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Yoga has grown massively in popularity over the past few years, with the passion of the students around the world. The facts show that it has many health benefits, particularly it acts as the stress reliever. People love to learn about yoga but still, there is no right product in the market. 

The survey shows that nearly 36 million people are practicing yoga and Americans spend nearly $16 billion on yoga classes, clothing, equipment, and accessories each year. In the last four years, the number of yoga students has increased triple times than before. This shows the value of yoga.

This blog is about on demand yoga teacher app that allows you to gain high revenue by connecting the yoga trainer and yoga seekers. You as an admin will be benefited by getting a commission on each booking. Here, if you keep reading without skipping any path, you will get the full knowledge in SpotnRides about your yoga application and our service.

What Is The Reason Behind The Popularity Of On Demand Yoga Teacher App Solution?

We all want to lead a healthy living, where we want peace, happiness, positivity, and health. But do you think it is the right time for the modern world? Where we used to run for our jobs and studies. This is a little too much to ask for in today’s time but yoga helps you to keep healthy and allows you to grow your inner beauty gradually. 

To understand the mobile yoga app, take a look at the reasons why people enjoy booking yoga trainers by using an application.

  • It’s cheaper – Beginning a yoga class is not cheap but booking a yoga trainer according to your preferred time is cheaper than the monthly payment or yearly. Statistically, an average yoga seeker will pay over $28,000 in their lifetime for yoga classes. A mobile app is considerably cheaper. All you need is a  mat and the app to book your trainer to practice yoga at home.
  • Give your convenience – Going to a yoga class is a big commitment on our busy day. But having the yoga app, on the other hand, is a way to get the training in your free time. It takes less than 5 minutes to start your yoga training once you have booked your trainer. It also lets you share your experience with your friends through social media.

This shows the worthiness of the yoga teacher startup. So you as an entrepreneur can kick start your own on demand yoga teacher app. Entering the app market, keep in mind that customers will be expecting a good set of features to track their performance. Here in SpotnRides uber for yoga, you will get everything at an affordable price.

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How SpotnRides brings you the success in building your on demand yoga app solution

SpotnRides is a software-based application that allows you to earn high revenue in your on-demand business with the help of advanced key-features. Though our application is pre-developed with niche key-features, it can be easily modified according to your business requirements.

Rather than the pre-developed application why should you choose our service? We not only provide you an application according to your requirements. We guide you on each process of your application to make your doubts clear. This will help you to get familiar with your application and give you a clear understanding.

What you will be getting in your yoga application? We provide you a full package of service that includes a Yoga seekers application (iOS and Android), Yoga trainer (iOS and Android), and an admin web panel. The app features add multi-device synchronization, and an overall tracker to help users keep in touch with their trainer, and so on.

Here, let me share with you the 4 steps of your yoga application workflow 

  • Step-1 The yoga seekers who are ready to take training can register with your application to continue your service. Once they register they are allowed to check the nearby yoga trainer and send them the request.
  • Step-2 Once the request is sent it will automatically notify the yoga trainer, whether the trainer can accept or reject the request according to their time preference. Once the trainer accepts the request.
  • Step-3 The yoga student is able to schedule the trainer according to his/her preference time. It can be done by just a tap, it will instantly notify the date and time of the booking to the trainer.
  • Step-4 The yoga student has to pay the required fee according to the service and the time. The fees will automatically be credited to the trainer and the admin commission fees. The admin is allowed to track and monitor all the processes in a single dashboard.

Benefits of SpotnRides on-demand yoga application service

  • Location-based service – People who are looking for a Yoga trainer in the same area or nearby can see exactly with this application. The location-based service offered by the SpotnRides solution allowed the yoga seekers to book their service and It is an effective way of staying connected with your trainer.
  • Keep on track –  Both the trainer and student can track their attendance and retention with a simple touch on the application. This will not only help them to keep an accurate calculation of the attendance, but it will also help in increasing the business revenue.
  • Easy payment option – There is no need to follow a tedious payment option, here with the help of using our application the students can easily pay their fees digitally with a in-built payment gateway. This gives a digital proof on fee slip.
  • Brand recognition – Since the competition is tough and is going to be tougher in the coming years too. But by using our application software it will help your service to get noticed by your potential user in your inner/outer region.

How SpotnRides advanced key-features allows you to find and track the yoga teacher near you

  • Social media registration – This feature in your app helps the user to register their account easily using social media integration, it won’t take too long. Within a sec, the user is able to signup and continue with your application service.
  • Real-time GPS tracking – The real-time tracking feature plays a major role in your yoga training service, where it is useful for both the players. Where the user is able to track his/her service provider (trainer) in real-time. 
  • Centralized dashboard – The admin is able to track and monitor the Trainer and the user along with the full details of them. The admin can even add or remove the trainers from the platform according to their performance.
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language option – Our software breaks the barrier of the language in your app. Now your users can choose their preferred language from the listed and they are also able to pay any currency by the use of the multi-currency options.
  • Service Review – By using this option, the customer shares his experience with their trainer. This way of getting more positive reviews can help the admin to identify the top trainer from the rating section. The top trainer gets valid promotions through the app itself. 
  • Instant book– Now the booking has been made simple with our well-developed algorithm. The user can easily check the near yoga trainer quickly and allow them to check their full details. By just a tap on the trainer profile to place the book.
  • Trainer scheduled booking – The customer is also allowed to book their trainer before the service date. This makes them more productive and the service will be done according to the customer’s preferred date and the trainer too.

Bottom line

Running the yoga app with millions of potential customers will allow you to gain more revenue quickly. By now you might get to know about our service and your application. Still, why are you waiting? contact us today at [email protected] or by filling the below form and we will reach you soon.

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