Bring Attractiveness To Accessories Cleaning Services With SpotnRides Accessories Cleaner Booking App Solution

Whether it is a mop or a machine, cleaning the accessories with the right equipment helps to get rid of the dust and bring back the same glow to the accessories. Today, we aren’t able to get quality time to spend on our accessories in our busy lifestyle. But, there are many people who are ready to clean the accessories and they are well-experienced too.

But going to their destination and handing over our accessories and pickup back is a quick hard task for us in an on-demand lifestyle. We, people, are getting adapted to the on-demand application and looking for a doorstep service. What if you get one such solution for your accessories cleaning service.

This blog is all about the accessories cleaning service startup and online accessories cleaning service booking.

What Brings The Leading Demand For The Accessories Cleaner Service In The Market?

Cleaning effectively and keeping the tool properly is quite a tough task in our busy lives. This brought the demand for the accessories cleaner booking service. We used to buy many accessories but forget to maintain them or replace them due to its dullness. But with good proper cleaning, you can bring them back attractively. 

There are many tools available in the market with different sizes and prices. Getting such tools to need some knowledge and cleaning the accessories carefully drags the time too. But by booking an expert reduces your time and risks. Yes, the experts will clean the accessories quicker and easier within a few minutes after booking.

If you’re thinking of developing an on-demand application to kick start a business. Then you must consider the online accessories cleaning service booking. According to the market size of the cleaning service is expected to show a growth of 6.2% of CAGR by the end of 2022. The market survey shows the demand for the cleaning service.

By launching an application-based accessories cleaner booking service, you’re able to earn more revenue than expected. Here, in the SpotnEats app for accessories cleaning service you will be getting one such solution with required features to grow your service growth and revenue speedily.

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Enhances the service even better with SpotnEats attractive app solution

Today, there are many on-demand applications that exist in the market. Most of the entrepreneurs get confused to choose the right solution but lucky you’re here. In SpotnRides,  we provide you the best application service with all the essential key features to enhance your business growth quickly.

SpotnRides act as a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs who are facing problems in their business growth. With the help of our application service, you can increase your business growth level from the start of the service. Since our application is more customizable, it can be re-skinned at any time. 

Re-skinning was made simple with our app solution. Yes, you’re able to get the full application according to your business demand with a short period when compared to the traditional app developing method. What you will be getting in the SpotnRides app for accessories cleaning service?

  1. Accessory cleaner’s app (iOS and Android),
  2. Customer’s app (iOS and Android),
  3. Admin panel.

These three above listed are the three interfaces you will be getting in the SpotnRides app for accessories cleaning service at an affordable price. As I mentioned before, we provide you the top quality service and we are available 24*7 for our clients. This lets you ask any doubts and get cleared at the time itself.

Moreover, our application is more social media-friendly therefore your customers and service providers can share their experience in their social media accounts namely Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media platforms. This process brings the visibility for your brand easily with no cost.

How does SpotnRides accessories cleaner booking app solutions actually work?

I hope that everyone might be well-aware of the basic workflow of an cleaner booking application. If not no worries, here let me share the quick workflow of your online accessories cleaning service booking as follows. 

How will the customers interact with your app?

  • The customers have to register with their details for the first time or they can simply sign-up with their social media account for quick service activation. 
  • After account activation, they can check for the nearby service provider (cleaner) to clean their accessories. 
  • The customers are allowed to check the service provider’s profile before they book them, this lets them check their previous service.
  • Once the customer books the cleaner, then they can track them and pay for their service after the service is successfully accomplished. 

How will the service providers interact with your app?

  • Like the customer, the service providers also have to register with their details and required documents. 
  • Once the admin checks and verifies the service provider’s service request. They are allowed to pick up the service from the customers.
  • The service providers are able to track the customer’s location and optimize the route from multiple options.
  • They can also check their service charge, rewards, feedback, and tips after the service is finished successfully.

SpotnRides metrics that enrich the business with required tools 

  • Bank API integration – To make the payment process more reliable we have integrated the bank API feature. This helps you to sign-up with your bank details in the application to pay the service payment quickly. The customers are given various methods to pay their service charge, it can be done through online or cash on delivery.
  • Reward point system – The customers are able to reward the best service provider with stars. This helps the admin to take a look at those service providers and list them as a top service provider for that week. This helps the other customers to check their service and book them quickly without a second choice. 
  • Service details and quick filter – The service providers can choose their preferred service, this lets the customers check their profiles and their service. Or the customers can also use the advanced filter to filter the service providers according to their needs. This feature gives them instant results on their search. 
  • Satisfied tips reward – Customers can tip their service providers if they are well satisfied with their service. The tips are according to the customer’s choice. This will help the service provider to work even better than before. The service providers are allowed to check those tips and they can directly take those tips to home.
  • Subscription option – if the large manufacturing industry or the big shops can subscribe to this feature. This lets them get the cleaners at a cheap price and they can get good service providers quickly. The subscription option acts according to the admin preference either monthly or annually.
  • Service live tracking – Customers and the service providers can track their end-players easily with this feature. The customers are allowed to track their service provider after placing the booking and this happens vise versa. This feature gives the right estimated time of the service provider’s arrival and the cost of the service.
  • Communication option – The end-players have given access to communicate between them after the service is confirmed. This can be done with the in-app chat box system or if the customer has any doubts or issues in the service they can contact the service center easily with this feature itself. 

Bottom line 

If your main motive is to brand your accessories cleaning business in 2020, then the SpotnRides app for accessories cleaning service is the right choice for you. Beginning the application-based service is not easy but with the help of our app solution and our guidance you can easily kick start it. 

If you’re in need of any upgrades in the above-mentioned business model or the key-features please let us know in the below form or contact us at [email protected]

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