Bird’s Eye View of Building a Taxi App That is Necessary for a Customer

There is not much idea about the development of an on-demand taxi app like Uber for outsiders. For entrepreneurs and businessman, who wants to venture into the app-based taxi business would definitely approach an app development firm for their business. Of course, many solution providers have readymade Uber-like apps. Before buying the solution, it would be imperative for the users to have a brief idea about how the app is made.

Below I have tried to present the app development process as a case study. I have explained everything from customer requirements to deployment.

How to Develop Complete On Demand Taxi App Solution for a Taxi Startup?

To develop a complete on-demand taxi app solution one needs to develop the following applications.

  • a mobile app for the service provider;
  • a mobile app for the consumer; and
  • a web-based business (admin panel) for admin.

Since multiple apps are required, the development stages involve is also multiple. So, the clients should work hand in hand with the solution providers to get the best result.

Customer’s requirement from a firm

Normally, clients approach the development company for an innovative taxi app solution like Uber. The app should be suited to meet local requirements and cultural diversity. The request will be for iOS and Android platforms. Although they need something like Uber, most of the time they ask for something more than what Uber offers.

Transparency: The problem with conventional taxi is that starting from booking to final payment, everything is not transparent. So, the clients expect that a taxi app should bring in all the transparency.

Efficient and effective booking: The cab booking app should work in a way that it should take only minutes to book and take the ride. The clients wanted the app to reduce the troubles of both riders and drivers by providing an interactive and easy-to-use medium for booking taxis.


Developing the app is not without any challenges. Although we replicate some part of the Uber app, clients expect the app to be more innovative and different from the original app. Some of the challenges faced by the developers are:

  • The app should satisfy all the stakeholder i.e. the customer app, driver app, and admin app should be user-friendly and bug-free.
  • The app should support automatic fare calculation and provide a ride time estimate.
  • The customer app has to quickly connect to the nearest cab available.
  • Most important of all, the UI/UX design should be alluring. It should gravitate the users towards the app.

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Communication with clients

The solution provider communicates regularly using the business team. During the development phase, frequent calls and messages are made to the clients via Skype or phone call.

During the testing phase, the client is made to involve along with the testing team. Bugs and flaws during testing are timely sorted out and further testing is carried out. The client is intimated at each point of developing the app to maintain the utmost transparency.

An integrated approach to development

In order to ensure that the client’s request is successfully met, the development company should do the following.

  • The app is written in JavaScript Object Notation format (JSON). This ensures that the app runs seamlessly in both iOS and Android.
  • The app has a form for the user to specify the pickup, destination, place, etc. Using GPS and Google API, nearby cab details are sent to driver and travel route is also identified.
  • Using the latest tools, the app is able to show the following to the user.
  1. Distance between nearest cab and user
  2. Starting and Destination Points on a map
  3. Automatically estimated fares
  • Various payment systems like Paypal, UPI, debit/credit cards, cash, etc are added.

Technical team

  • A typical team in a taxi app development firm
  • Backend development
  • iOS customer and driver app developers
  • Android customer and driver app developers
  • Web panel development team
  • Initial testing and bug reporting
  • Business analyst
  • Quality assurance team
  • Project manager

Final result

After closely working with the client and the technical team with so much understanding, teamwork, and good communication, the app development firm presents the client with an app that helps the client achieve greater profit in the taxi business.

Our final app helps the client in the following way.

  • No more difficulty in booking for the customers.
  • Customers can book a cab anywhere and anytime
  • Self-employment for drivers. Money is directly sent to the bank account.
  • No more unfair cab charges.
  • Drivers are given verified licenses. Thorough background checks before admission as drivers.

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