6 Questions to Ask Your Taxi App Development Company Before Using Their Services or Product

There is fierce competition in the online taxi booking business. Wherever you go, be it in malls, or cinema halls or airport or metro, you can see various on-demand taxi searching the riders via live GPS from their mobile. Even though there are numerous startups in this domain, only a handsome is successful and the revenue gap between both the groups is wide. 

While the popular reason for this gap is that the successful group have an app solution that is custom made and developed with utmost quality. Even among the top players, each of their app solutions is different from others. For example, taxi major Ola has a ridesharing and pre-booking option which is not available in Uber. Here the app made all the difference. Similarly, Uber has some features that are unique.

If you want such a thing to happen to your taxi startup then, selecting the best app solution provider is the first thing you should do.

Selecting the best solution provider can start with questions. Here are some questions you can ask the solution provider and based on it you can decide whether to continue or not.

These questions also apply to Uber like app clone script developers. The solution may be similar to Uber, still many constructive changes can be made and it can be placed in a separate league. 

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Do your developers adopt the lean method for the app development process?

By asking this you will know the time taken for them to complete a project, the ability to complete a project with minimum resources, and process used during development.

When Lean development is used to develop the taxi app, it is made with minimal programming effort, budgeting, and failures.

If the answer is positive for this, then it is for sure that you are going to work with an efficient and reliable taxi app developers.

Can I see the solution you have made?

Since the solution is prebuilt and has all the fundamental features, it is feasible for a solution provider to have a working live demo of the solution. 

Just by seeing the live demo you can check the veracity of the app. If the answer to this question is negative, it means that their developers are not confident about the technical output. 

Is your development team skilled to deliver a perfect taxi booking app?

The app for the online taxi booking business is the one that connects the user and the admin. So, it has the potential to be a gamechanger. For this to happen, the app should be well made and the competence of the developer team is important. 

A taxi app development requires some pre-requisite skills and a certain level of knowledge in the latest technologies. This area cannot be compromised. You can refer their previous clients or use social media platform to find their skill level.

Here the word developments mean everything from UI/UX design, programming, testing, and deployment. Each of these requires a particular skill set.

Can I talk to your previous client?

In the last point itself, I said about contacting the solution provider’s previous clients. If they are reluctant to divulge the details about their previous clients, then there is something you should be wary of.

Sometimes asking about the product to the provider will have a lot of biases. But, the previous clients don’t have any biases towards the provider and their answer will always be credible.

In many cases, engaging with their previous clients is more than enough to choose the solution provider.

How will you take the task of user experience during customization?

The app design directly establishes a connection with the user and a failure in this will badly affect the taxi startup. Here again, the question of having skilled designers comes into place. 

For Uber like taxi app clones, the majority of design happens during the customization phase. Here, an ideal solution provider should engage in two-way communication with the client. 

The scope for design is a matter of innovation and creativity and it can also come from the clients. The catch here is that the app makers should allow two-way interaction.

Will you help in maintaining the app post-deployment?

The work of an app maker doesn’t stop after deploying the solution. Next few months after going live is pivotal for the provider. Reports of crashes and minor bugs are inevitable after going live and at this point, the solution provider should quickly find and sort the issues and make necessary changes in the solution.

Post deployment technical support is also necessary for timely updation of the app. Some developers provide this support for a fee. Spotnrides, which is a taxi app clone script, provides free technical support for a brief period and charge a nominal fee afterward.

I hope these questions are enough to find the caliber of a taxi app script provider. Not to mention that SpotnRides is one of a kind app solution with a track record of delivering taxi solutions to entrepreneurs and business people in more than 15+ countries. 

Starting from employing skilled developers to outstanding post-sales maintenance, we have everything you would expect in a top mobile app development firm.

From start to finish we engage in two-way communication with you so that you won’t leave regretted. 

Do join us and launch your taxi startup with our solution and be in the top section of the taxi startup market. Mail us to [email protected] for any questions. We are ready to share anything with you.

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