Boost the User Experience of Your Taxi Startup App with These Features

The on-demand taxi booking is making waves across the globe. The once tedious job of getting a taxi is made easier by the taxi apps. It is clear that the app plays a vital role in the taxi booking startup since users directly interact with it. New taxi startups and yet to launch taxi startups must realize the importance of the app and make no compromise in it. 

Uber, which is the market leader in taxi booking quickly reached this place because of its mobile app. Users who used Uber know how it feels to use it. Uber app gives an immersive experience with no flaws and makes the whole process of booking look effortless. The features in it gives so much comfort to the user. Uber like taxi app solutions is available readily with some app makers. So you can get it and use for your taxi startup and give your customers the same feel as Uber.          

But, having a taxi app alone is not enough. You need to do more. Regional level startups who use less money for the startup must give an exhilarating user experience.

In this blog, I have explained some user experience-enhancing features you need to add to your taxi app. Before that let me be clear about some basics about UX.

What are the Features You Need to Add in your Taxi Booking App?

What is UX and how it should be for a taxi app?

The user experience of an app says about the ease of usage and feel one get while operating the app. Poor user experience can frustrate the app user.

UX for the taxi app must be clear, comfortable, user-friendly, foolproof, simple and should work in the direction to turn your users into loyal customers.   

Seamless taxi booking

Just from the time when the app is opened till the payment, everything from booking to navigation must be hasslefree without any impediments. In the first page of the app itself, there must be a bar to enter the destination, pickup location, and type of cab. 

With one touch the rider should be able to book. Even a first time user should find it user-friendly.

Having all the details  

To make your customers feel more comfortable, provide details like driver no., cab plate no., driver’s license details, vehicle make, emergency nos., etc. These details improve the reliability of your startup. One step further you can send notification about car no. just before the ride so that it is cross-checked by the rider.

Don’t let the riders wait

The taxi app itself is made to make easy to get a taxi without any waiting time. So don’t give any space for that while using your taxi app. Send notifications and real-time updates regarding the booking, arrival time, fare estimation, etc.

A simple sign-in process

The registration in the taxi app is where many users get annoyed. Multiple compulsory details with complex design give bad experience to riders. Customer retention is next to impossible if this is the case.

So you need to make the sign-in user-friendly by asking minimum details. The user interface also plays a role in giving a good experience to users. Unresponsive buttons and buffering pages irk the users. This can be eliminated by having top notch UI/UX designs and high code quality during customization of the Uber like app script.

A simple address, name, mobile no., and e-mail id is sufficed while registration.

Saved locations

Have provisions in your taxi app to save favorite locations by the rider. This can make the taxi booking to frequent locations quick with just one touch. No need to enter the location again and again.

Transparent payment system

Nowadays the app solution comes with an integrated payment system. So a variety of payment options like cards, e-wallet, UPI, net banking, etc are available. The key here is to have a transparent payment gateway with a higher success rate. There have been many instances of payment failures which are not favored by users and customer retention will take a hit.

Engage with the app solution provider on which third-party payment system should be used. All the fare details, trip duration, etc must be shown during payment.

API integration

What it will be like to order food from your taxi app while the ride is on? Exciting isn’t it? To make your customers more engaging you add third-party apps to the taxi app. This can be done by integrating their API’s to the app. The API integration should be done smoothly by the app maker. 

Use APIs that are relevant for riders. This differs from region to region and type of riders.

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