Bring Nature Aroma To The Doorstep With SpotnRides Indoor Landscaping Service Booking App And Make Interior Atmosphere As Attractive

Most of the people get confused when they hear the word “landscaping” and think of the service that is applicable for outdoor activities. But, that’s not true. At present, people are starting to add flowers and waterfalls inside their house for receiving a natural feel. This gradually enhances the indoor landscape easily.

In other words, Indoor landscaping is also known as plantscaping. The process is the same but this takes place inside the building. The indoor landscaping enhances the environments with the plains, horizons, and angles that can be altered differently to attract the outsiders. This is really a true art that can’t be done by everybody other than professional designers.

There are no doubts that people always have a calm mind when they are surrounded by nature or a greenish environment. It also makes sense to bring such an environment inside the workplace or house or party hall. A designer can give the exact solution according to your landscape but finding one person is hard without the help of an application.

The survey shows the demands for the indoor landscape designers if you’re an entrepreneur looking for an application-based business service then you should consider an app for interior landscaping service.

In our busy schedule, we people aren’t able to go and visit the designers so you can connect the designers with your application for a doorstep service. This brings efficiency in your interior landscaping business and people will get adapted to your service quickly. This blog is all about interior landscaping service startups. 

Top Benefits Of Using Cloud-Based Software For Your Startup

  • Reduced cost – Cost-efficient is one of the main benefits of choosing a pre-developed on-demand application. Normally in the traditional business model, you will be maintaining large data of booking history on paper or excel. But on adapting to an application-based solution let you maintain everything digitally and automatically.
  • Greater accessibilities – Mostly every on-demand application is a cloud-based solution so that everything will be stored on the cloud. That gives more accessibility to the admin, the admin can get access to it from anywhere at any time easily as long with the internet connection. Additionally, the players can also get access to their data in real-time.
  • Increased security – Another benefit of cloud-based application software is increased security. Constantly every data will be stored in the cloud so that it won’t get missed or erased at nay cause. It will also intimate the unwanted log-in and intimate you immediately on any cause of malpractice.

With poorly developed software, security updates are few and you aren’t able to get the full security for your user’s data. So that it may have a chance to get hacked easily but by using a well-developed application and this gradually reduces the risk one such service is available in SpotnRides.

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SpotnRides indoor landscaping service booking application for an instant doorstep service

Our online booking system will facilitate the Customers to book the indoor landscape designers. The customers can book the designers by checking their service cost and review of their previous working experience. This lets these customers get to know about the designer’s work and their passion for the indoor landscaping service.

SpotnRides is an application that has been pre-designed and readily available for clients with niche key-features. So that they can quickly start their service immediately there is no need to wait for a long period of time. Though the application is pre-developed, it doesn’t mean it is an old version and does not fit the current market trend.

Our developers use to get adapted themselves towards the current trends in the technology markets. So that by getting into the hands-on practice of developing the number of applications we are well aware about the designing tools. We believe that gathering the customer’s attention is one of the important tasks for the success of the business.

So our designers are more focused on the user interface designs, we will provide your application with a unique user interface design. In the digital era, people are looking for different changes so they are in need of a good user experience. So with the help of the unique interfaces, you’re ready to attain the customer’s expectations.

What will you be getting from us rather than the designs, pre-developed app? We are ready to provide a full-fledged service to our clients like 24*7 technical support and post-launch service for a certain period of time. Other than that you will be getting the complete package of application at an affordable price.

  1. Indoor landscape designer’s app (iOS and Android), 
  2. Customer’s app (iOS and Android), 
  3. The Admin’s panel.

The above listed are the three interfaces that you will be getting at a valuable price. The admin panel is centralized so that you as an admin can check and manage all the activities that take place in your mobile application. So, you might be doubtful about how your application will actually work? Here, let me share with you the workflow of these three interfaces.

  • Step-1 The customers who are in need of an indoor landscaping installation have to download your application from their app stores. Since your application is designed and developed on both platforms so that you can get both the side revenue. Once the customer finishes downloading it they have to sign-up with your app to continue the service. The sign-up process has been made simple with just a tap. 
  • Step-2 Once the customer log-in, they are allowed to check the nearby designers who are readily available to accept the customer’s request. The designers can accept the service request from the customers or reject it. It will be informed according to the designer’s choice. If they accept the service, then the customers can proceed with the next step.
  • Step-3 If the designer accepts the customer’s request then the customer can book the service now or later. The application has also given the permission to the customers to book the service later according to their preference. The date and time will be automatically stored in both the player’s calendar default. 
  • Step-4 The final step is about the service tracking the customer can track the designer’s location and vise versa. With multi route choice, the designer can quickly reach the customer’s location shortly for the instant installation of the service. Once these processes all over the customer can pay the service charge through multiple ways. 

The admin can check all these processes from the centralized dashboard, the admin is also allowed to check the customer’s feedback survey on every end of the service. This lets the designers improve their service as well as it brings transparency in the application. These functions are taking place with the help of the niche key features. Keep reading to know about it.

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  • Quick sign-up – This feature tool helps the customers to quickly log in with the service by just choosing the required social media to sign-up the service. This option includes social media accounts namely Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. This also makes the customers to share their booked service with their friends or family easily.
  • Real-time service tracking – Once the customer books the designer’s service, it enables the customers to track their designer’s service in real-time without any lack. The designer can also track the customer’s location with this feature. This feature is more useful for both the end-players.
  • Centralized admin dashboard – You as an admin is allowed to track and monitor all the activities that take place in your application platform. You’re also allowed to track all the user’s data for the reference. In this dashboard, you can manage your commissions and verify the business growth.
  • Multiple options – To make the users decision easier this feature has been integrated this allows the customers to choose the desired choice for language and payment process. The customer can choose the preferred payment method for the service charge either online or cash. The language also can be changed to their native.
  • Service survey – This feature tool brings transparency, the customer is allowed to share their service experience. This lets the designers improve their service according to the customer’s rating and review. If the designer keeps providing poor service, the admin can take the action according to the customer’s feedback.
  • Instant book – To make the service booking option simple, this feature tool has been integrated. The customer can get the exact results on their search with the help of our well-developed algorithm. This allows the customers to check the designer’s profile and service history and book them.
  • Scheduled service booking – The customer can also pre-book the designer’s service during the rush hours. This comes under the scheduled booking; it will be automatically updated on both the player’s calendars and it will remind the service. The customer can book with their preferred date and time. 

Bottom line

I hope by now you might get to know about the beauty of the indoor landscaping application and its demand for the upcoming years. As I mentioned before, a well-designed application allows you to gather the customer’s attention easily. In the SpotnRides interior landscaping service app solution, you will get one such thing at a valuable price.

If you want any changes in the features or business model, then please contact us at [email protected] or fill the below form so that we can catch you soon with the right solution for your demands.

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