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It’s not wrong to say that mobile phones are our half-souls of 20th century. We use our phones to do everything for us like, ordering food or booking a cab. In this tech world, everything is easy to find and get access to it. In China, there is a website for finding the maids where you are able to appoint a person for a month or an hour and they cost according to it. Going green isn’t a proverb much uses to grow grass outside their home but now likes to mow it. If the grasses are not mowed properly it will look worse because beauty lies in it. I think you are ready to start developing an on demand uber like app for lawn mowing startup and I suggest to keep reading to find a solution.

Why a Uber for Lawn Mowing Service App than a Robot?

In markets there are many varieties of lawn mowing robots are available. The challenges you will be facing while using a lawn mowing robot

  1. It will be stuck in the middle of mowing itself.
  2. Poor blades are used so there will be rapid changes of the blades.
  3. Scalping too low. 
  4. Runs out of battery within a few hrs.

The truth is everyone loves grass but we are hated to mow it. But still, there are people ready to do it. I know what are you thinking now only the mowers know the tricks to cut the grass and keep it even there are 17 different types of lawn mowing machines. Each of them acts differently according to their structure. Many of them try to mow on leave days and ruins their whole day it needs some practice. 

It’s an on-demand, you as an entrepreneur can take it as an opportunity to make it a grand success in your country. All you need now is a lawn mowing app so that you can combine all the mowers who are ready to mow the grass and get paid. By reading the following interfaces and features of this lawn mowing app you will get hope.

Interfaces that are used in the Lawn Mowing app

The beauty of this app is it will give you enough control since you are the owner of this app you can fix the price for mowing. It may be per hour or as per square feet. There are three interfaces in the lawn mowing app.

  1. Customer app ( iOS and Android )
  2. Mowers app ( iOS and Android )
  3. Admin web panel

Let us see in detail about the working process of the lawn mowing app

  • To use this app one has to download it from the respective store it may be a play store or an Apple store.
  • Next, the person has to create a profile for him to use this service by using any of his social media.
  • He has to fill his bank or credit card details to continue with  your service.
  • After fill all this he can able to access the app and book the mower who is nearby or as per the review.
  • In the admin web panel, it will be noted once a customer booked his mower,
  • The mower can able to navigate the customer’s place through GPS available in the app.
  • Once the service is done, the customer can pay the cost through e-banking or COD.
  •  The customer can able to rate the mower when the service is finished.
  • There is also an option to view the image and details of the mower.

It is just a working process of that app let me take you to a quick tour of the special features that are available in the lawn mowing app.

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Features available in the Lawn Mowing app

The features of the lawn mowing apps are listed below

  • Schedule timing – The customers are able to schedule a mower before a day itself.
  • Advanced report – The advanced report will show you the income growth.
  • Mowers profile – Customers are able to see the mowers profile and their bookings or schedules.
  • Book and cancel – This helps you to book and cancel the appointment at any time.
  • Rate & Review section – The rate and review section is available to take a good decision before selecting the right mower.
  • Offline mode – It’s a unique feature that is only available in SpotnRides were it will keep notify you the mowers updates through message even when you’re offline after booking.
  • Push notifications – It will keep on shows the offers and availability of the mowers.
  • Chat Box – Chat option is available where you can chat with the mowers.
  • Virtual assistance – It filters and displays the mower according to your needs. 
  • Calendar – If your an office person this feature will help you a lot. It will note the day one service and then from that day to the next 30th day, it will automatically assign the mower to scalp your grass. 

How SpotnRides can aid you with Lawn Mowing app-based startup?

Now you would have got a clear view of the on-demand app of this lawn mowing. It’s the best way to invest money in this lawn mowing app than to create a new app. It would take more time than you think of creating a new app on both the OS. Make billions of dollars without a sweat by choosing SpotnRides. Here we will also customize according to your needs extra features can be added if you insist on. I’m 100% sure you will get more profit by this app than you think now. The app is more flexible it can fit any device of your customer. 

We SpotnRides had completed many projects like the Lawn Mowing app and we support our clients with free service for a certain period of time. Still, why are blocking your success ping us today itself?

Wrapping up!

By now you would have convinced about the idea of Uber for lawn mowing and our SpotnRides solution. We are looking to engage with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to launch our product.
To get more details and queries about SpotnRides, tap a message to [email protected]. We are available 24/7 to cater to your needs.

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