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Events or business conferences in institutions and several business organizations are common where the peoples from various places gather, share their ideas, and expand their knowledge in various fields. Traditionally, conducting an event includes the sequential process that starts with contacting the guest speakers and ends with the pickup of them.

One of the gifted forms of technology is video conferencing where the people share the ideas lively without visiting the place of the attendee. This one makes the guest speaker free from the traveling issues. The lively interaction may help the attendee to share their opinions and ideas related to the topics.

Initially, it is observed commonly in institutions and industrial sectors. Due to its effectiveness, video conferencing now extended to healthcare sectors, public conversations, and many more sectors. To make the video conferencing in an interactive manner, the Audio-Visual (AV) equipment is the big supporting material.

The clarity in the sound and visual are very much important if they are used in medical treatments. The ideas shared by the guest speaker and higher officials are in the form of high-quality sound means, then the attendee gets more clarifications and knows the contents clearly.

Over the period of higher-utilization of the AV equipment, the clarity in sound gets affected and wires may be damaged. This affects the conference heavily and there is a need for repairing them.

In the other dimension, the recording of the speeches and stage performances is the essential one for the various industries to verify them in the future. Hence, the opted person to handle both of the repair and recording services is the necessary thing for the customers who organize the events. These persons are also responsible for editing, copying, or modifying the contents related to digital media.

These services bring the real-demand for the service professionals called AV technicians who carry the following services: AV installation services, repairing, and video recording. The periodical analysis of AV equipment brings information about what type of failure and services to be used.

During campaign sessions, the demand for the AV technicians is high, and showing the availability to the peoples may bring various appointments to the AV technicians’ doors and yield high revenue.

At the same time, managing the number of booking orders and associated cost value are also necessary that made them look for any mobile app for aV service technician booking.

This brings a huge demand for AV technician business. If you wish to launch the online audiovisual technician booking services, this blog guides you in the right direction. In general, how the AV technician tasks are broken after the arrival of online solutions and the metrics to assure the quality marketplace for them.

Besides, this also illustrates the modeling of the SpotnRides AV technician app solution according to your services and makes you stand ahead in the market. Let’s move on to discussions.

Break It Out Tasks Of Audio-Visual Technician With Online Solutions For Smart Conferencing

Take a short look at some of the stats related to the AV industry at first.

  • A recent report from the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics mentioned that the growth percentage of job opportunities is 13% during the forecasting period 2016-2026.
  • The AVIXA report stated that the global economic value of the AV industry to be attained at 325bn USD in the year 2024.
  • The mean annual wages of the AV technician are observed to be 51260 USD and it attracts 73960 technicians.

As per the stats, you are very clear about the demand for the AV technicians is continually increasing one. To cope up with the demand, starting the AV technician business now is the right solution for you. Then only, you can easily handle the competitive market in the next three years.

Power back online solutions evolved in the AV industry sector make the booking as easy as possible and it also includes a wide range of perks in terms of following ways.

  • Handling Multi-Purpose Services

The task for the AV technician is not limited in repair itself and they have the ability to do the following activities.

  • Transport to the customer’s requested place
  • Assemble the AV equipment with the correct power line
  • Consistently maintain AV equipment until the meetings or events are finished.
  • Build the interaction with the coworkers and the customers to receive a consistent booking.

Carrying these services in manual-based operational flow leads to time consumption as more. Since the attendees are higher professionals, the assurance of the conducting meeting without any flaws in AV equipment.

  • The pool of Qualified AV Technicians

Creating a qualified pool of AV technicians is the necessary one to carry a wide range of appointments from the customer side. Here, the customers are ranging from academic institutions to the health sectors, etc. Know the repair in AV parts and bring them back into the original condition by the qualified AV technicians.

The online solutions support you to create the pool of high-efficient AV technicians and from them, you can manage the AV installation requests from various domains without any location limitations.

  • Handling Seasonal Demands

The online solutions also provide the support to carry the AV recordings in the seasonal appointments. Some of the institutions or business sectors organize the event on a monthly basis. At that time, receiving the orders from them and assigning the available AV technicians are the easy processes only with the online platforms.

Moreover, the prior intimation from the customer allows the AV technicians to modify the workflows to meet the expectations of the customers. While the business is running in an on demand scenario, the AV technicians must have some quality metrics. Take a look at further sessions.

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Quality Metrics Needed for AV Technician to Show their Influence in On-demand Scenario

While the customer is accessing the AV technician through your services, they must feel the convenience of getting the right person at the right time. To make it efficient, you must focus on the following metrics.

  • Best Fit AV Services

The top-most consideration of accessing the AV technician services is the credential verification. A complete background check such as whether the AV technicians booked are having enough qualifications and experiences or not.

If they have enough skills and experiences, then they are requested to show the credentials to you prior to registering with the application.

  • Have a Proven Record

The AV technicians show the consistent high-quality performance in service or installation tasks are valued by the positive reviews from the customers. By analyzing them, the customers in other regions can easily select them.

