents exchanging, etc can be done in the app.

For architects

Skilled and talented architect with good specialization who wants to work on challenging projects and thereby earn more money can list their service in the on-demand architects hiring app. Also, for those who want to grow the business by making additional clients, listing their service in this on-demand architects app will be the right choice.  

It is estimated that the visibility and scope of service increases when it is listed on the internet.

Once a listed architect is awarded a project, he can use his mobile app to update the work, send documents, drawings, send emails, etc.

Scope of on-demand architects hiring app

If you are still not fully satisfied with this startup idea, then you must look into some facts. Developing countries like India, China, Africa, and Australia have a very high demand for architects and it is estimated to grow by 50% by 2023. The US architecture market will have a CAGR of 5% till 2025. 

Also, 60% of the demand is from the residential sector. Among the various architectural services, urban planning, interior designing, and project management captures the top 3 places in terms of requirements.

By now, you would have understood the scope of on-demand architects sourcing app. 

App development for this startup

The app solution for this startup consists of the customer app, architect app, and the admin web panel. To get this solution with minimal cost and good performance, I would recommend you SpotnRides. 

SpotnRides is an on-demand app which is exclusively made for architect hiring. The app is pre built and with a little tweak, you can deploy and launch the startup. 

We have expertise in developing apps for various on-demand business services and our clients are spread over 10+ countries. So, the on-demand architect booking app will be on par with other quality apps like Uber, Postmates, Deliveroo, etc. 

SpotnRides also has the flexibility to add other services into the app like construction equipment renting, civil works labor booking, and staffing search.

Our team would be very happy to partner with you to make this niche app for your startup and also it will help us evolve more.

To know more about SpotnRides, drop a message to [email protected]. Our business team is available 24/7 and they will connect you immediately and answer all your queries.  

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