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Taxi booking apps like Uber and Lyft are an inspiration for many small and medium on-demand startups across the world. The business model they devised is a hit among the entrepreneurs because of the ease with which one can launch or come out of it. Off late, many startups mainly in the taxi app sector seem to rely too much on the replica of Uber. It is not a sin but the replica is not built as perfect as one may expect. 

The taxi app market has seen many leaps and bounds with many innovations, new additions, and exclusions. These are just part of the market scenario since you need to stay relevant and hence these processes are inevitable.

So, what do the small and medium taxi startups did that made them suffer? Simple, they made the taxi app solutions with many flaws at each level. Also, some of them failed to sail along with the changes that happened in the last 10 yrs.  We are in 2020 and no longer you can afford to be ignorant of the fact that your taxi app solution must be overhauled. 

In this blog, I will explain about getting a foolproof taxi booking app. Existing taxi startups and newcomers shall get benefitted from this. We are SpotnRides, a major player in on-demand app development, and the info in this blog will be from the perspective of a developer.

What Do you Mean by a Foolproof Taxi Booking App?

A non-foolproof taxi app is something that is unreliable, flawed or ineffective. An application comprising three interfaces in both mobile and web, chances are high of going bad. I will explain this with some examples.

  1. The rider app may be used by someone who may have never heard about it in his life. Still, the taxi app must be effortless for first-time users. The rider app is not foolproof if its interface is not user-friendly and gives the user a lot of hassles. I recently came across a taxi app which has the user registration going for 3 pages; think how will a user feel about this?
  2. Drivers of the taxi may be new to the app-based system and what they look for is easy management of payments, incentives, commissions, daily starts, etc. It must be easily navigable.        
  3. And the admin web panel is the hub to oversee the entire functions. And it has sophisticated tools to monitor and make timely decisions. 

You may now have understood what a foolproof taxi app should be. I have explained this at a basic level in layman terms and there are more I can add to it.

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Can SpotnRides make one?

Like I said before, SpotnRides is an experienced hand in on-demand taxi app development. From the last explanation it is understood that what a foolproof taxi app is and hence, you must focus on getting it done first. SpotnRides, being a top player has concentrated more on making a perfect taxi app with flawless user interface and designs.

So, yes SpotnRides can deliver a foolproof taxi app and I recommend you to partner with us. Some things our competent team do to make the taxi app look flawless are.

Screen size and screen density

App usability largely depends on screen size and screen density. At SpotnRides, we get details about the client’s target region and predominant mobile users. Using this we build the app that suits diverse screen size and screen density. Screen density is the no. of dots per inch and it reflects the aesthetics of the app. The total images and icons on a page is determined based on screen density. The screen design is made after finalizing a standard screen density.

App security

Most overlooked part of the taxi app development is the app security. Although this part will not have any direct effect on the user interface, it still is important because of the data it processes. End to end encrypted data and some other aspects are followed by SpotnRides to ensure security. We have explained this in detail in another blog.

Well design structure for web apps

Web app comes for both the rider and admin. Some standards are to be followed before designing the web app. The columns in the web app are wisely divided and icons, menus are placed perfectly in it by our team. Laravel PHP framework is followed in web development since it gives more flexibility and space to experiment with new things.     

Optimizing the app

No one likes the taxi app to load for a long time and take minutes to display images. Mostly this kind of thing happens when unnecessary data is filled or no proper database. Hence, the database type and speed of flow of data determines the app usability.

SpotnRides team makes sure that standard databases like Firebase, MongoDB are used and we also take note of scaling in the future. High-quality languages are preferred even during customization so as to maintain app quality. 

Things you should not miss in 2020!

Apart from creating a foolproof app, it is necessary to have something different to offer in 2020. Our product already comes with some of the cutting edge technologies that take a taxi booking experience to the next level. 

AI driver document verification, advanced data analytics tools, Location sharing, SOS button, recurring bookings, etc are some glimpse of our new offerings. Contact us to find more.

Wrapping up!

I hope you are more than happy about our commitment to delivering a foolproof and top-notch app. You can catch us by simply tapping a message to [email protected]. Our team would respond to you instantly. Let me assure you that SpotnRides will definitely help you compete with top players effortlessly. 

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