Hence, the application is in need to integrate the wide range of service technicians who are all having the best customer reviews and ratings.  Based on this, the selection of the AV technicians is in the smarter form.

  • Fulfill the Instant Service Requests

While the new requests are raised, then you must assign the quality fit person and precede the tasks with the synchronization. Automating tasks is an easy way to catch more customer’s attention and turn them into a potential base.

Here, the location of the customer is a serious concern where the unawareness of the short distance may cause unnecessary travel that yields more time consumption. Hence, a suitable solution is to be needed to rectify these issues.

Upon analyzing the metrics, the distance identification, review-based selection, and validating the AV technician’s performance are the major limiting factors for the success of your services. SpotnRides understands such metrics and develops the best-fit solution with the inclusion of necessary strategies. Look more in the following session.

How SpotnRides AV Technician App Solution Helps to Book the Right AV Technicians?

With the two major things in the repair service solution development like instant remedies and the quality pool creation, SpotnRides registered its pace in the repairing industry. Now, the new extension called SpotnRides AV technician app solution that inherits the following three interfaces to make the tasks so simple and effective.

  • Customers: Institution owners, Public speakers, conference organizers in business, political meeting organizers, etc. who are in need of AV equipment access your service and turn them in as one of the participants in the business.
  • AV technicians: This interface allows the AV technicians to make the smart registry with the various means, analyze the service request, visit the place, do either repair or installing a new AV equipment according to the needs of the customers.
  • Service Providers: The owner of the application uses this interface to manage the activities running in the overall business by looking into the profiles of all the stakeholders involved in the business easily.

The features of the SpotnRides AV technician app solution to make the customer book the right AV technician is listed as follows.

  • Better Visual of AV services

The aggregation of the AV technicians based on the services they are qualified for is the first important thing for you. Mainly, the services performed are shortlisted as follows.


  • Bring the notification to the customers to replace the AV equipment after the complete check of old equipment.
  • Resolve the failures in AV equipment as per the customer requests.
  • Cleaning the AV equipment with the right material


  • Compress the original video content from the conference to convey the points shortly.
  • Perform the sequential processes such as digitize, store the details into some medium.
  • Maintain the record for equipment availability and convey the needs to the owners.
  • Control or mix the sound while the meeting happened.

As per these service variations, the template in the SpotnRides solution allows the customer to select the right AV technician within the short period itself.

  • Easy Identification of Fit Person

The SpotnRides solution inherits the quality of digital validation of documents directly within the app itself. Using this option, the AV technicians make the easy registry and allow the service owner to look at their profiles for complete verification.

Prior to launching the service to the customers, the detailed accurate validation brings the reputation of AV technician services in a better way. The value of the AV technicians is also a higher one against the number of workers.

  • Focus on Reviews

The right selection also depends on the validation of previous customer experience. The allowance of the review and rating section in the SpotnRides solution helps the customers to select the top-ranked AV technicians who are having more positive reviews. Besides, the allocation of these AV technicians at the top of search results assures the guarantee of repetitive access and consistent revenue.

Create the Quality Marketplace for AV Technician Business with SpotnRides Solution 

The SpotnRides solution also supports the buildup of quality marketplace creation for AV technician business in terms of focus on delivery premises, community formation, and the smart scheduling platform as follows.

  • Aiming to Timely-AV Tasks Handling

Time is the most valuable parametric in the AV technician business. If your services are expanded, the number of appointments is more even for a day. How far you conserve the time is the most deciding factor for how you manage the appointments.

The SpotnRides solution includes the quality metric called smart geo-fencing options where the location and the distance for the customer’s place are easily identified. With this identification, the time for the trip is minimized and hence the fuel too. The minimized time is used to handle more orders sequentially.

Social AV Community

Creating the own social community of AV technicians is the easy one with the help of the SpotnRides solution. Here, the AV technicians and the customers are encouraged to make the registry through the social media accounts, and thereby, the customers and the AV technicians getting connected consistently.

After the completion of services, the sharing of the experience with the AV technician may bring the new customer base and strengthen the potential user base.

  • Carrying Scheduled Appointments Smartly

The customers from the various domains are used to the app-based fixing of AV technicians and hence the appointments get collapsed without proper maintenance from the AV technician side.

SpotnRides solution comes up with a suitable solution where it includes the schedule option where the customers can set the pre-schedule for the service and this facilitates the appointment handling in an easy way.

Ready to Build

Creating the marketplace for AV technicians is now simplified with the emergence of online solutions. While creating, the two major things required are quality validation and instant remedies. On account of these, several players are available in the market that brings the competitive business market in the AV industry.

SpotnRides AV technician app solution presented in this blog includes the metrics to address the various real-time demands from the customer side. The digital way of document validation and the extreme care in the delivery process in this solution act as the supporting metric to build the quality marketplace. 

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