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Dance instructors are the persons who will be training the dancers physically and mentally for the performance. They are as much as equally worthy of the dance choreography, they have the same quality to teach a dancer or a group of dancers either at the dance studio or directly at their home.

Today we are able to get everything directly to our destination with the help of an on-demand application. This brought the demands for many other services to get adapted with on-demand based applications to meet the customers directly at their home. Is this possible for a dance instructor service too?. To know the answer keep reading the blog completely.

How An On-Demand Dance Instructor Booking Application Brings Visibility To The Career?

Looking for the best dance instructor is quite a tough job for the parents when it comes to making their kids get the right dance instructor. There are many instructors available nearby but they are hidden due to lack of visibility in their service. Normally, dance instructors earn an hourly wage of $28.77.

The demand for the dance instructors is high in the market but getting the right dance instructor is tough as I said before. But, it can be made simple with an on-demand booking application. Today many services are getting adapted to an on-demand application to make their service visible among the region.

A dance instructor will be charging for an hour depending upon their level of experience, training, and years of performance in stages. Parents are expecting to book a dance instructor directly to their home rather than joining their kids in a dance studio or school. This brings the demand for the online dance instructor booking service startup.

To start an on-demand dance instructor booking service, you no need to be a dance instructor. You as an entrepreneur can start the dance instructor booking app solution to connect the experienced dance instructors with the dancers. An on-demand dance instructor booking services application acts as a linking layer to connect the end players and you will be gaining a commission charge on each booking. With enough experience in trainer booking app developments, SpotnRides develops dance instructor app solutions to meet all range trainee needs. 

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Establish the dance instructor service with SpotnRides app solution

There are many on-demand applications available in the market with various key features to enhance the service. But not all the applications give an enriched experience to the customers until it is developed with the latest technology. Some entrepreneurs end up buying an affordable application with poor development. 

On the other hand, few entrepreneurs compensate their business demands to get fitted with on-demand applications. If you get fitted according to the application workflow, then you aren’t able to gain the revenue as you drafted. Always look for an application that exactly suits your business demands. 

In Spotnrides on-demand dance instructor booking services, you’re able to get one such solution with necessary key-features to smoothly service your business. Our application solution is pre-developed therefore you’re able to get the mobile app for dance instructor booking services quickly within a short period of time.

Our dance instructor booking app solution is more customizable so that re-designing the application according to your business requirements will be done quickly. More than we have required key-features to enhance the booking experience to your end-players. In SpotnRides mobile app for dance instructor booking services, you will be getting three applications as follows

  1. Dance instructor’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Dancer’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin web panel.

In the dancer instructor’s application, the service provider can update their required document details to start their service with your app. Once you accept their service request, their profiles will be activated as a dance instructor and they will be getting the dance request from the dancers in their region.

Once the service request is sent the dance instructor can check the request and either accept or reject the request according to their time permits. Or the dancers can also schedule their dance instructor’s service in advance. The service providers are also able to check their service history and rating.

This will help them to improve their service even better than previously. To give the freedom to the customer service charge, we have integrated the various payment options in the customer’s application. The customers are allowed to choose the payment choice before booking the service provider.

How SpotnRides key feature helps to enrich the customer’s experience?

  • Quick registration option – Once the starting process is more simple and quick customers will easily be attracted to your flawless service. Thus the application registration is one of the important ways to customers shortly. But unfortunately, many on-demand applications failed to understand it. 

Therefore to make the registration process more simple and quick, In the SpotnRides app solution, we have included the social media log-in system. This lets the customers to easily log-in or sign-up using their social media accounts itself. This integration also helps them to share their experience with their circle easily and it brings visibility to your service. 

  • Service-prover’s location tracking – People get started using an on-demand application for its tracking and monitoring feature. Yes, the customers are able to track their service provider after the booking this enhances the service. The customers are able to get real-time updates on the booked service provider’s destination. 
  • Voice navigation system – The service providers are able to track the customer’s location using the GPS tracking features. To enhance and extend the feature tool to make the service more comfortable to the service provider. We have included the voice navigation system too therefore the service provider is able to hear the route on the running.
  • Customer’s request rejection – The service providers aren’t able to take the service every time therefore we have integrated this rejection option. This feature lets the service provider to either accept or reject the customer’s service request quickly. This feature tool gives full flexibility to the service provider to enhance the booking service.
  • Booking fare estimation – In the on-demand application mostly every customer wants to know the service fare before booking the service. To improve service even more we have brought, the best algorithm to show the exact estimated fare for the customers and service providers. This gradually brings efficiency and brings transparency to your online dance instructor booking service startup.
  • Service evaluation option – You as an admin should know about your players to enhance the business. Therefore, we have integrated this key-feature that helps the customers to place the review on your service. In this, the customer can say about the service provider and application issues.

Bottom line

Today without an application getting visibility is a tough job therefore getting an application solution will not only bring visibility but also grow your business across the sea too. If you’re looking for one such solution, then SpotnRides will be the right choice for you. In SpotnRides we provide the top quality application service to improve your business efficiency.

If you’re okay with the above-mentioned business model and key features then please join your hands with us today to get your application. If you’re not satisfied and need a few modifications then please let us know those demands in the form below or reach us at [email protected]

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