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In recent decades, mobile apps are becoming more popular among people and the business industries. From booking the service to the payment are made simple and easier using mobile apps. Nowadays, there is no industry left without using an app for enhancing their service with effective target customers.

The mind-blowing meditation industry has a high demand in the upcoming years. It’s estimated that nearly 200-500 million people are interested in meditation practice. The survey shows that 50% of people believe that meditation reduces their stress. Mostly working people are in need of one such solution for their life.

This blog is all about a mobile app for meditation instructor booking. Keep reading this blog without skipping any path of the blog. So that you will be able to gather knowledge about the meditation instructor service startup. 

Expected Growth Of The Meditation Instructor App Solution

Self-caring is one of the important aspects of current work practice because nowadays people are getting more stressed due to their work-life imbalance. So that they are in need of one such service to keep their mind free. But, going to a meditation place and taking a section is tough for current days.

Now, we all are looking for a doorstep service. Yes, this on-demand application has brought a very comfortable living lifestyle. So people are most seeking the comfort doorstep service. That lets the customers book and get their needs fulfilled from their comfort zone. The US market has been expected to show a growth of more than $2 bn in the meditation sector.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start an on-demand service booking business, then this is an online meditation instructor booking business that will be suitable for high revenue gain. But, to do so you’re in need of an application that lets you reach your customer’s expectations. There are many other benefits that are thereby getting adapted to an application service.

One of the main reasons for using an application-based service is to be quick and effective while engaging with the customer. But, most of the mobile-based applications are not developed in such a way to meet the customer’s expectations. This lets people suffer to communicate with their service to customers.

Other than an application should let you as an admin to manage your promotion offers,  improved features, and discounted rates. To make it, the application must have designed easily/user-friendly for the admin to bring those changes. It also helps them to understand the market demands and better your sales.

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SpotnRides full package service on meditation instructor booking app solution

Here, in SpotnRides we provide one such solution at an affordable price. According to the current scenario of the market building, the customer’s loyalty is a little bit tricky and critical. But with the help of our application, you can easily increase the brand recognition and that helps to build customer loyalty.

In the SpotnRides meditation instructor app solution the user interface has been designed in such a way to bring calmness in the customer’s mind. This helps them to get engaged more than the normal time period. So, here let me list out the interfaces you will be getting in this package as follows

  1. Instructor’s app (iOS and Android),
  2. Customer’s app (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

These three listed interfaces act together to bring the engagement between the potential customers. When it comes to business to customer communication, it is a must for marketing, are there any chances for marketing your application with no cost? Yes, you can with the help of our software solution.

We have integrated the social media interfaces in your application so that the customers are able to share their experiences with their friends. This is one of the ways to gather the other customers through feedback. These types of things let the other customers know about your service and they will look forward to it.

  • The workflow of a meditation instructor booking application is like other on-demand applications. The first step is to accept the applicable terms and conditions to sign up with the required details. The Sign-up/Log-in process is made simple with social media integration.
  • The customer can check the instructor’s profile and their service review before scheduling them. Once the customer is confirmed with the instructor, they can book their instructor now or later. An option is given for the customers to schedule their class according to their preferable time on checking the instructor ’s availability time.
  • Once the customer sends the request, the respective instructor can accept the request of the customer or reject it according to their preference. If the instructor accepts the request, they are allowed to check the customer’s details as well as their destination. 
  • Then the meditation timing can be fixed by the customer and the fare for the classes will be billed according to it. Once the service is over, the customer is allowed to rate or comment on the review of the instructor’s training with the in-build review section. The payment can also be done easily with multiple options.

The above listed is the workflow of your application. In the upcoming section let me share with you in detail the features that make the workflow easier. 

Gather customers expectations with SpotnRides application metrics

  • Meditation section sign-in – The customer has to download the app to continue the meditation instructor booking service, and they have to accept the terms and conditions to sign-up with your app, and then to quickly start your application service they can also use their social media accounts to sign-up this process takes just a tap.
  • Instant service – To calm the customers for a quick solution for their search, we have developed an advanced search and filter option. Where the customers are able to search for the exact instructor quicker than before. They can also use this filter option to check the high rated and highly recommended instructor. 
  • Customers progress tracking – To allow the customer to track their meditation section process, this feature is very helpful. The customers can also check their section progress by knowing how many sections they have attended at the regular interval. With the help of this feature, they can track their progress. 
  • Meditation section Discounts – To make the customers engaged with your application, this feature has been integrated. The instructors are allowed to change or update their service offers and discounts regularly according to their needs. This allows the customers to get adapted to the offers without any loss.
  • Multiple payment options –  Always we can’t assure the customer’s situation. Sometimes they will be preferring cashless payment and sometimes cash on delivery according to their preference. So, our developers have developed this feature that lets the customers choose their own payment method.
  • Section Pre-booking – The customers are given the authority to customize their meditation section according to their needed time. This feature helps the customer to personalize their mediation section and instructor according to their needs. The bookings calendar will be updated according to it.
  • Section feedback – One of the most important features in the on-demand application that brings transparency to your brand and business. The customers can rate and review their section once it is over or finished. This lets the other customers know about the instructor and their service. 

Bottom line

Meditation is a mindfulness practice that can’t be done or attain the section without a certified instructor. There are many certified meditation instructors out there and they are ready to earn money with their skills. All they need is the visibility that visibility can be brought by young entrepreneurs like you.

We also understand that every one of us has a different mindset while developing a business. So here fill the below form or contact us at [email protected]m to share your business demands with us therefore you will get benefited with the right solution.

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