Build Online Water Purifier Installation Service Booking Business With SpotnRides App Solution To Magnify The Visibility

When it comes to water purifying service installation, it is quite a difficult task. Yes, we have to remove all the boxes to unwrap the equipment, and then we have to read the guidance to make it fit. This takes a long process if some of the equipment is changed or missed then the whole process will be lacking.

The water purifiers service installation is tougher than we think. But, it can be made simple with the respective service provider who is well knowledgeable about it. They will be providing the best service according to the client’s request. Sadly, we can’t find one such service in the big city and we have googled for such service.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to quickly start an on-demand application service,  then you must consider the water purifier installation business. This lets the users search the service providers who are nearby them. This gradually reduces the searching time with your application instant solution.

This blog is all about the app for water purifiers installation service and how our application software made it simple with the advanced key feature. Before getting into the software service, let me share with you the few lines about the water purifier installation service.

Water Purifier Installation Service Booking App Solution: Get Instant Service For The Water Purifier Installation

We living beings are in need of water for our day to day use either for washing or cleaning or to keep us hydrated. But, we can’t assure you about the water’s quality and sometimes the water might look clean but they are not. Yes, these things happen nowadays due to poor water service. This can be overcome by the water purifiers.

It has the ability to dissolve any substances like chemicals and pollutants in it. So that you can drink a pure quality of water without any hesitation. And it also ensures that you and your family members’ health conditions are good. Some might be thinking that boiling the water makes the water clean from the chemicals.

But can you do it rapidly? It’s a difficult choice and we can’t keep using our water boiled to drink it. A better solution is to use a water purifier. The survey also shows that half of the population of people are using water purifiers in their homes and offices. The market is expected to show a growth rate of CAGR of 9.9% from 2019 to 2025.

The above survey shows the demand for water purifiers in the market. So there is a need for the installation too, if you kickstart your service application now. You can easily gain revenue and reach your business goals soon within a short period of time. With the help of the SpotnRides gather the customer’s attention.

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How SpotnRides modify the water purifier installation service app solution booking experience 

SpotnRides is an application that has been pre-developed and readily available for the clients at an affordable price. We have developed the mobile application in such a way it meets the user’s needs. Yes, we have given equal importance to all the end-players as well as the admin’s centralized dashboard.

The major three interfaces in the online water purifier business app are as followers

  1. Service man’s application (iOS and android),
  2. Customer’s application (iOS and android),
  3. Admin’s centralized dashboard.

When thinking about the customer’s shoes, they are in need of an instant solution for their needs. So that we have designed the interfaces that make their bookings and payment options easier. Rather than that, we have also designed interfaces with the latest designing tools. So that there are no age limits you can easily gather all ages customers and they can easily understand the interfaces to book a service.

The service-man (water purifier installing person) they are in need of giving the best service to their customers as well as they want to grow their service rate. To make it simple for the service provider, we have also made the multiple route optimization and service feedback system. These two let the service provider earn the customer’s relationship and they can also consider those feedback to improve their upcoming services.

The admin can monitor and track all the activities that happen in the application platform. The centralized dashboard has been developed to make the admin’s work process simple by getting an instant notification on the customer’s feedback and other updates regarding the application. The admin has also given the authority to add or remove the service provider easily with just a tap on the respective person’s profile.

  • Step-1 (Service registration) The customers who are in need of a water purifier installation can download the application from their mobile’s stores. Once the application is downloaded they have to register with the application’s conditions and terms to start with the service. The customers are allowed to search for the service after the registration process is completed.
  • Step-2 (Nearby service provider) Once the customer completes the sign-up process successfully, they are allowed to check the nearby service providers who are ready to accept their service request. The customer can send the request to the respective service provider by checking their profile and their service feedback. 
  • Step-3 (Service scheduling) We can’t assure that all the customers are in need of the instant service some might have. But others are looking for a pre-booking option that can be done with just a tap on the book later. These booking dates will be automatically updated on the end-players calendars so that they won’t forget about the service.
  • Step-4 (Tracking) Once the customer books the service, the service provider can track the customer’s location. The customers will be getting the real-time status upload on the service provider’s location. So that the customers can get the exact timing of the service providers’ arrival and they don’t have to wait for long.

Enhance the brand and business experience with SpotnRides metrics 

  • Service registration – To make the customer’s service registration process simple. We have integrated the social media log-in so that they can quickly log-in or sign-up with your application service. They can also share their bookings with their friends and family with the help of this social media integration.
  • Instant service – The service log-in and the sign-up process are made simple for the quick adaptation to the service. By taking that in mind this feature also developed it helps the customers to filter the service provider according to the ratings. So that they can instantly book the right service without wasting time.
  • Service provider tracking – The customers want to know about their service provider’s location. So that they can get to know about the time and this reduces the waiting time on the doorstep. This feature helps the customers to track their service providers in real-time with exact estimated time calculation.
  • Offers and discounts – The customers are always in need of special offers and discounts at regular intervals. This lets them feel special to make your customers keep engaging with your service. We have designed this feature to let the customers know about the instant offers and discounts. So that they won’t miss any special offers.
  • Various payment options –  The customer’s preference will keep changing and when it comes to the payment process. We cant assure the customer’s preference so that this feature lets them choose the needed option from various lists. Either cash on delivery or multiple online payment processes.
  • Advanced installation booking – As I mentioned above, some of the customers want to schedule their bookings in advance. That improves their productivity and helps them to schedule their day easily with your application. It will also automatically update the details about the bookings in the customer’s calendar.
  • Service survey – This is the final process of your application. Yes, this brings the transparency in your water purifier installation service. The customers can rate their service providers as well as their service. This lets the other customers take time to think before booking the respective service provider and the admin can take necessary action accordingly.

Bottom line 

If you’re here, then I hope that you might have acquired knowledge about the water purifier’s needs in the modern days. There are applications for many in-demand industries, but for water purifiers installation there are fewer competitors. Therefore, you’re allowed to gain high revenue and reach your business goals soon with the help of our software service. We provide you the best service and all-time support system.

We also know that each of us has different business models and demands, please fill the below form or contact us at [email protected] so that we are able to give you the right solution within a short period of time.

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