Create A Biggest Academic Revolution in 2021 Via Newly Modelled Uber for Tutors App

The development of today’s technology brings all the magic to people’s actual lives. Connecting with each other virtually is now simple with the internet. It helps children to stay connected with their studies also. 

Many parents globally want to escalate their children based on the trends happening around the world. As a result, the number of children joining online tutoring is increasing in 2021. According to statistics, the estimated revenue growth of online tutoring services is 153.7 billion USD between the years 2021-2025. It projects 15.77% of business development in this field.

To start your own tutoring service startup online, SpotnRides provide you the greatest Uber for tutoring with many advanced features that assist your startup to be developed in the market in a very short time. In this blog, we are going to see its complete details in addition.

All Education Institution Around the World Turned Into Digital After COVID-19:

After the COVID-19 outbreak, all the educational institutions around the world are still closed for children’s safety. In order to avoid breaks on studies, online classes from all the institutions are held on regular schedules through mobile phones. 

Even though teachers are still educating their students online, additional support to learn things clearly is always required for them. Due to the digital approach, the actual duration followed at schools reduced vastly. So, the chances of distractions occupy children’s studies frequently.

To compete with these circumstances, parents look for a better tutor service online to motivate their children further in education. By considering the current trend and demands can make the tutoring app launch profitable in 2021. In the meanwhile, the available tutoring platforms at the present time face several demands on their sides as follows. 

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The Demands of Uber for Tutor App Nowadays:

  • Easy Tutor Selection Process: Based on the children’s education requirements, they need tutors for different subjects. So, finding a suitable tutor for their exact need still finds demand for a simple solution while using tutor apps nowadays.
  • Perfect Notification Alerts: Many children using tutor service apps demanding that they not receive any notification about their class schedules and tutor availability on time. It makes them become tedious about their actual interests in regular studies. 
  • In-App Communication Facility: The lack of connection between the tutors and the students after classes are over creates difficulty to clarify doubts on their preparations. So, it would be highly required to have an in-app chatting facility on the services.

How SpotnRides Helps You to Create A Biggest Academic Revolution?

SpotnRide already has a pre-made clone applications with all the demand-beating solutions along with additional features for your new online tutoring service app. In the mean to assist you to create the biggest revolution through your online academic business service, the following top trendy opinions from the tutoring service app will be the milestone for your startup development. 

Smart Categorizing Solution:

The best ever facility of categorizing tutors as per their expert on different subjects, they can easily set the details from their tutor’s apps. Thereby, the students can smartly find their tutors based on required subjects. In addition, they can also use the filtering option, though they can find relevant tutors simply in a minute. 

Strong Interconnection:

Having a Tutoring service app is already a tested app solution, its strongest interlinking framework performs rapidly on transferring messages in between your players. So, while information is updated by tutors like their availability status, class time schedule, etc. instant notifications hit the bell of students’ apps for alerts.

In-App Calling:

Using your tutoring app’s in-app chatting facility, the students can text their doubts to tutors. They can clarify them at any time while their tutors are online. Also, if they need additional clarification on communications, they can directly make calls to tutors using the in-app calling option available in their students’ app.  

Rates and Reviews:

Based on the tutors’ classes and their approach to their students, the children or the parents can command their service and experience online. Using them, the upcoming parents can select perfect tutors for their children by reviewing them clearly.

Simple Admin Management:

Involvement of advanced technologies in Tutoring service app, your own business app holds all the smart management solutions on your admin panel. For e.i. As an admin, you can monitor every single transaction that happens in between your business through a powerful dashboard and business analytics. You can add/remove any tutor at any time in accordance with demands. 


As we discussed in the entire blog, starting up your own tutoring service online in 2021 has provided you the greatest success in the future. Also with the Uber for tutor app from SpotnRides, your tutor apps have many advanced features to meet all the existing demands of the online tutoring market.  

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