Benefits of Hiring Experienced On-Demand App Developers from SpotnRides than Local Developers to Build your Taxi app

Most entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the on-demand taxi booking app startup has less than average technical expertise. So it is imperative for them to get an experienced developer team or hire freelancers for app solution building. The latter one is preferred by many for the main reason of cost. This one parameter makes them overlook other aspects. Here in this blog, I have explained why you must go for an experienced developer team.  

Why You Should Hire On-Demand App Developers for Your Taxi App Development?

Brainstorming and two-way discussion

The on-demand taxi app solution comprises multiple interfaces in both web and mobile apps. So to build one it requires a high level of planning, discussion, and technical prowess. The planning part and discussion part needs brainstorming session from your side and our side i.e. two-way communication. Very few firms indulge in two way communication with their clients. We at SpotnRides do it perfectly. On the technical side, only an experienced firm in developing on-demand apps can provide what you desire. And we have teams that work in iOS and Android using the latest advances. 

Working on new tools

Experienced developers like the one we have are adept in working beyond the limits of app development like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and whatnot. Taxi apps like Uber and Lyft are technically strong because of the database and development tools used. Hiring an experienced developer alone can incorporate such skills and our versatile guys at SpotnRides have worked in a plethora of on-demand software and are presently working with top on-demand startups for app customization and improvement. 


Imagine that you are developing your taxi app from scratch using an outsourced developer/developing team. How much do you think it will take to complete and make it live? Definitely, it will not take less than 6 months. A lot of time for an entry-level entrepreneur, isn’t it? But with ready-made on-demand developers who use the bottom-up approach like SpotnRides, it will take not more than a week. Only a dedicated and experienced team who has a knack in On-demand app development can do this.

Customer engagement as a priority

For you, good customer engagement is necessary because users not only use your taxi service more but also promote it to their friends and relatives. Other marketing techniques can never bring in more users than perfect customer engagement. Very few app developers work on customer engagement. But we do it as a priority and aid you in this regard even after making the app live. The admin dashboard of the taxi app must have customer engagement tools that need assistance to use and customize based on need. 

Fixed agreements with no unnecessary cost

An experienced app development company, especially in the on-demand domain, will discuss and fix all the costs even before the first level of development and no extra rate is made unless it is inevitable. This cannot be expected from other developers. Reputed firms like SpotnRides have a fixed one-time agreement. Additional features are customized and incorporated only after deliberations.


Freelance app developers don’t have the much-needed flexibility required to develop the app. It is because they have their limits and it is next to impossible to hire someone more. When you combine with SpotnRides, you have the comfort to change teams if you as a client is not satisfied with what is being offered. Even some of the interfaces can be developed with different teams.

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State of the art development facility

An experienced developer along with a state of the art development facility only can mold a complete on-demand taxi app. I will explain this with an example. Effective user experience is imperative for a taxi app in all its interfaces. User experience is the look and feel of the app. To provide and measure it requires tools like and Hotjar, to name a few. Our team uses these tools to measure the UX in real-time or do self-test on the user’s end with pre-defined goals. Our firm has more such facilities and teams to work in it.

Qualitative analysis tool working can also be done only with an experienced development team. These qualitative tools give a detailed report on features that are used more and features with poor patronage, etc.

Performance management/App testing

5 phases of testing are mandatory for the on-demand taxi app since it involves multiple interfaces. These phases are sincerely followed by very few firms like SpotnRides. Also, working on it requires a good hold on testing. The five phases of testing are as follows:-

  • Manual and automated testing
  • Usability & beta testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security compliance testing
  • Device testing

Manual testing is simple and followed by many firms but this is not the case with automated testing. Performance testing is what I explained in the preceding point. Device testing is unique to very few like SpotnRides. App on multiple platforms and devices are tested individually to find and rectify any anomaly. Finally, a summary report on everything is generated and sent to you at each level.

Final say!  

Having gone through the above I think by now you would have decided to go with a dedicated on-demand app maker. I strongly recommend you to partner with SpotnRides for your taxi app to get a more intuitive experience. Right from two-way discussion to testing and we commit ourselves to give you a fully loaded app with your desired preferences.

Having said that, have a call with us to know more about SpotnRides, its features, functionality, design, and after-sale assistance.

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