Build Your Own Visitor Management System For Manufacturing Industries: Preventive Ways Of SpotnRides Visitor Management Software For Unauthorized Visits

We all are well aware of the manufacturing offices and factories are often highly regulated. That too when it comes to sensitive data and security protocols, it should be safeguarded and protected from third-party visitors. It’s really hard to maintain and keep up a long manual of visitor’s data.

At the same time, it is tough to find who is inside your plant right at this moment and monitoring them. To assure safety and security, we aren’t able to reject the visitors, to make it easy and give them a good experience. Technology has given the best solution called a visitor management system, which enables us to track visitors and invitees easily.

This also allows you to transform the entire visitor’s lobby gateway experience by strengthening the security into a digitized form of your manufacturing industry. In the recent survey, the industry professionals had felt that 82% of using a good visitor management system provides a safer environment for the workers. It gradually takes off all the effort, if there is any mismatch happens in the differentiation of staff and the visitors. These types of issues can be easily overcome by a well-designed application-based software like SpotnRides. Keep reading to know more about your VSM.

Why Does The Manufacturing Industry Need A Visitor Management System?

No one will reject the visitors and invitees since they are given the number one priority among the industries. But the security concern is to keep the private data and prevent unwanted visitors from accessing those facilities; this VMS plays a crucial role in it. 

Moreover, this system will be very useful for the large manufacturing industry with multiple gateways and high restricted zones. It can benefit especially from a customizable VMS that allows you to list the guests who can have access to enter such areas.

A centralized system to manage all your visitors from the place where you are. Beyond the security, it helps to gather all your visitors in a specific place by giving them an instant notification. This allows them to quickly react according to instructions given by the manager.

With the help of the visitor management system, you can provide a visitor-friendly service from their first step of entering your manufacturing facilities. Here, I have listed a few of the benefits you will be gained from using an application-based visitor management system 

  • Streamline the visitor check-in process easily,
  • Keeps your visitor information securely,
  • Quick identify the visitors before they enter,
  • Increase security in the manufacturing industry,
  • Add visitors to pre-approved​ and blocklists.

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A long-process of Traditional visitor management system in the manufacturing industry

A traditional visitor management log (Paper-based) where people just used to have in many manufacturing industries for the sign-in and sign-out process. This paper-based visitor management just lacks safety and security, we can’t assure all of the visitors are the same.

There is no wonder in the manufacturing industry there will be N number of people who will be walking in and out countless times. It shows the difficulty of being able to differentiate whether the person is the right one to access those areas or not.  

It gradually takes off all the effort, if there is any mismatch happens in the differentiation of staff and the visitors. These types of issues can be easily overcome by a well-designed application-based software like SpotnRides. Keep reading to know more about your VSM.

SpotnRides VMS

SpotnRides is nothing but a software-based application solution, that allows you to speed up your visitor management system and keep control of every visitor entering your facility by just a tap. In simple words, it helps to improve your security system.

Our visitor management system for manufacturing facilities ensures security in various ways that benefit all types of manufacturing industries. Though our application-based solution is common for all the manufacturing industries.

Every manufacturing industry has specific challenges according to the factory models and timing. Therefore Our developer’s main aim is to bring a solution that should meet those needs. Since our application is fully customizable it can be edited according to your needs and requirements.

SpotnRides visitor management system Business model

There are three different interfaces that are linked into one application as listed below

  1. The visitor (iOS and Android),
  2. Industry drivers (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin web panel (Manager).
  • If any visitor is interested to visit your manufacturing industry then he/she has to sign-up with your application with the required details.
  • Once they have finished the sign-up they can request for the visit with their details and their needs to visit your place.
  • The admin can check the requirements and the request can be accepted or rejected by the admin.
  • If the admin accepts the request then the industry driver will be at your doorstep to pick you up at the right time.

How our software simplifies manufacturing industry VMS easily 

  • The verified visitor only – In paper or manual log will be cheated easily by the third-party. But with the application, only the verified profiles are given certain verification code to enter the manufacturing industry. 

This profile verification will be done by you the admin either accepts or reject the visitors visiting request.

  • Quick stop the rejected profiles – As I mentioned before you as an admin has the option to reject the unwanted visitors. And those visitors aren’t able to request the visiting appointment to your manufacturing industry again.
  • Track the visitor’s history and real-time – Once the visitor finishes the sign-in process you as an admin can track the visitor. You are allowed to know the visitor name, Picture, request to visit, current location. 

Alternately the user can also access the industry dashboard to get the information of the opening time and the visitor’s time, everything in detail.

  • Restricted areas – You as an admin can restrict some of the important areas in your manufacturing industries. You can create a list of visitors who are allowed to enter the restricted areas and the others can’t enter certain areas without the required OTP.
  • Visitors Analysis – In the admin dashboard you can analyze your industry visitors with all the required details easily from anywhere. This also provides you with daily visitors and weekly visitors detailed lists in a few seconds.
  • Instant check-in notification – once the visitor enters your industry the instant notification will be sent to the admin. This will help you to avoid the waiting time of the visitor at the doorstep itself. 

These are some of the features that are available with your visitor management application. We have a lot more features too once you join your hands with us we will discuss it with you. If you want some other new features or add-on it can also be done quickly.

Bottom Line

Quickly adapt to the application-based visitor management system to give a new experience to your visitors and which keeps the unwanted visitors away. Our application will provide a streamlined and efficient visitor management process. This also saves your time, cost and money. Still, why are you waiting? Just a few steps to reach us, all you need to do is to fill the form below or contact us soon at [email protected]. We will reach you soon.

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